When Fools Rush In: the 2016 Elections

Hillary, Bernie, the Donald– whenever someone mentions such fools I know the guy doing the writing or talking is actually writhing and balking. Whichever buffoon wins, it don’t mean a thing cause it aint got that swing. Why? Aside from their all being complete nincompoops, stooges, and psychopaths, the president, whoever he or she or it might be, can do bubkis. Kennedy’s assassination was a coup d’etat. The president is a front. The deep state will roll on straight over the cliff. It’s all a giant mechanism for destruction. The world is coming to an end. You know it, I know it, everybody knows it. Only a radical power down has a ghost of a chance to save it, and a president, in the the present intentionally paralyzing system, cannot do that. The earth is getting too warm, the ice is melting, the seas are rising, huge storms are brewing. Poisonous crap is piling to the heavens and pouring into the oceans. Whole cities are going to go bye-bye. Whole populations know nothing but killing. We can’t decommission the nukes. When the seas rise and chaos mounts no one will be able to keep track of them. Radioactive poison will then spread over the earth. The fucking debt is over a hundred trillion God damned dollars. Barbarism spreads like a stain. But is there really any point in enumerating the calamities that face this miserable species? Any asshole who doesn’t know we are doomed will never know. I would really like to see some legal eagle try to argue for the life of this species in the court of life. Mankind? The death penalty, pronto, yesterday if possible. The fucking species is killing the world. Just exactly what justifies its continued existence? The ugliness of its works is beyond belief. Begone, pestilence!

Batshit. Walking around batshit. That is the character of the American everyman. Culture? Oh my God. You can sum it all up in one word– whatever. Whatever, whatever. It’s all good. The goofier, the more pointless, the better, as long as it sells, as long as it’s “fun”. Super heroes, space cadets, the walking dead, goofball comedy, time travel, anything to hide our empty lives from ourselves. Diversion at all costs. Wallowing in our own stupidity like pig shit. And all the time the cars are farting out the CO2. We’re killing ourselves with mechanical farts. That is so appropriate. The left, “progressives,” progressing towards they know not what. Clever left journalists expose all the bad shit. Horrors here, horrors there, horrors everywhere. “See, see how awful it is. Now will somebody please do something.” Why doesn’t the proletariat rise up? Where the fuck is the peace movement? And the right, the neocons, marching in the other direction with their heads up Julius Caesar’s ass. Project for a new American century my butt. It’s a fucking wasteland. Just how clueless do you have to be to pin hopes on that nest of ninnies.

But the worst is the average joe, what a pathetic joke. Played like a puppet. Too devoid of shame to be human, the American John Doe snuggles down in his Constitutional system thinking it makes his greed OK and protects him without his having to lift a finger. He humiliates himself for a buck. Reality TV! How so very small the human animal has become. Some think men should learn how to live like monkeys (bonobos). Too late, we’re already down to bedbugs.

Good God what a way to go. While the body evolved the soul devolved. What’s next? Amoeba?

And it is clear that we will do nothing. Why? Because there is no we. Everybody is out for numero uno. Anyway, there is no time to vote and vote again, gather together some movement and then perhaps elect someone who will fight off the opposition to pass some worthless bill to set up some ineffectual bureaucracy to clean up something that is way too little too late. As sure as sunrise the bureaucracy responsible will connive to make the problem worse and keep itself in business. This is the year, baby. Actic ice is going into the crapper. Take a look if you don’t believe me. That is self interest in government. The whole bloody business is on the edge or well over it.

And please don’t blather on about the Constitution. It wasn’t that good to begin with and it doesn’t mean jack shit now. We have long ago proved that words on a page do nothing to stem self interest sucking the planet dry. Calls to return to the constitution are a joke. The constitution, with its checks and balances, was designed to neutralize self interest’s ability to be effective in government. If anything the Constitution, by accepting the inevitability of self interest in government, encouraged men to enter government motivated by self interest. It was OK, part of the system. The Constitution was designed for a world devoid of public minded men. The realists of the time proclaimed that they didn’t exist. What could be a more ludicrous than to now call to public mindedness to restore the constitution! Only a benevolent dictator can have even a sliver of a chance, and that sliver is mighty thin.

In any case it is in all likelihood too fucking late anyway. Feedbacks, methane, melting permafrost, are bubbling up turning the earth into a witch’s cauldron. Not that I think that’s a bad thing. Something’s got to get rid of this human pest. Bedbugs die at 113 degrees. Did you ever think that there is a human type for every animal? The lion, the tiger, the chicken, the ostrich, the ant. Makes you wonder doesn’t it. We can reflect all life in what we are. Well we are all now bedbugs. Hiding in corners, sucking blood, fouling the planet with our crap. Is there any reason for this miserable creature to continue to exist?

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Michael Doliner studied with Hannah Arendt at the University of Chicago and has taught at Valparaiso University and Ithaca College.

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