The Audacity of Integrity

Something very big just happened. Didn’t notice? You’re not alone.

All-American News didn’t tell you. Those shameless whoremongers were busy feeding you your normal diet of infantile bullshit about who was just divorced, murdered, changed sexes, found or lost God, and making sure you know the Iran deal is the end of America, and that Putin is to blame for Syrian refugees, BlackLivesMatter, genital warts, and deflated footballs.

The reason your Presstitutes hid it is not that they didn’t know about it: it’s that this event shock-jolted the Corporate Tyranny that owns them and they were told to cool it. Big Corporate Capital fervently hopes that if they don’t acknowledge this horror it will unhappen. Not bloody likely, as the Brits say.

It’s Brits we’re talking about. In a political earthquake not seen in Old Blighty since Maggie the Hun seized the Britannic battle ax, the Labor Party just elected–get this!–an actual leader… of Labor. No, really..!

And you’ll be saying how could that occur? How could such a feeble, sick, flaccid Tea and Sodomy Society as Labor has been, whose public face for years was smarmy, pusillanimous Fido Bleah!–Bush’s sucky puppy–find the balls to revivify itself and reassert its only actual reason for existing?

Well, suffering is a great motivator. Messrs. Blair and Brown’s Party–nee “Labor”–rotted and stunk under them, corrupted by Big Capital into the shamefully, dishonorably co-opted tool of that criminal syndicate whose animating purpose is to abuse, intimidate, degrade and destroy the working class. Then it led and oversaw, as ordered, the cynical, punishing infliction of brutal austerity on its very own hammered constituency.

In what is laughingly called democracy, Capital “competes” against Labor: Big Money versus wage-earning, wealth-producing workers. Capital pays its flacks to scare, anger, deceive and manipulate the ignorant, takes over the state, and then funds a Punch and Judy show of vulgar strumpets who beat and squeal at each other publicly to effectively upstage the ongoing looting of the common weal which is Capital’s specialized expertise.

Finally, if social misery becomes too great and its cause too obvious, a principled, courageous individual known for it may be elevated against all odds to challenge the entrenched infection of pustulent corruption.

That’s what just happened in England and it has caused the entire upper echelon of money power to badly soil itself and to emit a bellow of wounded outrage that any levelling blackguard could have the brass to put the well- being of the citizenry above the institutionalized privilege of the elite.

Jeremy Corbyn is that most engangered of political species, the guardian of the public interest. None exists in the Tories, or the Republican party here, or anywhere, since what “conservatives” want conserved is the outrageous, unearned, unwarranted privilege of flagrantly larcenous Capital.

Sadly, of course, they’re all but extinct in soi-disant “Liberal” parties, too, bought out as ersatz Labor was, or the Clinton/Obama Splenda Democrats. The hallmark of these synthetic husks–the musty sarcophagi of once robust brawlers for the rights and benefits of working people–is their unfailing support for corporate welfare, wars, and nothing socially useful.

They beg great sums from the Corporate Tyranny to befuddle their naive, deluded partisans with glib, Boy Scout, bullshit happy-talk, of the sort the Fraud-in-Chief Obama–named a wondrous Orator of the Ages for a high- school level ability to finish sentences–unblushingly delivers.

What “democracies” end up with is an onrolling burlesque of embarrassing, idiot falsity and theatrics in exchange for all that is of value in people’s lives.

You won’t see that with Corbyn. What you will see is a wise, good, decent man doing his best against the sick, ugly rule of Capital to better the lives of people as Big Money pulls all its triggers to shoot him and his effort down.

Could it happen in America? Bernie, check your hole card; examine your values. You’ve got most of what Jeremy has. You’re a good man. Have you got the courage to embrace what’s right instead of what’s “realistic”?

Have you got the integrity to actually go against the Power?

Paul Edwards is a writer and film-maker in Montana. He can be reached at: