June 2016

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Weak End at Bernie’s

Bill Kristol’s Candidate, David French, is Even Further to the Right Than Trump

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Wasserman Schultz’s Challenger, Tim Canova, is Even More “Pro-Israel” Than She Is

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Islamophobia: Why Are So Many, So Frightened

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Israel’s Future is Terrifying: Moshe Ya’alon and Israel’s Disconcerting ‘Morality’

The Fanatic and the Opportunist

The Trial of Heather Doyle: Md. County Drops the Hammer on Anti-LNG Activist

After Empowering the 1% and Impoverishing Millions, IMF Admits Neoliberalism a Failure

Preparing for the Next Memorial Day

All the World’s a Stage: Thoughts on the Death of Harambe, the Cincinnati Zoo Gorilla

Make Presidential Race About Issues, Not a Spitball Fight