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Three Poems by Khai Q. Nguyen




rhemum in cat’s eyes falling

Patroclus and Achilles

in course of love they engaged

then done

mirthful and undefylde, simpering


air saturated in dry pear-coloured days

an ant’s wandering around the table leg

drafts buffeted its colony

hair on the floor: languid, raven


slime left aslantwise



If There is a War



It is raining cats and dogs


Thunders roar

Lightnings flash, illuminating the inky sky

Drops of rain blended with the yellow light

look like mist of surreal power

The candle is flickering in

breaths of the wind

And I am brooding over

which type of conditional I should use

If there is a war…

(Is it right?)

I may lose my parents

my homeland which holds my childhood

my friends, my love

I may lose my legs in a battle

Is it for the peace of my country

or for the power of oligarchies?

I think of some boy

who may be growing up as I used to

whose mother can be as caring as the one I have

who loves ebulliently with youthful vim and vigour

and pure innocence, and quiet desperation, as I love

whose stories may be lost

yet untold


It keeps pouring

As it has done for millions of years now.



An Ivy Arum



dawn is sudden, none

fruits of love unseen

doomed we are so


corpse hung of the cat I slew

eyes falling out



hither and thither an ivy arum climbs, maroon and green


Khai Q. Nguyen is a poet, translator and editor based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. He was educated at Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in International Relations. He keeps blog at quangkhainguyen.wordpress.com.



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