January 2016

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From Copenhagen to India

How Does It End?

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The Forever Prisoners

The Politics of Cultural Despair: America’s Self-Immolation

The Afghan Puzzle

Can Buddhism Save the World?

In India, Women Who Fight for Justice

A New Era of Global Protest Begins

Great Lakes Nuclear Waste Dump: The Battle Continues

To Open Strange Doors That We’d Never Close Again

Anarchy in the USA

The Chart That Explains Everything

Canada’s Largest Newspaper Opens 2016 With a Biased Salvo Against Russia

Blowback, Karma and Unintended Consequences

The Reign of the Internet

California Fish Species Plummet To Record Lows

Australia’s Intervention (Against What, Exactly?)

Democratizing the Constitution: an Idea Worth Considering

A Global Working Class in Formation

On the Firing Line: Bullies in Stetsons

Reheating the Cold War

U.S. Imperialism’s Syria Strategy and the Right of Oppressed Nations to Self-Determination

What Accounts for the Saudi Regime’s Hysterical Belligerence? The Agony of Death

Desert Storm at 25: a Grim Anniversary

Stormy Times: Climate Change as Predicted

Charlie Hebdo Lives: Charb’s Open Letter

The Trap of (In)Visibility and the Erasure of Difference

Netanyahu at War, Stuck in the Dominant Paradigm

We Need a Mass Movement Demanding Real Social Security and Medicare for All

It’s Not a Backlog, It’s a Lack of Concern for Rape Victims

Hunting to Scare Grizzly Bears?

Africa’s Success Story

The Rise of Sanders Claus 

Timber Oligarchs Transform Into Beef Barons in Harney County and the Oregon High Desert

Fear of Assimilation

The CIA Coup That Remade the Middle East

Tarantino in Winter: Sophomoric Violence & Onanistic Self-Love

The Unviability of an Islamic Caliphate: Who Can be Caliph?

Sean Penn’s Bungle in the Jungle … Or Not?

Candidates for the U.S. Presidency and Their Threats to Russia

The State of the Plutocracy: The Kabuki President on Money in Politics

The US Tiger and the North Korean Mouse

What Does the Federal Reserve Have to Hide?

Hate of the Union: the TPP is an Offense to the People