Nasty as the Death of the American Dream

For what does it profit a man to gain the whole world and forfeit his soul?

— Mark 8:36 New American Standard Bible

Never let a serious crisis go to waste

— Rahm Emanuel

Over fifty million Citizens dependant upon supplemental nutrition assistance or ‘food stamps’.

Over one hundred million Americans out of work or ‘underemployed’.

American ‘Houses of Representation’ stuffed with political whores as low as ‘Outer Party’ reptiles serving no more than Corporatist interests – aka no more than small change in the pockets of mere ‘Capitalist’ Gangsters, such the masquerade of illusion as ‘Monopoly’ attained extends Geopolitical?

Almost two and a half million Americans in prison, the highest ‘incarceration rate’ in the World, with over 3000 Americans currently on ‘Death Row’.

Over forty million Americans without ‘health insurance’.

The largest military expenditure in the World as an obscenity.

Currently at war in over 134 Countries (!), and that’s just ‘militarily speaking’ such the elaboration of the ‘concept’, as Victoria Nuland, ideologically speaking , ‘takes it up the ass’ for ‘cookies’? (see footnote below)

Nearly one hundred billion dollars in military aid to Israel since 1962, and that’s just according to official figures as would conceal the ‘racket’ which War is. (Gary Webb RIP).

Does such put the billions spent on ‘The Ukraine’ into perspective?

The Corporatist Mainstream Media as a ‘concentration camp’ (ideologically speaking) still promoting the idea of ‘Democracy’ in the Western World, and America its leading exponent, with its very own written Constitution enshrining the Rights of the People to ‘Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness’.

Cui Bono such ‘camp’ as ‘Incorporates’ the ‘Declaration of Independence’?

As T.S. Eliot put it:

Between the idea
And the reality
Between the motion
And the act
Falls the Shadow

– When it comes to the ‘Demos‘ they (As Oligarchic Collective per Orwellian prescience) are not so much ‘taking the piss’ as the ‘blood, sweat and tears’ such the parasitology as encompasses unto the death: the ‘necrotrophy’ as Satanism entails?

Such the ‘Wasteland’ indeed.

Which the greater ‘gap’ which should not be minded – the ‘Democracy’ in America or the ‘Democracy’ in ‘Israel’?

Given the foregoing: be thankful you are not a Palestinian, as some synonymy conceptual to the perverse as ‘Untermensch‘ or ‘Goyim‘ ‘living’ in Gaza or the West Bank?

Where the greatest ‘concentration camp’ indeed?

The death of ‘The American Dream’ no product of mere ‘happenstance’ but rather the product of some scheme of evil ‘men’ whom elect to abrogate Humanity towards the worship of Satan, such the Ponerology as enshrined within a Military Industrial (Corporatist) Complex?

(POTUS 34’s best moments being as some ‘swan song’ where ‘he’ sang of his regrets concerning a sad life of sell out to ‘War’; some tragic reiteration of a greater as would be American as in Smedley Butler – yet some realization of what ‘war’ means?)

– For the death of ‘The American Dream’ as much a fiction as ‘The American Dream’ in the first instance; such the ontology as the indigenous could attest unto?

(To say nought of Buffalo carcasses ‘detailing’ progress of the ‘Iron Horse’? – Or indeed Horatio Alger detailing the ‘American Dream by way of similar ‘assassination’ (of truth) by pen as mightier than sword?)

The real Americans are ‘Red’ and their heroes such as ‘Geronimo’; much as the real Israelis; the real Semites, are ‘Arabs’ – and Genocide breeds Genocide much as ‘Ecocide’ the true aspiration of mere Stateless Bastards being Corporatists, such the body alternate to the body which is Humanity?

The concept of ‘ontogeny recapitulating phylogeny‘ said context containing some element of truth?

Because ‘conflation’ – but part of the problem of the illusion as would be?

