April 2016

The Devil Capitalism

Is Washington Preparing for War Against Russia?

The Big Lies and the Small Lies

Vice Presidents, Candidates and History

Sanctions and Defiance in North Korea

Still the Litmus Test of Worth

Big Business and the Overtime Rule: Irrational Complaints

Crimea as a Paradise for High-Class Tourism?

Did the Arabs Betray Palestine? – A Schism between the Ruling Classes and the Wider Society

The War on Ukrainian Scientists

Who’s the Better Neoliberal?

The Battle at Big Brown: Joe Allen’s The Package King

Class Struggle and Westoxication in Pahlavi Iran: a Review of the Iranian Series ‘Shahrzad’

After All These Years, Newspapers Still Needed

Hungry and Frightened: Famine in Ethiopia 2016

Opening the Closed Political Culture

Waves of Nostalgia

The Problem with Donald Trump’s Version of “America First”

Hillsborough and Beyond: Establishment Cover Ups, Lies & Corruption

Groove on the Tracks: the Magic Left Hand of Red Garland

Kush Zombies: QELD’s Hat Tip to Old School Hip Hop

Moby Dick on Steroids?

Miles Davis: Ace of Baseness

Burning The Town Down – A Portrait of Mark Ruwedel

Puerto Rico: a Junta By Any Other Name