Killing Cartoonists

The Paris massacre is an awesome outrage, even to liberals and conservatives alike, although some dinosaur Republicans might try to blame Obama.

It’s a horrendous violation of semantic principles, such as:  “The menu is not the meal” and “The map is not the territory.”

As an atheist, I perceive the irony of those assassins shouting “God is great” to justify their insane act in the name of a deity that I believe doesn’t exist.

And what could happen in America? Security guards protecting the “Onion” offices? Treat “Funny or Die” as Islamic marching orders? Invade the cyberspace of NBC for broadcasting “Saturday Night Live” until it morphs into “Saturday Night Dead” if it’s not already deceased?

Religions continue to rationalize their dogma, from birth to death — and then comes the hereafter for these Muslim murderers where all those virgins supposedly waiting to greet the Muslim murderers in Nirvana are busy reading “Lysistrata.”

OMG has declared war on LOL.

Paul Krassner is the editor of The Realist. His books include: Pot Stories for the SoulOne Hand Jerking and Murder at the Conspiracy Convention.

Paul Krassner is the editor of The Realist