The ‘Cui Bono’ of Illusion Contemporaneous

If you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face – forever.

— George Orwell

‘Je suis a ‘right fucking Charlie’ – sense of accepting everything the mainstream media desires, and when Netanyahu warned France of ‘grave consequences’ he was one truly prescient ‘Islamophobe’?

Being a ‘right fucking Charlie’; means the suspension of disbelief as an abrogation of God given powers of reasoning, and increasingly as to the contemporaneous, means the acceptance of illusion, primarily by way of fear of Life – and so as to the abandonment of the ability to formulate opinion as ‘individuality’?

Of ‘control and manipulation’, indeed.

Being a ‘right fucking Charlie’ means no ‘CounterPunch’ ; it means ‘you’ lie down and hope that they will tickle you as reward for your playing of the ‘game’; that the illusion includes room for your ‘survival’ if only you can obey unquestioningly – and ‘life’ becomes a routine of ‘rote’ which is abbreviation for ‘rotten to the core’, and in which the ‘coup de grace’ so delivered is a quiet, lingering death existing as to be rationalized as to a well calculated plea, such the time left made most of, such the illusion?

The concept of ‘fuck’ apropos expressing the objectification or ‘de humanisation’ of love in a sexual context as synonymous with ‘life’ so demeaned as to entail a concentration camp of exploitation and arrogation; the very antonym of Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité or ‘Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness’?

There are now more prisons in America than there are institutions of further education?

The ‘fucking’ continues to the point of the stamp of Globalization where we, such the abandonment of hope as concerns change, would accept that we are ‘fucked’?

Only what would not be known until the very end of ‘evolutionary trajectory’, such the cunning as befits the nasty bastard of many names, is that ‘we’ includes also the ‘rich’, because real ‘ponerology‘ demands the recognition of satan as a fallen angel who vowed to destroy life?

That is to say, ‘Globalization’ as a ‘chessboard’ of Geopolitics mechanical is essentially satanic – and the final ‘con’ as in ‘trick’ is to be and ‘Ecocide’ facilitated by Empiricism and its fruit: Technology?

Thou shalt not question!’ is the first predicate, or commandment, of being a ‘right fucking Charlie’, or ideal subject/prole in a Globalized world to be; with the second predicate being a resolve to work harder- as ‘Boxer’ in ‘Animal Farm’?

Working harder for longer and for lesser as to a promise of more in retirement which will be ‘rescinded’, as a philanthropic, ragged trousered ‘cunt’ fucked over by an ‘Oligarchic Collective’; this is what it means?

Such the antonym ‘explored’ contemporaneous, of:

‘right fucking Charlie’?

The use of the words ‘fuck’ and ‘cunt’ are, such context, legitimated by their context; which being a recognition of an ‘ontology’, of a ‘hegemony’ whereby mere ‘Gangsterism‘ has come to prevail to the expense of Humanity; ‘life’ in the process of being degenerated to mere ‘snuff’ movie at 22fps where, in such dark cave illuminated/digitalized, ‘Thanatos’ prevails over ‘Eros’ as according to the great Zionist Freud, and the greatest Zionists of untold material wealth, the Rothschilds?

Are such questions of illusion acceptable?

Are further propositions founded upon questions legitimate?

Do ‘we’ have the situation yet where ‘legality’ in the ‘Western World’ has not yet managed to criminalise thought as a crime?

Part of the definition of ‘right fucking Charlie’ is unquestioning obedience which demands an absence of ‘Cui Bono?

For a ‘kick off’ in respect of any ‘pap’ which ‘presstitute media’ is willing to ‘feed’, such the abrogation, such the ‘satanism’ as an abrogation entails, such the tragic denouement of Corporatism and the ‘free market’ Orthodoxy as inevitably espoused?

‘Never give a sucker an even break’ acknowledged such the ‘drip, drip’ of what amounts to the torture of life as ‘truthiness’ by way of the accretion of lies, or the concentrated accumulation of ‘Money Inc.’ towards the willing proclamation of ‘Je Suis a Right Fucking Charlie’ ; and so accordant it that ‘Bibi’ should huckle ‘itself’ towards the front of the queue in the ‘Line Up’ of Corporatist Solidarity as exercise of ‘Chutzpah’ – much as, for example, Lyndon Johnson expressed regret over the untimely death of JFK?

For there is no ‘Cui Bono?’ there is only ‘happenstance’ such the death of thought; such the ‘Orthodoxy’?

We ‘live’ in an age of expropriation, an age which would be so ‘dark’ as to have truth marginalised, while the truth is all around us?

The rich are growing richer and the poor are growing poorer.

‘Austerity’ such sense is polymorphous, and is not ‘random’ but rather the expression of a ponerology which would consign the death of thought as ‘orthodoxy’ towards an inevitability, as part of some dark covenant entered into whereby politics becomes immoral in context of economics?

‘Ecocide’ is a polymorphous concept – what has now entered the ‘cunt’ of such a ‘fuck’ in the proclamation:

Je Suis (a right fucking) Charlie’?

And in this abrogation of Humanity in favor of mere corporatism, so satan demands his cock be sucked to point of Ecocide as much as illusion transcends to point of tragedy, as truth dies alongside the death of thought?

Only a question so it goes, by another ‘right fucking Charlie’ as would be?

Maurice Sinet nom de plume Sine was sacked in 2009 by ‘Charlie Hebdo.’

So much for ‘free speech’, so much for ‘balance’ – so much for the boot of Basle as would stamp on a human face?

‘Je suis a right fucking Charlie’, indeed?

‘Fellatio’ as would become substitute for ‘Fellow’, such the Ponerology, such the Brotherhood abrogated under fear, under illusion?

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