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A Pipeline of Lies

Possibly the hardest thing Man can attempt to face up to is betrayal by those ‘elected’ as to his or her belief?

At the level ‘individual’ perhaps the deepest betrayal is emotional abuse by a narcissistic predator – and for these small quarters the seminal work on such subject is aptly entitled ‘Stalking the Soul’.

Emotional abuse can reach its limits of the ‘erosion of identity’ when the abuser is one whom the abused is trying to love as the greatest form of ‘belief in the other’?

Unlike physical abuse, emotional abuse is often described as ‘silent violence’. While physical assault as abuse will most often leave visible damage on the victim which ‘shouts out’ to naked eye that an act reprehensible has occurred; as in: bruising, tearing of tissue or fracture/breaking of bones, all of which visible, the ‘scars’ precipitate of emotional abuse are often invisible to same naked eye – but require further analysis by way of concept to ‘discern’ – the ‘erosion of identity’ being oft such a gradual process that the victim himself or herself does not even realize it is happening?

A suitable analogy; a frog in a pot of water heated, which will sit there until it boils to death.

(This does however beg the question as to how such fact was ascertained, and whether ‘Empiricism’ itself in the cultivation of ‘objective detachment’ is a form of abuse?)

But this digresses?

At the level ‘Geopolitical’ it possible to contend that ’emotional abuse’ is capable of plumbing new depths of depravity capable of causing the sickest of entities the greatest of glee?

Such glee ‘originating’ within a darkness whereby there yet exists the ‘realization’ that illusions can ‘triumph’ over ‘reality’; or lies can overcome truth in the ‘snuffing out’ of the ‘light’ or erosion of the identity which given to Man as an aspect of unconditional love – while, as ever, humility demands the recognition of ‘something’ far beyond as greater than the ‘self’, or, such the ‘flipside’ arrogance demands the denial of; such the superiority asserted at the pragmatic level of ‘Fortunate Son’ as a misnomer at best – and most abominable of lies at the worst?

(‘Fortunate Sons’ being ‘cultivated’ in the ‘Western World’ by such organizations as : ‘Skull and Bones’ , ‘The Bullingdon Club’; to say nought of the City of London Corporation’ or The Bilderberg Group’ or ‘Bohemian Grove’?)

These small quarters believe in a scale of morality as encompasses the concept of goodness as acknowledges the ‘value’ of Life much as entails antonym by way of the denial of Life which is ‘evil’; no synonyms for same – such as ‘functional/dysfunctional’ – existing within the concept of ‘Dialectical Materialism’ prevail here; ‘Politics’ as ‘Moral Economics’ being a concept demanding a ‘buy in’ – and which accordingly subject to ‘abuse’; as in the degradation of ‘Dystopia’ as opposed to the attainment of ‘Utopia’?

For emotional abuse demands belief degenerated to illusion accepted; at the level ‘Geopolitical’ becomes: ‘things’ have to be this way, so goes the ‘pragmatism’?

‘The Western World’, as to a ‘happenstance’ experienced ‘Dystopian’ contemporaneous by the majority within as of it – much as to same ‘happenstance’ emotional abuse exists at a level ‘Geopolitical’ – and what this ‘boils down’ to, as in the reductio absurdum of frogs sitting in water getting hotter – at such a ‘naked eye level’, is the growing austerity as impoverishment visible, and which no mere product of ‘happenstance’, but rather aspect of a deliberative ‘transfer of resources’ – such the ‘pipeline’ as capable of channelling ‘waste’ – a waste as demanded by the abrogation of ‘Humanity’ which ’emotional abuse’ at a level Geopolitical ‘represents’ the degradation of Utopia to Dystopia much as it represents the destruction of the State as Sovereign to point of a ‘Globalization’ as the biggest pipeline? The waste channelled by the pipeline of lies reflected in: levels of incarceration, unemployment/underemployment, infant mortality, access to healthcare, access to education, pollution of the environment, monitoring of ‘freedom’, and the ‘privatization’ of State assets as epitaph of ‘life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness?’

‘Representation’ context of ‘Democracy’ in the ‘Western World’ having become a tragedy as would be unacknowledged under ‘Orthodoxy of Corporatism’, to such an abusive proposal as ‘austerity as necessary’ the mantra, become or; as to the level pragmatic: –

‘parasitic emotional abusers want ‘more’!

