March 2016

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The Devil Made Me Do It

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Lessons From the Fordham 9: Thirty Years Later

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Nuclear Power Plants: Pre-Deployed WMDs

Texas Mothers Jailed Five Days in Louisiana Over Two Hot Dogs

An Easter Message on Building Walls or Opening Tombs

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Bin Laden Won the War on Terror

Race in Baltimore: a Personal Perspective

AIPAC, Israel and the U.S: an Unholy Alliance

Will 2016 be a Pivotal Election Year in the United States?

Imperial Math: Counting the Dead

Distract, Obfuscate, Propagate Fear

The Great Ponzi Scheme of the Global Economy

The Common Core of a Bipartisan Education Problem

Homage to Aleppo

Unica Zürn, Reporting

Blood on the Tracks: Yellowstone Buffalo Atrocities

“Evolution is Hooey” and Other Texas Textbook Tales

Odious Debt (and What to Do About It)

Eating at The Perennial: Climate Change and Capitalism

Is Paris Burning?

Canada and Pre-Colonial Africa

Trump is a Republican, But is He a Fascist?

The War on Democracy in Latin America: Interview with John Pilger

Cuba Reflections: On Life and Death

Cuba’s Forbearance of President Barack Obama

They Failed Themselves

Should Progressives Support Bernie?

The New (Anti-) Secularism: Belief Determinism and the Twilight of Religious Liberty

Will America Ever be “Great Again”?

Robert Eggers’ The Witch

Which Presidential Candidate Am I?

Days of the Demagogue: Trump’s Deportation Fantasies and American Realities

A Central American Masterpiece: Sergio Ramírez’s “Divine Punishment”

Joker Rules: the Crackdown on Press Freedom in Turkey

Bernie Sanders and the Burden of Empire

The Occupation of the American Mind: Israel’s Public Relations War in the United States

Faith and Reason in the Post-Secular Age

Shedding Light on US Role in Argentina

Brussels: Just the Latest Failure of the ‘War on Terror’

The Art of the Deal? More of the Same!

Cruyff, Spectacle and Total Football

Voting Matters: the Radical Left and Epistemic Impasse