July 2015

Modern Newspeak Dictionary, pt. II

Cinéma Engagé: Filmmaker Chronicles Texas Fracking Wars

The Politics of California’s Water System

business of america

The TPP Trade Deal: of Sovereignty and Secrecy

Six Critics in Search of an Author

GMOs: Where Does Science Begin and Lobbying End?

The Voyage of the Golden Rule

Bernie Sanders’ Race Problem

Tango Bends Its Gender: Carolina De Robertis’s “The Gods of Tango”

The Wrong Argument

The Leftwing Seventies?

Manufacturing Denial

Leading Bibi’s Army in the War for Washington

Israeli Missteps Take a Toll

Julian Assange: the Untold Story of an Epic Struggle for Justice

Ten Questions for Lee Drutman: Author of “The Business of America is Lobbying”

Bernie and the Sandernistas: Into the Void

Power-Mad Erdogan Launches War in Attempt to Become Turkey’s Supreme Leader

Gender, Patriarchy, and All That Jazz

Return to Ma’loula, Syria

Guns of August: the Gulf War Revisited

India’s UNSC Endgame

Guns Don’t Kill People, Immigrants Do and Other Congressional Words of Wisdom

I Dream of Ghana

Kos, Bodrum, Desperate Refugees and a Dying Child

Remaking the Human Terrain: The US Military’s Continuing Quest to Commandeer Culture

Why I Support Bernie Sanders for President

Hypocrisy, Obama-Style

The Greek Coup: Liquidity as a Weapon of Coercion

Living Tiny: a Richer and More Sustainable Future

How #AllLivesMatter and #BlackLivesMatter Can Devalue Life

“That’s Politics”: the Sandernistas on the Master’s Schedule

The Murder of Ali Saad Dawabsha, a Palestinian Infant Burned Alive by Israeli Terrorists

A Day of Tears: Report from the “sHell No!” Action in Portland

Vietnam, Fifty Years After Defeating the US

The Logic of Illlogic: Narrow Self-Interest Keeps Israel’s “Existential Threats” Alive

FB Eyes

Why Obama’s “Safe Zone” in Syria Will Inflame the War Zone

Obama’s Overtime Tweak: What is the Fair Price of a Missed Life?

Spying on Black Writers: the FB Eye Blues

Russia Challenges America’s Orwellian NED

Human-Made Evolution

Speculators Circling Puerto Rico Latest Mode of Colonialism

How the LAPD Conspired to Get Me Fired from the LA Times

Hillary Clinton: Learn From Your Sisters

The Icebreaker and #ShellNo: How Activists Determine the Course

Iowa Conference on Presidential Politics

Cultural Treasures Are Also Victims of War

How One Safari Nut, the CIA and Neoliberal Environmentalists Plotted to Destroy Mozambique