More ‘transfer of resources’ to a minority as the ‘Gini Coefficient’ shouts out the presence of in the ‘Western World’ as channelled by the control and issue of ‘currency’ such the pipeline of abuse, such the ‘permit’, indeed?

The primary modus operandum of the Corporatist destruction of Democracy being to ‘propel’ thru propaganda, two ‘ political parties’ as a ‘choice’, such the Orthodoxy as Corporatism would abuse informed choice as Freedom to a violence as would be silent, such the emotions controlled and manipulated as to erode identity to the point of the death of thought; such the ‘Victory’ of illusion whereby ‘Orthodoxy’ become mere synonym of death; and those who would question so derogated as to being ‘scorned’, such the label as ‘Conspiracy Theorist’ in a ‘Panopticon’ indeed?

Or that those who just want Peace categorized as ‘terrorist sympathisers’ – as The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom so recently and abusively put it?

To say nought of ‘Paranoia’ as an identity eroded by way of questions forbade?

So much for the ‘Prolegomenon.’

Title this small article refers to the Geopolitics of Syria early 21st Century AD.

One aspect of ‘pipeline’ being as to a choice made by President Assad which the ‘wrong’ choice from the perspective of the ‘Western World’ as in strategic/geopolitical alignment with Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Israel?

When, in 2009AD President Assad rejected the favored proposal concerning pipeline of the ‘Western World’ another aspect of ‘pipeline’ concerning the Corporatist Media of same Western World subsequent to such ‘wrong decision’ was brought into Geopolitical Play as mere propaganda?

That is, Assad was ‘demonized’ in Corporatist Mainstream Media ‘of’ the Western World, after the precedent of the Taliban, Saddam Hussein, and Muammar Gaddafi’?

The Geostrategic Play by the ‘Western World’ concerning Syria was such the best laid scheme, to follow the ‘R2P’ casus belli as was deployed as a modus operandum in ‘Libya’. NATO was to step in and effect ‘regime change’ thru aerial bombardment as ‘R2P’, ISIS was to effect the actual control of territory, much as the mercenary army which Gaddafi in his last days detailed (see, for example Point 8. in this article). It was all to be very ‘neat’, very constrained and manipulated; a repetition of emotional abuse by way of ‘Corporate (Pipe) line’ as an established pattern; just another extension of the pipe spewing out lies as filth to be accepted by ‘The People’ as made ‘victims’ of a predatory minority who have no understanding of the ‘Chessboard’ as Brzezinski put it?

Amongst the ‘greatest’ lies of the 21st Century thus far is the pipeline of lies which is ‘ISIS’ – which no more than a creation of the ‘Western World’ in as much as it composed of mercenaries as ‘dogs of war’; armed and trained thru the deployment of resources of the ‘Western World’, ‘self funding’ (as to the Zionist ‘Wolfowitz Doctrine’ (see Congressional Testimony of March 27 2003AD reference ‘Iraq’) existing to expropriate ‘on the way’ this instance Syria’s Resources, (primarily Oil – though religious/’historical artefacts must be ‘incorporated’ – as what would be a formerly Sovereign Nation?

Part of this pipeline: ‘Rita Katz’ and the Syrian Observatory of Human Rights, which, remarkably still features as an ‘authoritative source’ in such Corporatist media as ‘The Guardian’, ‘The Independent’, the ‘New York Times’ and the ‘Washington Post’?

To really get down to it, such the peel of the onion tearful, one must recognize that any ‘pipeline’ in ‘Geopolitical context’ is an instrument of constraint and manipulation by way of ‘hegemony’ – and in the sine qua non indeed, a ‘licence to lie’ as expressive of the emotional abuse which is ‘control and manipulation’ exerted by propaganda to interests of a power hierarchy as a transfer of resources which benefits materially same hierarchy at the expense of the Democratic majority?