The greater the truth stated the more likely the nastiness elicited, and this as expression of ‘Zeitgeist‘; some corollary of the Orwellian insight as to the paraphrase of ‘truth being revolutionary in times of universal deceit’?

So the Corporatism goes, ‘Kurt’?

In context of the truth of ‘Israel’ being an Apartheid State as opposed to a Democracy, what would it take to demonstrate?

How bad does it have to get; Dresden (?) before we realize something is wrong – do the Stateless Bastards as constitute the 1% have to ‘sprout’ horns ( and how many weapons their 15% ‘bitches’ have to ‘deploy’); how many People have to die before ‘enough is enough’ ‘arises’ as a truth of sufferance against the ‘corporatist free market hegemony’ which would be enshrined ‘final’ in legal agreements at a Geopolitical level made in secret, thence presented as a ‘fait accompli’ to the death of Sovereign State by free market orthodoxy which abrogates all Humanity in pursuit of the fast buck by way of pathology?

Is it this concept which makes America so interesting at this juncture?

America has always been interesting.

The greatest tragedy: the capacity of a minority to abuse the majority thru control and manipulation; it, the tragedy of an antonymy whereby truth seen as lie, kindness seen as weakness, and the very ‘people’ who would attack and destroy seen as friends?

For ‘antonymy’ read ‘illusion’ and ‘warfare’ an expression of ‘friendship’; because the 21st Century is rapidly conforming to the Orwellian prediction of three Geopolitical power blocks and the revision of history in support of perpetual war, such the boot as stamps down on the face of Humanity?

Eastasia, Eurasia and Oceania?

Do ‘The Protocols of the Elders of Zion’ have a similar prescience?

The concept of ‘Sovereign State’ made redundant in the Western World courtesy of ‘Globalization’, and the origins of such abomination lying within the Eighteenth Century, and so the rise of the Usurers who would control ‘currency’ as a means of transferring resources by way of ‘International Finance’ and degenerating Politics to Corporatism as an abrogation of morality expressed in the tragedy that war can make Corporations rich; bloated as blood sucking leeches in their feed from the host; and in the denial of circulation (Of Truth) the illusion which expresses the control and manipulation not of ‘Eros‘ but rather of ‘Thanatos‘ , such the death of the finer aspects of consciousness by way of ‘Taboo’ as aspect of the downward spiral which medically abbreviated as ‘CTD’ or ‘Circling the Drain’?

What killed the American Dream was Corporatism as an expression of the ‘naturally nasty’ as oxymoron by the way, of the translation of the transfer of resources effected by Usury as a ‘mentality’ (abominable) in which the pathological degeneration is first: expropriation and then; arrogation – to an accompanying perversity of differentiation as expressed in the concept of ‘Goyim‘ or ‘Untermensch‘ as a stab to the very heart of Democracy, which in its sublime nature recognizes the truth of equality?

Such the cock, Robin, as ‘big’ as ‘fat’ indeed as an Oligarchy in the ‘collective’ as can be jammed, or stuffed, up ‘assholes’; such the death of the meaning of ‘Citizen’ as to Orthodoxy?

Such the stuffing ‘pornographic’ as become political?

Or as such would become a suck, such the conflation?

What killed the American Dream was a ‘Structural Adjustment Program’ which also killed, by way of Orthodoxy as the death of thought, the capacity of ‘Americans’ as a ‘Majority’, as a ‘People’ as a ‘Political Force’, to have any determination upon what done in their name?

As ‘Demos‘ pissed or shit upon, such the waste, such the land, such the distribution of resources as in a ‘transfer’?

What killed the American Dream happened in 1913, December 23, with the ‘lead up’ to same assassination schemed on ‘Jekyll Island’ in 1910?

What killed the American Dream made a geopolitical wanker/tosser/onanist out of ”me” as inhabitant of the ‘Western World’ such the illusion facilitated?

