Midterm Notes

The Republicans won the Senate last night, and politics will resume in two years. But regardless of the ever-so expensive election or the outcome of the next round, rest assured that:

*We’ll still be working our life-sucking jobs (if we’re lucky) while paying rent to people who have a militarized police department to back them up.

*We’ll still be on the internet, because we’re the product, a fact that the Democrats don’t need to agree with because they’ve already presupposed it.

*Billionaires like Mark Zuckerberg will still blare their adolescent opinions because they’ve been given no reason not to.

*Bill Maher will still assume that when the US Government grounds airplanes and scours the world for state-secret leakers, it has issued something other than a fatwa, since state secularism is the one and only true -ism.

*Conservatives will still pretend that you can celebrate the US nation-state without simultaneously celebrating self-subjugation and sexist racist violence.

*Liberals will still cry that their sexist racist violence is more civilized than that of their dummy opponents, and they will still pretend that they’re fooling anyone into thinking that they’re not obsolete.

*Libertarians will still imagine that the East India Company worked just fine until the British Government ruined everything.

*Leftists will still invoke Lenin because it doesn’t matter if you admired Taylorism as long as you were nicer than Stalin.

*And people will still demand that complainers “do something” because thought and communication will eventually prescribe effective action if they’re allowed to develop.

Joshua Sperber has written about football, filmmediapolitical economythe left and fascism. He lives in New York and can be reached atjsperber4@gmail.com.


Joshua Sperber teaches political science and history. He is the author of Consumer Management in the Internet Age. He can be reached at jsperber4@gmail.com