Most people of the ‘Western World’ could not tell you, such the abuse, such the pipeline, exactly how far (or near) in ‘miles away’ the distance between their particular ‘Homeland’ and Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya, or Gaza. The Orthodox view funnelled by the concentrated application of resources which is Corporatist Mainstream Media as a pipeline of propaganda become composite of mere ‘sound bite’ and ‘spin’, alas, is one which preys upon such tragedy of denial as aspect of what amounts to no more than the plumbing of the depths of emotional abuse – to cause of glee amongst the ‘Stateless Bastards’ who ‘worship’ evil, and capable of wallowing in the filth of lies as concerns denial of the sufferance of Humanity, such the misinformation or disinformation as would prevail in the Western World; such the symptomatology of ’emotional abuse’ as practised by ‘Ye Olde Oligarchic Collective’ of sundry parasites as demands such sufferance of Humanity as a mere host?

Most people in the Western World looked at from the perspective of pipeline of lies are unaware of the ‘Oded Yinon Plan’ or the concept of ‘Greater Israel’?

The ‘Journalists’ of Western World Corporatist Media as ‘Mainstream’ who serve such Corporatist pipeline in their service as ‘Outer Party’, prostitute their essence in becoming ‘Presstitutes Incorporated’; embedded in Orthodoxy proportionate to their ability to ‘sell the line -‘ and tell lies with sincerity apparent?

The abominable concept of ‘Satan’ here, ‘unmentionable’ within the paradigm/pipeline which become, alas, of Politics in the Western World (?); has roots within the definition of ‘Politics’ as: ‘Moral Economics’?

Minimise the economics as of equitable distribution, maximise the sufferance as of the majority of the population – and, such the ‘Orthodoxy’ as a debasement – there recipe for a ‘perfect pipeline’ for immorality as emotional abuse to prevail at a level Geopolitical?

Bubbling under censorship by way of pipeline there much unpalatable truth as concerns ‘Satanism’ as can be a nice little number or ‘earner’? Ordinary people like you or me (?) reject the sacrifice as would be so made by the acceptance and support of such abomination. ‘We’ elect as to suffer whilst watching such sufferance grow; we try to accept the pipeline of lies, we try to accept the divisions imposed upon us by way of ‘Brotherhood’ diminished; we try, ever so hard, to earn an ‘honest living’ and ‘get by’ as ‘subsist’ in an ‘Age’ as would be of ‘Darkness’ made, as future generations will acknowledge the prescience of Lichtenberg?

It may seem as the fable of ‘The Boy Who Cried Wolf’ is become writ large as a ‘pipeline’ unending; much as the ‘People’ subject to ‘abuse’ appear never to learn, but this is not the case.

(At a Geopolitical level the pipeline of lies chronological: Bin Laden as perpetrator/architect of ‘9/11’ hid in Afghanistan, Saddam Hussein had ‘weapons of mass destruction’, Muammar Gaddafi carried out Genocide, and Bashir al-Assad ‘barrel bombed’ and deployed chemical weapons against his own people?

(Remember babies being torn from incubators, ‘yellow cake’, drones which could be launched in 45 minutes and Viagra fuelled troops raping?)

As a ‘pipeline’ has determinate material limitations, such the ‘pragmatism’, so does it have limitations as to the capacity to ‘deliver’, particularly as concerns the denial which is ‘memory hole’ and here Syria, as elicited Russia to call out ‘Liar, Liar!’ ,in denial of the pipeline as would at a Geopolitical level have had ‘Libya re-dux’, represents ‘exposure’, and in the ‘information dump’ or release which Russian Media such as ‘Sputniknews‘ or ‘RT‘ is currently making, as an adjunct to the growing attraction of ‘alternative media’ to the real Western World, of which ‘CounterPunch’ represents outstanding example, is, to the emotional abuse which is Corporatism, something which must be denied as expression of pathology realized?

Something which must be quashed by the ‘Western World’, indeed, such the pipeline of lies?

It is tragic to have to face up to emotional abuse, as these small quarters know only so well at a personal level, alas. At a Geopolitical level, the pipeline of lies would have such execrable exercise of judgement by the individual avoided as a topic thru keeping the flow going; a flow of denial, a flow of fear, a flow of control and manipulation, a flow of brainwash or ‘hsi nao’, a flow of duplicity which would be unrecognized as unexposed?

Consider this, for example, as something which has no place in the above detailed ‘Pipeline of Lies’.

Whether ‘pants down’ or ‘pipeline exposed’ matters not, the truth is that there is a whole lot of abuse going on such the sufferance as inflicted upon the World as would be to the realization of ‘Utopia’ a Brotherhood?

For it is coming yet for a’ that?

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