September 2014

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Return to Folly in Iraq

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A Response to Elie Wiesel

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Here and There in America

The Power of Love Versus the Love of Power

The Missing Component in Defeating Terrorism

Ukraine: the Minsk Agreement and the Push for War

The Legacy of the Stono Rebellion

Berkeley’s Faux Free Speech

Destroying Gaza’s Water System

NATO, Spearhead of Western Fascism

Let Ex-Im Expire

Wild West Welfare

What Russian invasion?

Preferential Treatment Vs. Extreme Unction

The 2016 Presidential Race

The Limitations of the Liberal Class

Immigrants: Useless or Useful?

Waiting for Abbas

Expanding NATO

Democracy Under the Gun Across Asia

The Nuke on a Faultline

Red Meat for an Anemic NATO Alliance

Israeli Tunnel Vision

Israel’s Fatal Over-Reach

The Imperial Rot of Armchair Warriors

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Freedom for Palestine!

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A Fly on Nicholas Kristof’s Wall

Foley & Sotloff’s Reporting Show Why the US Should Stop Its Proxy War on Syria

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