June 2016

Supreme Court Legalizes Influence Peddling: McDonnell v. United States

Obama Administration Approved Over 1,500 Offshore Fracking Permits

The Three Harpies are Back!

Clinton and Trump, Fear and Fascism

Why is NATO So Irrational Today?

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Saving Labour From Blairism: the Dangers of Confining the Debate to Existing Members

Railroaded by the Supreme Court: the US Problem with Immigration

Economic Liberalization Ignores India’s Rural Misery

Of Kiddie Crusades and Disregarding the First Amendment in a Public Space

Noam Chomsky, John Halle and a Confederacy of Lampreys: a Note on Lesser Evil Voting

Texas, Abortion and the US Supreme Court

All That Glitters is Feardom: Whatever Happens, Don’t Blame Jill Stein

“Canadian” Corporate Capitalism

To My Less-Evilism Haters: A Rejoinder to Halle and Chomsky

The Nonviolent History of American Independence

Brexit: What Kind of Dependence Now?

Birth-Control Wars: Two Centuries of Struggle

Justice Thomas’s Abortion Dissent Tolerates Discrimination

Brazil: the Southern Giant Will Have to Fight

European Unification Divides Europeans: How Forcing People Together Tears Them Apart

About the Accusation that Syrian and Russian Troops are Looting Palmyra

Is Western Aid Destroying Nigeria’s Future?

Is Brexit the End of the World?

Brexit Pro and Con: the View From Germany

Return to the Gilded Age: Paul Ryan’s Deregulated Dystopia

What Clinton Should Learn From Brexit

Capitalism is the Opposite of Democracy

Stop Shedding Tears for the EU Monster: Brexit, the View From the Peloponnese

Save Bear Butte: Mecca of the Lakota

Brexit and the Neoliberal Revolt Against Jeremy Corbyn

Bernie’s “Political Revolution” = Vote for Clinton and the Neocons

SCOTUS: Amply Serving Law Enforcement’s Interests versus Society’s

The “Free State of Jones” in Trump’s America: Freedom Beyond White Imagination

The Time for Silence is Over

Fatally Flawed: the Bi-Partisan Travesty of American Health Care Reform

Alabama Democratic Primary Proves New York Times’ Nate Cohn Wrong about Exit Polling

Up Against the Wall

Bernie, Bakken, and Electoral Delusion: Letting Rich Guys Ruin Iowa and the World

The End of the Atlantic Project: Slamming the Brakes on the Neoliberal Order

Time to End Impunity for Suharto’’s Crimes in Indonesia and Timor-Leste

Toronto’s Bathhouse Raids: Racialized, Queer Solidarity and Police Violence

The Neoliberal Prison: Brexit Hysteria and the Liberal Mind

Headaches of Empire: Brexit’s Effect on the United States

Revolution Reconsidered: a Fragment (Guest Starring Bernard Sanders in the Role of Robespierre)

How 100 Syrians, 200 Russians and 11 Dogs Out-Witted ISIS and Saved Palmyra