Of People with Hearts of Stone, and Stones with Hearts of People

Yesh anashim im lev shel even

Yesh avanim im lev adam

(There are people with a heart of stone

There are stones with a human heart)

From ‘Hakotel’; or ‘The Western Wall’; a Hebrew song written after the ‘Six Day War ‘of 1967AD.

In the 1980 AD election so ‘appercieved’, Jimmy Carter won some 45 percent of the Jewish vote. Ronald Reagan won some 39 percent.

Since such ‘Halcyon’ days – before the advent of ‘super PACS’ or ‘independent election only committees’ in July 2010 -as expressive of a crossing of the ‘Rubicon’ (?) – America has been accelerated in its degeneration towards ‘being’ a mere ‘Vassel State’ of ‘Money Inc.‘ as having ‘aspirations’ towards ‘Globalization’ as expression of ‘Military-Industrial Complex’ – although it must be pointed out that the ‘Council for Foreign Relations’ was established in 1921AD, the ‘Trilateral Commission’ was created in 1973AD, interceded by the ‘Bilderberg Group’, which established in 1954AD.

That this must be ‘pointed out’ is an expression of the concentration of media by way of Corporatist control and manipulation?

The real precedent concerning ‘Money Inc.’ taking over/hijacking America as a mere ‘vassel state’ being the establishment of the ‘Federal Reserve’, as created on December 23, 1913AD?

Amongst the few memories of ‘childhood’, given the concept of ‘puer aeternus, such the pretension these small quarters; a brief period of hospitalization- and the ‘discovery’ of ‘join the dots puzzles’ – which rendered ‘easy’ thru numbering of the dots?

Subsequent ‘discoveries’ made by these small quarters include the existence of ‘non numbered dot puzzles’, alongside the concept of ‘apperception’, and then ‘Citizens’: in whom ‘hope springs eternal’ as an expression of ‘looking up to the stars’ (see below) and an appreciation of ‘conspiracy theorist’ as a term coined by the CIA in 1967AD?

A ‘conspiracy theorist’ being a person who ‘joins up the dots’ as to ‘apperception’ in a idiosyncratic manner; who refuses to accept the numbers as to the ‘picture’ which ‘others’ (as would be recognised as ‘authoritative’ such the deployment of resources) would have ’emerge’, or be seen as an ‘interpretation singularly true ‘ – as to a ‘process’ which Orwell described as ‘Orthodoxy’ and Marx described as ‘Hegemony’?

-The numbers to a picture accepted in the join up of ‘dots’ recognized by authority being as to ‘Corporatist line’?

Questions, and the ability to (para)phrase- and subsequently raise ‘them’- by Citizens, perhaps the most vital expression of Democracy?

Such CIA operations as ‘Mockingbird’ a ‘counterpoint’ to the ability of ‘Citizen’ as concept of Democracy to ‘join up the dots’ in their very own way, ideally well informed by Journalism and Media – and to be permitted, such the ‘currency’, to ‘opine’ and question out with any ‘orthodoxy’ as would prevail, which orthodoxy manner of a ‘garden path’ – and in which the harvest of same a ‘tithe’ exacted upon the mind as would exist additional to mere ‘taxation’ selectively applied such the lead up?

That harvest which Corporatism, such the stone heart, refers to as ‘profit’?

Is ‘taxation without representation’ the ultimate form of ‘externalisation(?)’, such the pathology as would ideologically ‘rape’ the Citizen – way of Humanity abrogated – as in the concept of ‘heart of stone’ – such the austerity in but one ‘mantra’ as would be of the (Corporatist) Western World?

There being so many ‘mantras’ expressive of the ‘heart of stone’ existent in Corporatism, apposite T.S. Eliot put it in part of his trilogy:

‘lips that would kiss form prayers to broken stone‘?

-the ‘stone’ as being of ‘hearts’ and ‘walls’ illusory as imposed pragmatic, such the ‘Wasteland’ as would be made by Corporatism as evident in the austerity prevailing ?

Thus: the propagation of the Listen, Little Man!‘ of all political systems as are ‘Non Democratic’- as enshrined within the polymorphous concept of ‘Dictatorship’?

So it goes.

