August 2016

Trouble in Political Paradise

Hillary and Colin: the War Criminal Charade

Wedding Crashers Who Kill

Organized Labor’s Inferiority Complex

Birther Tries to Flim Flam Blacks  

Alternatives to Military Intervention in Syria

The Terrors of Free Speech: Australia’s Racial Discrimination Act

From Sam Spade to the Red Scare: Dashiell Hammett’s War Against Rightwing Creeps

The Heart of Order

Dear Barack Obama, Please Keep it at 3 for 3

Unworthy Victims: Houthis and Hutus

Socialism Revived: In Spite of Bernie, Donald and Hillary

DNC Playing Dirty Tricks on WikiLeaks

The Unbearable Killing of Yellowstone’s Grizzlies: 2015 Shatters Records for Bear Deaths

Accountability: An Abandoned American Value

Anti-imperialism and the Syrian Revolution

ABC Shifts Blame from US Wars to Doctors Without Borders

Syria’s Kurds and the Wages of Treachery

The Mythologies of the Nauruan Refugee Nation

Finance is Not the Economy

Is the Nation State and Its Welfare State Dead? a Critique of Varoufakis

Review: Paulina Chiziane’s “The First Wife: a Tale of Polygamy”

How Donald Trump Can Still be a Hero: Force the Guardians of the Duopoly to Open Up the Debates

Did Gore Throw the 2000 Election?

Education for Liberation

Turkey’s Foray into Syria: a Gamble in a Very Dangerous Game

What is the Inside/Outside Strategy?

American Exceptionalism: A Pernicious Doctrine

Colorado: 300 Days of Sunshine Annually, Yet There’s No Sunny Side of the Street

In Northern Syria, Turkey Opens New Front in its War Against the Kurds

What Makes a Hate Group?

Crisis and Opportunity

Hoping Against Hope in Kashmir

The Swimsuit that Overthrew the State

Roaming Charges: Bernie’s Used Cars

Homage to EP Thompson

Britain’s Slavery Legacy

The Affordable Care Act: A Litmus Test for American Capitalism?

The New Anti-Semitism: the Case of Joy Karega

The Widow Bach: Anna Magdalena Rediscovered

Brzezinski Vision for a Power Sharing World Stymied by Ignorant Americans Leaders, Citizens

In the Shadow of the CIA: Liberalism’s Big Embarrassing Moment

Caving to Ranchers: the Misguided Decision to Kill the Profanity Wolf Pack

The Big Corporate Money Behind Jerry Brown

The Hidden Homeless Population

The Anti-Semitism Smear Against Canadian Greens

Another Brick in the Wall: Children of the American Police State

The Broken Chessboard: Brzezinski Gives Up on Empire

The Louisiana Catastrophe Proves the Need for Universal, Single-Payer Disaster Insurance

Troglodyte Vs. Goebbelean Fascism: The 2016 Presidential Race