July 2015

Sheldon’s Stooges: Netanyahu and the King of Vegas

George Clooney Paid by War Profiteers

They Say Paraguay is in Africa: Mosaic of Horror

Obama in Kenya: Will He Cater to the Barons or the People?

Surviving Together: Canadian Public Tradition Under Threat

American Imperialism’s Military Chaplains

Black Days: August 4th,1914 Germany and July 13th, 2015 Greece

“It Started Like a Guilty Thing”: the Beginning of Hamlet and the Beginning of Modern Politics

Star Whores: John McCain, the Apache and the Battle to Save Mt. Graham

The Eurasian Big Bang: How China and Russia Are Running Rings Around Washington

The USA as a Failed State: Ta-Nehisi Coates’s “Between the World and Me”

Israel and “Self-Defense”

The American Nightmare: the Tyranny of the Criminal Justice System

Rupture With the EU: a Return to the Cave Age or a New Golden Age for Greece?

Harper is Finally Right: the Canadian Election is About Security Versus Risk

Meet General Joseph Dunford: a Real Threat to World Peace

The Trump Surge and the American Psyche

We May Have Already Committed Ourselves to 6-Meter Sea-Level Rise

US Targets Venezuela Using Border Dispute as Pretext

The Challenge to Labour and Tory Extremism

America’s Purple Politics

Decentering Whiteness in the Wake of a North Carolina Tragedy

Something About Carly: Fiorina and the Professional Political Class

From Unist’ot’en Camp to Mauna Kea: This is What Civilization Does

Greece: Political Football of World Politics

Colombia: Between an Electoral Peace and the Return of Fear

The Increasing Burden of Diabetes in China

Education: Time for a New Purpose

The Democratic Party and Company Unions

Republicans Have Another “Willie Horton” Moment

July 17, 2019
Manuel García, Jr.
Ye Cannot Swerve Me: Moby-Dick and Climate Change
Charles Pierson
Sofi’s Choice
Gary Leupp
Epstein, Jane Doe, and Trump
Rebecca Gordon
I Had an Abortion and Now I’m Not Ashamed
Peter Bolton
In the US and Brazil, Two Trends Underline the Creeping Fascism of Both Governments
Michael Kidder
“Go Back Where You Came From:” an Episode From Canada
Steve Early - Rand Wilson
How Big Strike 30 Years Ago Aided Fight for Single Payer
John W. Whitehead
Sexual Predators in the Power Elite
Michael Welton
Teach the Children Well: the Unrealized Vision In Teaching and Learning in the Residential Schools
Khury Petersen-Smith
Iran’s Not the Aggressor, the US Is
Russell Mokhiber
Kip Sullivan and Dr. Matthew Hahn on How Value Based Programs Are Undermining Medicare and Single Payer
George Ochenski
A Fearless and Free Press is Essential to Our Democracy
Lawrence Wittner
Billionaires and American Politics
Dean Baker
Cheap Shots at the Trump Economy
July 16, 2019
Conn Hallinan
The World Needs a Water Treaty
Kenneth Surin
Britain Grovels: the Betrayal of the British Ambassador
Christopher Ketcham
This Land Was Your Land
Gary Leupp
What Right Has Britain to Seize an Iranian Tanker Off Spain?
Evaggelos Vallianatos
Democratic Virtues in Electing a President
Thomas Knapp
Free Speech Just isn’t That Complicated
Binoy Kampmark
The Resigning Ambassador
Howard Lisnoff
Everybody Must Get Stoned
Nicky Reid
Nukes For Peace?
Matt Johnson
The United States of Overreaction
Cesar Chelala
Children’s Trafficking and Exploitation is a Persistent, Dreary Phenomenon
Martin Billheimer
Sylvan Shock Theater
July 15, 2019
David Altheide
The Fear Party
Roger Harris
UN High Commissioner on Human Rights Bachelet’s Gift to the US: Justifying Regime Change in Venezuela
John Feffer
Pyongyang on the Potomac
Vincent Kelley
Jeffrey Epstein and the Collapse of Europe
Robert Fisk
Trump’s Hissy-Fit Over Darroch Will Blow a Chill Wind Across Britain’s Embassies in the Middle East
Binoy Kampmark
Juggling with the Authoritarians: Donald Trump’s Diplomatic Fake Book
Dean Baker
The June Jobs Report and the State of the Economy
Michael Hudson – Bonnie Faulkner
De-Dollarizing the American Financial Empire
Kathy Kelly
Remnants of War
B. Nimri Aziz
The Power of Our Human Voice: From Marconi to Woods Hole
Elliot Sperber
Christianity Demands a Corpse 
Weekend Edition
July 12, 2019
Friday - Sunday
Paul Street
Skull of Death: Mass Media, Inauthentic Opposition, and Eco-Existential Reality in a Pre-Fascist Age of Appeasement
T.J. Coles
“Strategic Extremism”: How Republicans and Establishment Democrats Use Identity Politics to Divide and Rule
Rob Urie
Toward an Eco-Socialist Revolution
Gregory Elich
How Real is the Trump Administration’s New Flexibility with North Korea?
Jason Hirthler
The Journalists Do The Shouting
Jeffrey St. Clair
Roaming Charges: Pâté Politics in the Time of Trump and Pelosi
Andrew Levine
The Electoral Circus as the End of Its Initial Phase Looms
David Swanson
Earth Over the Brink