The death of ‘The American Dream’ part of a political ontology; as little good, if any, can come from Genocide, and the summation of such evil ‘Ecocide’ meaning no good as denial; it a matter of the greatest tragedy that the greatest evil can be the summation of individual acts of assassination; when the loyalties of the ‘freeborn’ such the existential gift of that far greater than ‘We’ can understand are sold out but for the benefit of mere orifice stuffed: such the ‘consciousness’; such the ‘life’, such the new ‘Boss’?

Such the 1% corrupt as an ‘ill wind’ indeed?

What matters the ‘juncture’ – there are some who would say that ‘American Democracy’ died on Dealey Plaza in 1963AD; others would quote the debacle of two skull and bones ‘men’ contesting the Presidential election in 2004AD, yet others would quote the ‘Bailout’ which the ‘Troubled Asset Relief Program’ of 2007AD represented (with ‘beneficiaries’ as would be clouded by secrecy evidence of the ‘best laid scheme’ of reptiles degenerate.)?

These small quarters stand in the latter camp.

2007AD represented a ‘coup de grâce’ by way of scheme?

The Economic System poisoned such the ‘antidote’ awaiting; such the ‘consolidation of assets’, such the Board members ‘parachuted’ in to International Finance Corporations as ‘collateral damage’ accepted, such the fucking Satanism as fat bastards Stateless parasitical would feed upon the body (Of Humanity no less!) unto the cause of ‘Ecocide’?

Do you see ‘Satan’, such the pretension these small quarters as to ‘intellegentsia‘, do you have a ‘CounterPunch’ to the Orthodoxy as would lay you down to die; as would ‘Incorporate’ you into a mere farm as a ‘CAFO’ or ‘concentrated animal feeding operation’?

As would have you – and your children – and their children in debt?


What killed ‘The American Dream’ was an Oligarchic Collective as some covenant entered into whereby illusion is pragmatic; what killed ‘The American Dream’ was a nastiness of expropriation and arrogation which would reiterate itself as some metastasis of tumor across the geopolitical chessboard which would be as to the euphemism of ‘Globalization’ – and ‘Gaza’ the prototype of surplus such the ‘Dystopia’ realized thru so many ‘individual’ acts of assassination to the quiet servitude of silent witness as degeneration’; (Sic transit) what killed the American Dream was the perverse concept that ‘you gotta dance with them as brung ya to the party’ in as much as the debt as stems from usury would be hegemonic- and so it come to be such the filthy pragmatism born of mere cowardice as the Houses of American Representation so full of degenerates, as ‘Money’ can become ‘Incorporated’ in the ‘transcendence’ which ‘Corporatism’ represents as an ‘Ecocide’ to point of ‘hollow men’ in a ‘wasteland’ which the ‘Western World’ become?

T.S. Eliot again:

Headpiece filled with straw. Alas!
Our dried voices, when
We whisper together
Are quiet and meaningless
As wind in dry grass
Or rats’ feet over broken glass
In our dry cellar

Are we to be allowed to say such things, such the panopticon as a noose existing to be tightened to the point of Ecocide?

Or is the future a boot stamping down on a human face with the objective of enforcing a transfer of resources such the synonymy?

Should one embrace the death of thought on grounds pragmatic?

Or, as per Dylan Thomas, should one

rage, rage against the dying of the light‘?

The ‘American Dream’ a ‘frail deed’ indeed which might have danced in a green bay, once upon a time?


These small quarters feel obliged to ‘justify’ a remark made this small article concerning ideologically that Victoria Nuland takes it up the ass for cookies. So here it is, from the late, great American George Carlin:

The fact is that Americans will probably remain wilfully ignorant of the big red, white and blue dick that’s being jammed up their assholes everyday, because the owners of this country know the truth.

In the case of Victoria Nuland, ideologically speaking the dick which is being rammed up her asshole everyday omits the color red?

Despite the blood as runs in ‘The Ukraine’ contemporaneous.

Stephen Martin can be reached at: stephenmarti@yahoo.com


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Stephen Martin can be reached at: stephenmarti@yahoo.com


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