January 2016

Pre-deciding About Violence

Shaggy Horse Story: Vladimir Sorokin’s “The Blizzard”

Flint And Fallujah

John Ford and the Politics of the Western

The World Imagined by Benedict Anderson

Australia’s Day for Secrets, Flags and Cowards

The Visa Business

Human Rights After Euromaidan

The Banal Musical Themes of Alexandre Desplat

The Devastating Cost of Monetized Elections

Marching in the Spirit of the Real Dr. King: Report From the Street on MLK Day

The Limits of Acceptable Debate

Poroshenko’s ’Bluff’ and Crimea Blockade

Behind the “Banana Man”: Haiti’s Only Presidential Candidate

Could This be “The Big One”?

So, Mr. Trudeau, Will it be Keynes or Freidman?

Spearheading the Neo-liberal Plunder of African Agriculture

Trump-Palin: Dynamic Duo of Fascistic America

Fukushima Mon Amour: the Hucksters of the Green Atom

Inequality and the World Economic Forum

Political Responsibility in the Nuclear Age: an Open Letter to the American People

The Fear That Cannot Hide its Name

Why the French Hate the Headscarf

Until Lions Have Their Historians, Tales of the Hunt Shall Always Glorify the Hunters: Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah, History Retold

The Grizzly Miracle of Birth

The Strange Establishment Backlash Against Bernie Sanders

The Madness of Reason

The Real Disaster(s) in Flint’s Water Crisis

How the West Creates Terrorism

The Not-So-Odd Couple: Trump and Palin

The Cowliphate and Poisoned Kids: Twin Assaults on The Commons

Extreme, Extremer, Extremest

American Culture and the Bass Player

Greece Falls Prey to ECB Diktats and Blackmail

Some Thoughts on Donald Trump and Second Corinthians

Nauru: What Reality is This?

Clinton Now Red-Baiting Sanders

The Fueling of Xenophobia and New Economic Tests for UK Residence

The Meaning of Davos Man: The World Economic Forum

Bullies of Burns: the Backstory on the Hammonds

The Porter Ranch Gas Leak: Blame Gov. Jerry Brown

Outrage Against Big Pharma! Activists Protest “Obscene” Conference

The Genius of Huey P. Newton

Hillary Clinton and the Northern Strategy

Descent into Chaos: ISIS in Libya

Purple Map Could be Bernie’s Map

A Day with Vermeer: The Dutch Masters at the Royal Collection

Defined by Nakba and Exile: The Complex Reality of ‘Home’ for Palestinians

Planet of Fear

Nomenclatural Democracy?: Race (False)-Consciousness