In many ways the orthodox interpretation of ‘History’ currently prevailing in the ‘Western World’ no more than a mere ‘memory hole’ which would be reinforced by Corporate control of ‘media;’ form of a ‘numbered join the dots’ puzzle become as to ‘line followed’; and one of the greatest American Historians, if not the greatest thus far, was Howard Zinn, who refused to conform to ‘orthodoxy’ – as intimated in his qualification: ‘A People’s’ – and which not only ‘joined up the dots’ in a manner not as according to the hegemony/orthodoxy as would be – but introduced ‘new’ dots to a ‘Bigger Picture’ of ‘History’?

This, a timely juncture for statement by most prescient individual named Orwell aka Eric Arthur Blair:

‘Who controls the past controls the future; who controls the present controls the past’?

Which brings ‘us’ back, apropos the title this small article, to the concept of: ‘People with hearts of stone, and stones with hearts of people’?

Some of the People, so reduced alas by the ‘grind of orthodoxy’ as expressive of ‘hearts of stone’, and ‘reading’ this small article may be ‘Journalists’ working alas, to cause of subjugation/repression of consciousness as to what ‘Corporatism’ is – and such as mainstream media in the Western World current would ‘build’ a wall of stone with ‘hearts of People’, to such pragmatism of illusion as control and manipulation facilitated by expropriation?

To such ‘journalists’ the question must be asked:

It is sad that your talents have to be prostituted such ‘sense’ as ‘ideological tithe exacted’, is it not? – That what ‘you’ say determined by consideration of ‘will it pay’ (for another day)?

Such the austerity.

Some of the People, so reduced under pragmatic imperative of the ‘price of the daily crust’ become and ‘reading’ this small article, may be ‘Politicians’ working alas, to cause of subjugation of consciousness to ‘Corporatism’, assisting mainstream media in building a ‘wall of stone with hearts of people’ under such pragmatism?

Such the austerity.

Under further such reductio ad absurdum, some of the People ‘reading’ this small article may even be ‘Zionists’.

Such the austerity.

‘Intelligence’ and ‘facts’ in the Western World currently being ‘fixed around policy‘, such the wall, such the stone, such the heart degenerated as can be incorporated in a mere memorandum?

More recently, as a paraphrase of such ‘fix’, Edward Snowden tweeted concerning the proposed ‘snoopers charter’ or Investigatory Powers Bill as would replace the current Data Retention and Investigatory Powers Act in the UK ,that it was ‘trying to fit the law around the spying’, rather than making ‘spying fit the law’.

It is sad that talents of People have to be prostituted such ‘sense’ as ‘ideological tithe exacted’ – and a deviation to point of abrogation from representation of the electorate as a majority in favor of a minority, is it not?

So it goes, as per the ‘triumph’ of illusion as the list of mere functionaries of Corporatism and Globalization may go ‘on’ and on – to the point as Wilde put it to such insightful concept of ‘Ėgalité‘ that:

‘We are all of us in the gutter – but some of us are looking at the stars’?

Here’s to ‘looking at the stars’ – but the reality concerning illusion born of the gutter of Corporatism, and what beneath, is as further tragedy – for example, that the result of the ‘American Election’ of 2016 AD will be decided between a couple of ‘selected’ ideological whores aka ‘bums’ lying – and wallowing – in the gutter which Corporatism indeed is – and looking downwards; such their ‘hearts turned to stone’ by mere ‘pragmatism’ as expression of the degeneration which ‘Realpolitik’ represents – and to a wall of denial, such the ‘echo chamber’ which would yet have itself seen as composed of the stones of ‘hearts of people’?

For ‘Walls’ deny Liberty – much as the concept of a ‘heart of stone’ denies Life as the pursuit of happiness?

And you ‘gotta’, as they say in the ‘Lone Star State’, dance with them as ‘brung ya’ to the ‘party’?

The dark heart of Corporatism existing, as would be, ‘beneath the radar’; much as the overarching shots of illusion still called from the ‘City of London Corporation’, as foundational and determinative of the geopolitical concept of the ‘Western World’?

