Hillary: the Poison Pill

The Republican supernova hissyfit over Trump with the faux-Latino twits snapping at his pantlegs has so owned the media that the Gorgon trying to herd Democrats to their own implosion has escaped serious scrutiny.

Scrutiny, of course, is not what her billionaire bankrollers want applied to Hillary. Their sock-puppet mainstream press floats only mawkish paeans to their paragon, in reverential awe at the marvel of her grand elitist pedigree.

This Unified Field Theory of Hillary, insists she’s the only choice for wise, realistic people: a warm but hardnosed leader, fast friend of The People, all ranks and colors, yet bold champion of the Wall Street Ubermensch Class, and keen to destroy little countries that need it. And, really… more likeable than you think. Trustworthy, too. This is Hillary hagiography, uncut.

It’s Monty Python material: a smarmy Pollyanna packaging of a confirmed Neo-Con; a shallow, doctrinaire jingoist; a hard-shelled U.S. Exceptionalist; a dangerously clumsy imperial warhawk, more short-fused and incendiary than any of the wacky male automatons directing the Empire War Machine.

No space here–it takes a pamphlet–to catalog her endless promotion of brutal unprovoked slaughter in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen, or her dirty, proxy, sham diplomacy in Ukraine, Israel, the Near East, and Latin America, including overt support of a coup by hard right military murderers and their ongoing savage blood feast on helpless peasants in Honduras.

In spite of her grisly record, women and blacks are told they must vote for her because 1.) She’s a woman; and 2.) The Clinton’s and Obama–she’s his pal, dontcha know?–have done so much for both groups. Total bullshit. Neither Blowjob Bill nor Obama, the Magic Negro, have done diddlysquat for either group, as honest Feminists and wise, aware black voices–Cornel West, Glen Ford, and Margaret Kimberly–have made abundantly clear.

Yet, there she is, top of the leader board, Superdelegate whores in hand, and the whole Democratic Establishment behind her, frantic to sink Bernie, who has only actual Democratic principles and real people on his side.

Even after Michigan, and unsavory Republican Neocons jumping ship to back Hillary over “Little Parts” Trump, the Dem Power Trust sticks to its lack of principle, to nominate a reliable corporate tool come Hell or high water.

And that’s what they’ll get. There’s a delicious parallel existing in politics now that might blow both wings of the Bankers’ Party up for good. As Repugs are trying to wrest their ethically moribund Party away from their foremost candidate, Dems are bent on making their rank and file swallow a slab of stale Marie Antoinette-style cake that it’s gagging at and rejecting.

One Party is mad to disengage from a candidate that may destroy it; and the other is wild to crown one that could have exactly the same effect on it.

It would all be great fun to follow if the long-term fate of the country we live in were not so horrifyingly at risk, but it is.

Two powerful factions–faction being an anathema dreaded by Washington, Adams and Jefferson, among others–have combined hermetically to run America as a rotten racket for that vicious mechanical monster, Capitalism.

Both factions are being shown up for precisely what they are. Their pundits and panjandrums have their skivvies in a knot, blathering indignantly, and scattershooting wildly to fix blame for their entirely possible disintegration.

Lots of Very Serious People are manfully mansplaining all sorts of things they don’t understand and that they would certainly lie about if they did.

Want the Voice of The People? It’s simple, Stupid. You Criminal Syndicates have had it your way for generations. You’ve kept us ignorant, mesmerized and baffled, by lying and deceiving us, manipulating our fear and anger, and misdirecting them at bogus targets that never threatened us, and never mattered. You’ve kept us from the justice, domestic tranquillity, general welfare, and blessings of liberty our Constitution promised us. No more!

You have, at long last, as a reward for your exploitation and betrayal, lost our trust and our respect, and you will never regain it. You may hang on in some form, gutted and discredited, but know that you are no use to us now, or in the future. We expect nothing from you, and we want no more to do with you. If you doubt us, watch what happens. You’re about to find out.

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Paul Edwards is a writer and film-maker in Montana. He can be reached at: hgmnude@bresnan.net

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