August 2016

The Great Fear: Miscegenation, Race “Pollution” and the 2016 Election

Lost Peoples of the Lake

Belligerent Leaders Using Nationalist and Religious Rhetoric to Mask Geopolitics Aims

The Olympics: Nationalism at its Worst

The Inequalities of Health

The Hypocrisies of Commemoration: Dispute at Long Tan

Review: Basma Abdel Aziz’s “The Queue”

Liberal Myths: Would Al Gore Have Invaded Iraq?

The DEA: Judge and Jury on Marijuana

Dangerous Seas: China and the USA

Clinton Privilege: a Rejoinder to a Popular Charge Against #NeverHillary

Democratic Revolution Sweeps Ethiopia

New York Times Shames Itself by Attacking Wikileaks’ Assange

Hillary Goes With the Flow

Human Rights Accomplices to Human Rights Violations in Eastern Ukraine

The Saga of the Corpse of Ferdinand Marcos

Western States Petroleum Association Continues to Top CA Lobbying Expenses

Liberal Hate for the Green Party

Clinton Unhinged?

Truth, Justice and the American Way

Nuclear Blackmail and America’s Fantasy War with China

Turkey, Let Us Not Celebrate Yet!

Could a Russian-Led Coalition Defeat Hillary’s War Plans?

The Fight for a Six Hour Workday

Not Voting Is A Vote For?

Empty Promises About the Clinton Foundation

The Unbearable Awesomeness of the U.S. Military

Ariel Sharon and the Israeli Judokas

Trump’s Connections to Wall Street, Soros, Blackwater and the CFR

A Battle to the Death in Syria

Growing Up Insane

Worthy and Unworthy Victims of Child Abuse

Pearl Jam Plays Puerto Rico, Sort of: Notes on Fandom

Beyond Winning and Losing

Roaming Charges: Prime Time Green

How Parasitic Finance Capital Has Turned Iran’s Economy Into a Case of Casino Capitalism


Olympic Jam Sessions

States Prove Playground Bullies in Push to Delist Yellowstone Grizzly Bears

Subject: US Pushes Regime Change in South Sudan; UN Intervenes to Protect Rebel Leader

Erdogan’s New Prisoners Could Languish for Years Without Trial

Persecuting Assange: the Mainstreaming of Neoliberal Pathology

The Labyrinthine Mini-Mall of Lesser Evils Versus Minimum Superego

The Obama Doctrine is Ravaging the Middle East

Worst Human Being Alive: Tony Blair?

Gaian Champion Calvin Hecocta Walks On

Mountain Bikes: a Trojan Horse in the National Parks

Will Human Evil Destroy Life on Earth?

The People of Vermont vs Monsanto and the Feds

Helen Caldecott: “America Still Thinks It Can Win a Nuclear War”