Fighting and Protecting Refugees

Let us create an international “Network for a UN Special Conference to overcome causes for flight and to protect refugees!”

The immigration to Europe is currently a key issue which splits societies and states in Europe. Europe and the world is under the threat, to lose its agreed universal values ​​- a commitment to the objectives of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights: We need a clear European position and activities and cooperation with forces in other continents . A proposal by the initiative Black & White and the Democratic Workshop ( DWW ):

Let us create an international “Network for a UN Special Conference to overcome causes for flight and to protect refugees!”

People whose lives are threatened have a human right to seek and get asylum in other countries, according to the Universal Declaration of human rights. This is boundless. Those who want to close the borders, break this human right; whosoever uses weapons against refugees, also break the human right to life.

The fact that people have to flee at all proves the failure of states and the international community, which break the human rights, as they have agreed in 1948 with the adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. They have promised to cooperate so that people around the world can live in peace, justice, with health care, decent work, social security, education, and housing.

More than 60 years later, living conditions of many people are more and more dramatic: more and more war, violence, destruction of natural resources, social opportunities, hunger, and suffering! Every four seconds, another person is forced to flee, according to UNHCR 15 per minute, 900 per hour and more than 20,000 every day.

Should we not in this situation now intensively cooperate to protect the refugees and to overcome the causes of flight and to build up the world order with human rights for all, which the States decided in 1948. This is also a challenge for us all. The declaration of human rights committed not only the States but also the citizens, to establish a world order that allows all people wordlwide the full and free development of their personality.

It is up to us, especially in the democratic states, to unite us for those rights and to enforce them. We can create public opinions for them, take the initiative or support and call for the formulation of political programs and promote it and demand action by parliaments and governments. We should make the dramatic situation in the constituencies, the States and the parliaments to an important point for discussion. We should do what we can do in our various countries and we should jointly call for a special UN conference, and start to prepare it, as each country alone cannot shoulder the problems and only worldwide cooperation can bring a break of the trend.

The rising number of refugees shows only the major future problems that we will all face and threaten the survival of mankind. Eliminating the causes of flight is therefore to ensure the survival of mankind!

We therefore suggest building up an international “Network for demanding and preparing a UN Special Conference: to overcome causes of flight and to protect refugees” and start to form it, locally, nationally and internationally as a base for a global campaign.

We hope to generate interest with this call, and also to create a counterweight to the retraction on national thinking.

Whoever wants to join, please register at:, Phone: 05655-924981. Wolfgang Lieberknecht Initiative Black & White and Democratic workshop Wanfried.

International “Network for an UN Special Conference to eliminate causes for flight and to protect refugees”
The concretized topics the network and UN-Conference should work on:

To many the following objectives might sound utopic, but they are already promised by the states in 1945, 1948 in the UN Charter and in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. There is stated: Every human beeing has these rights, just because she or he is a human being and that all citizens and states have together to make sure, that everyone is getting the full rights:

Task 1: Peace: People flee mainly from war and violence within and between States:

We want to contribute to the implementation – The human right to peace by – The solution of current and future conflicts only by peaceful means – The common banishment of war and violence – A foreign policy within the meaning of the Declaration of Human Rights – The development of common global institutions to ensure peace – Through disarmament, defense conversion, reallocation of funds for arms for better living conditions – Promoting equal coexistence of people of all religions, ethnicities, nations, men and women.

Task 2: Work: People flee from social:

We want to contribute to the enforcement of the right to work, through decent working conditions and wages, of which the workers can live decently unemployment protection, and the human right to justice in societies globally.

Task 3: Social security and social justice: People fleeing due to extreme poverty, hunger, lack of health care and education:

We want to contribute to the implementation of the human right – On food security – Education and training – Health care – To social security – Protection at the age – The mothers and children.

Task 4: Democratisation: People flee from dictatorships, torture, human rights violations, misanthropic cultures, lack of opportunity to participate democratically, against arbitrary arrests and killings:

We want to contribute – To enforce the political human rights in the States – Through the establishment of global structures of civil society and at the political level that promote enforcement by international measures.

Task 4: More and more people flee areas where the natural foundations are destroyed, V. A. by climate change:

We want to contribute – To end the overexploitation of nature, to promote environmentally friendly measures – – To make the environment destroyers to pay principle liability – To compensate the victims of the destruction of nature – To promote a model for the life that respects the limits of the load of the globe and the environment use in the interests of people in other regions and future generations.

Task 5: We advocate for the granting human right to asylum:

Thereby giving asylum seekers a fair trial to live decently and investing in their education and training to enable them earn their livelihood and can contribute to the construction of their home countries and also as a mediator between the cultures and religions to build a common world order within the meaning of the Declaration of Human Rights. – We advocate that refugees’ safe ways are made possible in areas where their life is no longer threatened.

Wolfgang Lieberknecht, coordinator of the democratic workshop Wanfried and the initiative Black&White (