Bernie’s Blinding Light


It is just truely inspiring to see how quickly Bernie Sanders has leapt to the front of the Democratic primary.

So quick–it’s been blinding, actually.

And the fact is–Bernie has been so, so inspiring–that there is simply no going-back for America now.

Bernie has simply now proven to all (in a historic turning-point) that a small-donor-led campaign can go against the monster of neo-corporatism –which has been welding money in American politics like a cudgel since “Buckley v Valeo”–and completely demolish its most bought-and-sold political machine.

I believe, however, that it is now just critical–that we all need to be insisting that Bernie start talking about the even bigger issues that matter to Progressives–beyond just income-inequality, healthcare, and the breakup of the big banks.

And for the urgent sake of him being a truly Progressive leader for all –I simply believe that we ALL must do this.

I especially want him to start supporting a whole new slate for Congress–one that can stand on stage with him at the Democratic Convention–and go on from there to get his agenda actually passed.

I also think we all also have a right to press his campaign–that he give some major speeches soon–about how he’ll end America’s insane wasteful, destructive, and rabid militarism. And lead us to some healing for all–over America’s great divide regarding immigration–the truely indeginous issue of our time.

Or I’ll be looking elsewhere.

And very shortly.

For America–and even more so, the world–simply cannot afford another American President who talks progressive; and then governs for unregulated-capitalism abroad–and it’s continued rising global militarism.

Or, is satisfied–with being stuck with a stalemating Congress.

Bernie, in his speeches, is now sticking so clos to just banks, healthcare, and income-inequality –that he is starting to sound as robotic as Rubio. And I say this as somebody who really wants him to not just win an election, but more importantly, win the American “electoral revolution:”
–that we, and all the world, urgently needs.

If all we get from Bernie–is better conditions for the house-slaves–the other 95% of this planet will be even worse off with him–than they’d be with a President Trump, Rubio, or Cruz.

Which the rest of the world could clearly oppose–and begin to bring America to heel with embargos and U.N. sanctions –for gross excesses now of U.S. “exceptionalism.”

We Americans simply cannot continue to let the rest of the planet suffer–our drones, our destructive and war-provoking obsession with bringing down Russia, our violent capitalism (abroad in places like Honduras and Venezuela) or our continued demonizing and destabilization against the Muslim world:

All just for poor Americans to get $15 an hour and healthcare.

Or even just the right of American women alone to choose.

If that is what is being offered, I think all self-respecting Progressives (both men and women) need to drop this whole Bernie thing–as just another charade.

Or, Obummer.

It’s critical that Bernie, as the potential leader of the “free world” now start telling us all how we are going to free the rest of it as well.

Any President, for example, who stands up for feminism in America and pushes for it abroad, without also standing up for ALL people’s peace and prosperity–will set back women’s equality–especially so. Foreign cultures will continue to risingly distrust it–to the same rising degree that we deny them respecful democratic relations–and control, in places like Iraq and Latin America, over their own resource’s profits.

Not to mention the uselessness of a foreign country demanding you give its women or gays full equality–as you bomb them with drones–or fund salfists in Syria and facists in the Ukraine.

In 1963, President Kennedy delivered one of his greatest foreign policy speeches, ever, at the American University. He called on Americans to be leaders for international peace, prosperity and disarmament. He demonstrated his conviction that the President of the United States had to show leadership and accept responsibility to lead the whole world with our democratic vision.

And not just dole-out or favors for those of us in this plantation’s Big House.

His great victories now prove that Bernie has the support of the people–to do so much that Kennedy was getting ready to do–before he was tragically assassinated.

But the question is now:

Will he?

Is Bernie actually ready–to bring America back to leadership for all this planet’s global peace, sustainability–and prosperity?

If he isn’t–we can thank him–for proving to all, that the power is still in the people’s hands.

But we’ll simply need to now move beyond him.

David Busch is a homeless person and human rights activist in Los Angeles. He can be reached at: