January 2016

It’s Official: Britain is the Dark Continent!

Hillary in Blackface: the Blaxploitation Politics of the Identity Dems

A Revolutionary Speech: Patrice Lumumba and the Birth of the Republic of Congo

Racism Attracts: the Duke and the Donald

Iran and the Diplomatic Jackpot

Purple Map Could be Bernie’s Map

This Is How Obama Returns the Favor

A Day with Vermeer: The Dutch Masters at the Royal Collection

Radioactive Agents: the CIA and the Problem of Identity

Reptilian Politics and American Leadership: The Party Debates

Britain vs. Trump

Bastardized History: the True Odyssey of Hugh Glass vs. “The Revenant”

Chávismo and Its Discontents: International Left Intellectuals Respond to Venezuelan Government’s Legislative Election Setback

The Lynching of a Madison Lesbian: Wisconsin’s Wrongful Conviction of Penny Brummer

The US-Iran Deal: a Victory for Peace?

Conflict of Interest and the Israel Lobby: a Junket for State Senators

Bernie Sanders and the Failure of Propaganda

Race Without Class: the “Bougie” Sensibility of Ta-Nehisi Coates

The Battle to Unionize Starbucks in Chile: an Interview with Andrés Giordano Salazar

The Mine Wars: West Virginia’s Coal Miners March on Public Television

What Obama Really Said About Cuba, Foreign Affairs and the US

Controlling the Media, Narrowing the Conversation

Why Won’t Iran Act Like Our Enemy?

With the Specter of Clinton Looming: Rethinking Bernie

The Vicissitudes of Al-Jazeera TV Network

The Keystone Suit: Big Oil vs. Democracy

The Deep State and the Sex Tape: Martin Luther King, J. Edgar Hoover, and Thurgood Marshall

The TIPP and the Downfall of European Agriculture

In Memoriam, Dr. King: A Belated Tribute

Is Sanders a Political Rebel?

Cruzing for love

The Fed’s Role in the Stock Market Slide

President Paul Kagame’s Rwanda Legacy

A Week of Bombings

The Iowa Speech Bernie Sanders Never Delivered

China: Canary in the Global Economy Coalmine?

The New York Times’s Double Standard on Iran’s Nuclear Program

Big Crony CEO Pay Grab–Effects Beyond Greed!

From Copenhagen to India

How Does It End?

Education, Junior High, Police, and Fixing our Killing Problem

“Modernizing” the Opportunities for Nuclear War

Something About New York

The Pernicious State

Humanitarian Aftershocks in Haiti

Populism Redux: the Case for Sanders and Trump

Refusing to Choose Between Martin and Malcolm: Ferguson, Black Lives Matter, and a New Nonviolent Revolution

World’s Climate Threatened by Greed and Militarism, Official Canada Remains Part of the Problem, Not Solution

Hillary on the Ropes?

MLK’s Timeless Vision