April 2016

Vice Presidents, Candidates and History

Every Day I Read the Book (the Best Music Books of the Last Year)

US Presidential Election: Beyond Lesser Evilism

Dishonoring Harriet Tubman

The Devil Capitalism

Opening the Closed Political Culture

Did the Arabs Betray Palestine? – A Schism between the Ruling Classes and the Wider Society

Class Struggle and Westoxication in Pahlavi Iran: a Review of the Iranian Series ‘Shahrzad’

The War on Ukrainian Scientists

FDR in Montana

Big Oil isn’t Going Down Without a Fight

Miles Davis: Ace of Baseness

The Canadian / Saudi Arms Deal: More Than Meets the Eye?

The Battle at Big Brown: Joe Allen’s The Package King

Political Violence in Honduras

Big Business and the Overtime Rule: Irrational Complaints

The Push to Make Sanders the Green Party’s Candidate

The Big Lies and the Small Lies

Waves of Nostalgia

Hillsborough and Beyond: Establishment Cover Ups, Lies & Corruption

Job Satisfaction Under Perpetual Stagnation

Hanford, Not Fukushima, is the Big Radiological Threat to the West Coast

My Country, My Love: a Conversation with Gerardo and Adriana of the Cuban Five

May Day: a Trade Agreement to Unite Third World and American Workers

If Obama Visits Hiroshima

Platform Perversity: More From the Campaign That Can’t Strategize

Verizon Sticks it to its Workers Because $45 Billion isn’t Enough

Moby Dick on Steroids?

Sanctions and Defiance in North Korea

Who’s the Better Neoliberal?

Is Washington Preparing for War Against Russia?

Groove on the Tracks: the Magic Left Hand of Red Garland

Still the Litmus Test of Worth

Marymount, Haymarket, Marikana: a Brief Note Towards ‘Completing’ May Day

Where Gun Control Ought to Start: Disarming the Police

The United States, Britain and the European Union

Anthropologists Marshalling History: the American Anthropological Association’s Vote on the Academic Boycott of Israeli Institutions

The Problem with Donald Trump’s Version of “America First”

Hungry and Frightened: Famine in Ethiopia 2016

Al Jazeera America: Goodbye to All That Jazz

Crimea as a Paradise for High-Class Tourism?

What is the Democratic Party Good For? Absolutely Nothing

After All These Years, Newspapers Still Needed

Kush Zombies: QELD’s Hat Tip to Old School Hip Hop

Chernobyl’s Ongoing Toll: 40,000 More Cancer Deaths?

An Indictment of Thatcher’s Legacy: Justice for Hillsborough Families, at Last

What Next? Can the #Movement4Bernie Accomplish Anything?

Can Responsibility to Protect Preserve our Cultural Heritage in Syria?

The Commons and the Centennial of the Easter Rising

Puerto Rico: a Junta By Any Other Name