January 2016

Riyadh’s Sectarian Move: Executing Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr

Ruling Due Soon on Mumia Non-Treatment Policy Challenge

Visits and Conversations in a Kabul Winter

The GOP and the Myth of Capitalism

Cops: Too Crazy to be Trusted With Guns

The New “De-Rad” Meme, or the Pathologization of Predictable and Readily Comprehensible Political Sentiments

Bernie Sanders vs. the Corporatocracy

The Good, the Sad and the Ugly

Palestine’s Lost Present

How ISIS Learns From Its Defeats

Why Sanders Will Not be the Democratic Nominee, No Matter What Happens in the Primaries

Saudi Arabia’s Mad Head-Choppers

The Bundy Militia Raid on Burns: What the Media Left Out

Slouching Toward Global Disaster

Economism in Venezuela: Theory and Practice

The Case of David Ravelo: Justice, Impunity and Peace in Colombia

Taliban Rising

Opportunistic Islamophobia

The Age of Stupid: Intrepid Teaching in a World on Speed

The Rumble from the People Can Work

After Stalin’s Death: Ludmila Ulitskaya’s “The Big Green Tent”

Revolutionary Transgressions: an Interview With Margaret Randall

The Year in Gun Massacres

We Subsidize Occupation Force Policing

Dynamics of False Consciousness: America Today

Central Banks Out of Control

Venezuela Passes Law Banning GMOs, by Popular Demand

Bernie vs. Hillary: the Real “Clash of Civilizations”?

Year of Disenchantment: Memories of 2015

Ten Good Things About the Not-So-Great Year of 2015

During Paris Climate Summit, Obama Signed Exxon-Koch-Backed Bill Expediting Pipeline Permits

The Year in Drones: 2015

The Circularity of Hating the Hater

Nuclear Energy Dangerous to Your Wallet, Not Only the Environment

New Canadian Government Breaks Promise of Pension Improvements

Muslims Need to Join a Labor Union

The Farce of Democratic Party Climate Change Policy

Want to Stop Trump? Promote Open Dialogue

Oceans and Climate: Towards a Blue Economy

A Case of Bribery

The Deathbed of the WTO

The Shadow of Mein Kampf: Europe’s Struggle With Itself

Notes From Kabul

#GoBonobos in 2016

10 Groups That Don’t Flinch Under Fire (And, Thus, Deserve Your Support)

You Say ISIL, I Say ISIS, Let’s Call the Whole Thing Off

Freedom Fighters Before Emancipation

Delisting the Grizzly: a Recipe For More Bear Deaths

Back to the 1930s: Hitler, Da’esh and the West

2016: More of the Same