The Secret History of Globalization

The key theme of the Western World in the first quarter of the 21st Century, the Zeitgeist perchance, is that of austerity reflecting a transfer of resources? This austerity is polymorphous and is growing, certainly not as a matter of ‘happenstance’, but rather as expressive of strategy and tactics in a theater of economic warfare as the biggest ‘racket’ around, following on from the insight of Smedley Butler?

On a personal level the ‘racket Geopolitical’ aka Globalization is experienced by approximately 84% of the population of the Western World as reduction in the quality of life; whether this be downgrade from homeowner to renter; from well paid job to subsistence level wages where longer hours for less is the trend; from the sense that one is being ‘kept in the dark’ and fed bullshit when it comes to ‘corporatist mainstream media’; or that all mainstream represented Politicians and Political parties ceased long ago to have any real differences when it comes to representation of the ‘Demos’ or People – Democrat or Republican (USA), Conservative or New Labour (UK) – and the examples with regards to other Western Nations following such two main ‘choices’ paradigm matter not, for all the propagated and funded mainstream parties in the Western World are Corporatist in essence as a sine qua non of the very same austerity which orthodoxy entails?

Democracy is dead behind a shroud in the 21st Century Western World; assassinated by Corporatism as expression of the economic warfare waged by a tiny majority (less than 1%) of the population?

In the brief ‘delineation’ of the decline of quality of life above so much has been missed out; there was no mention of imprisonment, of zero hours contracts, of unemployment, of the increase of prohibitions, of the diminishment of Human Rights, of the degeneration of privacy. The overall trend as ‘schemed’ by Globalization, however, is one of the majority giving up more in order that a minority may expropriate more as according to warfare – with the unstated objective of ‘Ecocide’, such the evil? (More on which below)

This small article seeks to outline a ‘secret history’ as a ‘CounterPunch’ against the shroud of propaganda which would preserve secrecy and ‘advance’ Globalization as that abrogation of Humanity which is Corporatism; which would have nought but lies furthering a continuity of ‘transfer of resources’, and which at basic level would screw the Demos to the point of their transformation to being no more than dispossessed ‘serfs’ in some tragic reiteration of a Feudal Society; the real tragedy being that the axiom ‘it does not have to be this way’ represents a squandering of the potential of Man?

This small article demands truth, all be it that the truth of the 21st Century Western World is ‘pungently obnoxious’ such the ugly tragedy as has been made by pathological pragmatists pursuing a parasitology to point of the reduction of the world thru economic warfare to no more than a mere ‘concentration camp’ whereby the concept of marginal costs equalling marginal revenues (profit maximization) means austerity as a transfer of resources?

This, the Western World as it ‘stands’ -and if you think it is ‘bad’ now then the next Decade, if all goes according to the strategy and tactics of the ‘scheme’ of degenerate parasites, is to be a revelation concerning collateral damage and the sufferance of the Demos, or ‘The People’?

The secret history of Globalization is of a Monopoly and its kissing cousin Oligopoly which is being brought in to being in the Capitalist Western World thru economic warfare pursued to the level of degeneracy which Goebbels described as ‘totaler krieg’?

The secret history is one of the consolidation of assets in which a many faced Corporate ‘Hydra’ has arisen as a parasite which destroys Democracy, and which ensures that ‘Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness’ is reduced to being applicable to a minority – for the majority a ‘concentration camp’ as some variant of a concentrated animal feeding operation is the order of the day as reflected in the growing polarisation or concentration of wealth?

This small article looks at the events of 2007/2008 not as ‘happenstance’, but as the application of a methodology in a theater of war scenario where strategy and tactics are pursued at a Geopolitical level as ‘incorporates’ the Western World.

In 2007 the economic system known as Capitalism in the Western World as a consideration of International Finance was wilfully and deliberately poisoned as to the trope ‘Carrying the Antidote’. The coup de grâce in such a strategy was the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP). The creation of toxic weapons of financial mass destruction, primarily subprime mortgages as mortgage backed securities, did not occur as the result of some ‘lone gunman’ isolated act of madness, but rather was part of a carefully calculated and co-ordinated act of economic warfare, designed to poison an economic system at a Geopolitical level with the overarching rationale of possessing the antidote administered contingent, meaning using same antidote to consolidate assets as a euphemism for ‘takeover’? Think of it as a grand ‘structural adjustment program’ (SAP) leveraged to the point of subsuming multiple previously existent sovereignty of Nations as the International Monetary Fund (IMF) talks about gleeful, where the debt is relieved contingent upon there being a ‘consolidation of assets’, i.e. a ‘unified opening up of control’ to the private interests of Globalists as Stateless Bastards. The reason there would be secrecy about the beneficiaries of the TARP is that it was desirable, given the criminal degeneracy of the whole ‘enterprise’, that there be a lack of transparency (i.e. shroud of propaganda prevailing) concerning the geographical diversity which the application of bailout funds encompassed. That Deutsche Bank and Credit Suisse, amongst other such as RBS and HBOS, the Bank of England, the European Central Bank, the Bank of Canada and even the Bank of Japan were involved in some variant of ‘bailout’ as synonym for ‘antidote’ was towards the ends of an act of economic warfare where the strategic objective was as according to the well worn maxim of ‘control thru debt’ administered by way of loan as an ‘antidote’. The banks which did not know they were buying in to toxic assets and getting themselves into debt were the ‘rubes’, and what happened in 2007/2008 was towards the formation of ‘one bank’ – and the articles of Jeff Nielson, the author of article hyperlinked is well worth a read, his finger most certainly on the pulse Geopolitical, and even better he has a sense of humor!

