July 2016

Kashmir: Creation of a Viable Political Structure

SF Pride 2016: the Whistleblowers and the Lockdown

Making Greater Possibilities Inconceivable: Another Thought or Two on the Logic of Lesser Evilism

Pity the Poor Democrats!

“No Pay Since February:” Interview With a Haitian Doctor on Strike

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Gentrify It All!

Garrison Keillor’s Prophecy and Apostasy

Too Close for Comfort: Ben Linder, Elliott Abrams and Hillary Clinton

Genetically Engineered Crops: the Grand and Failed Promise

All Opposed to the Blind Fascism of Hillary’s Lackeys: Let the Dead Bury Their Dead!

Rumification by Hollywood: Whitewash and Backlash

Ghostbusters, GMOs and the Feigned Expertise of Nobel Laureates

Donald Trump’s Evil Twin Brother

From Livelihoods to Deadlihoods

A Penny for the Old Druid

How the Media Constructs False Narratives

Too Many Moments of Silence

Wet’suwet’en Hereditary Chiefs’ Statement Against TransCanada

July 4: What the Flag Means to Me on My Birthday

Hillary Cheated

Obituary: British Austerity (2010-2016)

In Hopeless Occupation, War Becomes its Own End

Robert Reich’s Impossible Quest: to Save Capitalism for the Many

It’s Time for a Second American Revolution