From the ‘people’ as brought America the ‘Federal Reserve’ such the permit to control and issue ‘currency’, from the ‘people’ as founded ‘Skull and Bones’ in America as much as ‘The Bullingdon Club’ in ‘Great Britain’, from the bowels of ‘deep/dark State’ which by definition capable of ‘pulling strings’ to point ‘peristaltic’ (‘Move on!, Move On! nothing to see here’, such as ‘shit happens’?), as of a war upon Humanity as would be unrecognised such the prevalence of a vast ‘memory hole’ as in Judea declares war on Hitler, or that it was two ‘Bonesmen’ who contested the Presidential election of 2004AD, or that in ‘Great Britain’ circa 2015AD no less than 3 ‘Politicians’ are ‘Bullingdon Club’ members named Cameron, Osborne and Johnson occupy positions of ‘Political authority’ (Prime Minister, Chancellor of the Exchequer, Mayor of London respectively); such the ‘dots’ -as would exist unacknowledged as ‘unnumbered -‘ as to be ‘unjoined’, – such the ‘conspiracy’ as a series of lines as would be denied as much as ‘Human Rights’ in ‘Democracy’ to favor of mere Corporations and Corporatism; such the degeneracy of ‘oligarchy’ and the nepotism as kleptocracy which ‘naturally’ accompanies it under line of austerity; this, much as faeces accompanies urine as expression of human waste, or: as control accompanies manipulation?

The very concept of ‘Human Rights’ being anathema to expression of the heart of darkness which ‘Corporatism’ would be in the ‘wall of stone ‘ (As made of ‘human heart’ so appercieved) as it would ‘construct’?

There has been proposal in the United Kingdom to abolish Human Rights -‘if that is what it takes to fix law’?

When the catabolic would be seen as the anabolic, to paraphrase of Orwell indeed?

The proposition that there can be ‘People with hearts of Stone’ exemplified by Israel (est.1948AD), where walls currently undoubtedly exist to the abominable cause of ‘Apartheid’, and where children throwing stones can be met with adults firing bullets, not to mention the recent case of an Eritrean man mistakenly shot – and beaten to death while writhing on the ground to shouts of ‘kill him, kill him’ and ‘die already, son of a bitch’?

This, to say nought of the deployment of air-burst white phosphorous artillery shell over densely populated areas?

For the Corporatist Media of the Western World, and for the majority of ‘Politicians’ in same, such the ‘wallowing’, such explicit questions/focus of attention are forbidden; yet it is in such propositions that the real illustration of what ‘People with Hearts of Stone and Stones with Hearts of People’ means, such the ‘join the dots puzzle’ as would be a ‘memory hole’ made thru hegemony or orthodoxy denied?

For the downward path of Corporatism is founded upon the mere usury which International Finance in the Western World has come to represent, and Citizenry as thru control and manipulation has come to embrace or ‘incorporate’ ‘Wall. St.’ as much as ‘Main St.’ such the consolidation of assets as would be effected by, and in ‘interests’ of, the elite, or the 1%, as ‘people’ with ‘hearts of stone’ – who would build a wall made of stone against Democracy as truly reflects the heart of the People?

‘Austerity, Apartheid, Abrogation’; these all aspects of ‘Corporatism’ which would have it that ‘there is no other way’, which would have the ‘fix’ or ‘fit’ of dots recognized enumerated and joined up to a psychopolitical imposition of control and manipulation of apperception, such the following of the line, such the ‘holocaust’ or catastrophe as the ‘Big Picture’ which would emerge?

For the wall which stateless bastards as ‘people with hearts of stone’ aka Corporatists would have made, such the rip out of the hearts of real people, such the ‘austerity’ imposed, is a debauching of ‘currency’, it; such the nightmare of Globalization, to paraphrase, so it goes:

                                 Ein Volk, ein Reich, ein Führerstones with hearts of people

‘One Currency (such the ‘People’), one Hierarchy, One Oligarchy’?

‘Think about it’; such the austerity as the request has to be made in the Western World circa 2015AD?

There being people with hearts of stone, and stones with hearts of people such the Zeitgeist of the Western World?


These small quarters cannot remember who it was as said:

‘All the world is queer except thee and me, and even thou are a little queer’

-But that from the gutter the stars looked up at, such sense as in the intimacy expressed by ‘thee and me’ as beyond mere Corporatism?

Such the care as beyond care not; such the blessing as a: ‘grace abounding’?

The concept of People with hearts of stone and stones with hearts of people being congruent with that of the ‘chief of sinners’?

Stephen Martin can be reached at: stephenmarti@yahoo.com