As to the banks which did know about the toxic weapons of financial mass destruction; then we enter the realms of the application of forensic accounting which has as axiom ‘follow the money’ as derived from perchance the greatest of questions ‘Cui Bono’?

Allied to such consolidation of assets occurring the arena of International Finance as aspect of Corporatism Geopolitical (spit, spit), is the consolidation of assets which the growing matrix of extractive, manufacturing and service industries at Transnational Corporation (TNC) level represents as part of a ‘unification’ megalomania. This article in ‘New Scientist’ reveals the state of play some six years ago concerning transnational corporations and ‘the idea that a few bankers control a large chunk of the global economy’ – what would be really interesting would be to see an update on such ‘concentration camp’ alongside an analysis of how ‘bailout’ (for the bailout was not just applied to Banks, but also to corporations such as General Motors) impacted upon control, and from control, thence to manipulation such the denouement of degeneracy this instance?

And so to the moral dimension.

Necrotrophic parasites which kill the host perchance have a role in nature; to such extent they are lesser than mere tapeworms or leeches which as a rule will not kill the host but will drain their vivacity considerably. The tragedy is that what we got, in considering the corruption and degeneration of the Capitalist system in the Economic world represented by the West in the early 21st Century, is a racket operated by gangsters who have succeeded in putting a fix in to the point where there is Casino Capitalism, where the Casino is further rigged and so cheating at an even greater level of depravity can prevail. What were previously competitors, what was previously expressive of ‘life liberty and the pursuit of happiness’, is now a closed system in as much as what was previously a bet with calculated odds in favor of the house has become rigged further by hidden levers which ensure that illusion triumphs over reality, and that the ‘con’ exists at every contingency such the ubiquity of the grift and the graft as expressive of the death of Humanity in favour of criminal degeneracy. When the ball drops in to the number, as in ‘Roulette’, it now means that not only is less paid out than should be, but that there is a secret mechanism which has determined same, such the ‘rigging’. Read a ‘Random Walk Down Wall St.’ and weep at the naiveté, same sense as watching a boxing match you know has been fixed, because this is ‘sic transit Gloria Mundi’ as the Western World exists now behind a shroud which is, such the irony, an ‘Iron Curtain’ which would ‘progress’ thru Corporatism portraying itself as ‘Democracy’, such the disease which parasitology encompasses?

Globalization is a distinct dystopia; a ‘vision’ emanating from Hell, where illusion prevails and truth, like thought, is dead, alongside such concepts as mercy, justice and equality?

The mechanisms of economic warfare are themselves innocuous sounding; quantitative ease, high frequency trading, credit rating, bail out and bail in, wash trade, free market; the reality is that the methodical application of these economic concepts towards furthering Corporatism as greed has resulted in a greater sufferance on Humanity inflicted than the First and Second World Wars combined?

For the secret history of Globalization is the history of a disease in which one small minority of ‘men’ would rule the vast majority and treat them as less than animals on a farm, would control and manipulate to the point where there the belief that ‘toxic shit is good for you’ prevails, and where the People express their being controlled and manipulated thru committing horrendous acts against others such as themselves in the racket which military warfare has always been. Globalization is ‘Thanatos’ to the ‘Eros’ which is Democracy and Sovereignty of State, and in the fomented pit which the Western World has come to rest in the 21st Century there are yet more schemes which would be ‘secret’, and portrayed, such the shroud, as beneficial to Humanity? Foremost amongst such schemes the Trans-Pacific Partnership which would draw the shroud tighter on Democracy and Sovereignty of State in further ‘elevating’ Transnational Corporations as ‘Masters of the Universe’?

There is little of comfort in this small article, other than forewarned is forearmed. The fact is that there is a growing recognition amongst People that Corporations are not to be trusted?

There is hope also in the maxim articulated by Abraham Lincoln that:

‘You can fool all of the people some of the time, and some of the people all of the time, but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time’?

Stephen Martin can be reached at:

Stephen Martin can be reached at: