Mekons Tour Diary, Episode 4, a Bowery Ballroom Blitz

Sometimes life just hands you one on a plate. At the Bowery Ballroom, the fickle fingers of fate formed themselves into a wicked little fist and sent our high-kicking accordion player Rico Bell gliding elegantly backwards at about 25 miles an hour into an unsuspecting Fender guitar amplifier. You can witness the event and confused aftermath at approximately 1 minute and 40 seconds into this wonderfully lit & framed video.

It has become the iconic moment of a tour on which we have been accused of both rehearsing and limiting our alcohol intake in the cynical service of musical coherence and careerist opportunism. Haha! The best laid plans are but mincemeat in the flightpath of a low-flying Bellis!

More juicy details soon…. more messes to be mopped up.

Jon Langford is a musician, painter and founding member of the Mekons. His most recent record is Here Be Monsters (Bloodshot).