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December 2015

Rebuilding a Renewable Energy Future

How Karl Marx Helped Shape the Republican Party

To Hell With “Happy Holidays!”

They Make Millions Per Employee and Cry They Don’t Make Enough

The Season of Peace Requires Action Not Songs

The Best Book You Can’t Buy at the Mall this Christmas

The GMO Issue: False Claims, Pseudo Analysis And A Politically Motivated Agenda

Hitlerian Proportions: US Foreign Policy and NATO Expansion

If Mental Illness Is the Problem, America Is Mentally Ill

Shining Light Into Darkness

Christmas Celebrates Nonviolence

Groups Ask Columbia University To Reveal Funding Behind Exxon-Tied Center on Global Energy Policy

Leningrad, Shostakovich and the Music of Transcendence

Christmas 2015 Brings More Misery, Poverty and Dispossession for Bethlehem and Palestinians

How Cannon Films Demonizes Arabs

Star Wars:  The Force Sleepeth On

Frank Sinatra Throughout History

A Delightfully Cynical Christmas

“Oh, Barbie, You Can Speak”

Tom Waits – Christmas Card From a Hooker in Minneapolis

On the Devil, Trump and Getting Schlonged

Beware ‘Sunni-Stan’: Neocons are Back and Their ‘Vision’ is Darker than Ever

Conference of the Herds

Terrorism and Trump: New Challenges for Social Justice Organizations

Poll Scam at TIME: Sanders Wins Online Poll, Gets Snubbed by Editors