September 2014

Gaza and the Threat of World War

How the West Created the Islamic State

Obama Declares War on Syria

Obama the Irresolute

The Latest Evil Force, Since the Last Evil Force

100 Best Novels, in Translation, Since 1900

Disparaging the Poor

Sex, Drugs and Blood Money on the Rez

How Soon Dead is Coal?

The Photos On My Father’s Prison Wall

Are Europe’s Horrid Crimes Forgiven?

The Race to the Bottom

The Curious Case of General Forrester

“Hey You, Arab … I Hope You Won’t Forget Me”

Imperialism, Repressive Tolerance and Resistance

Sweden and the Renaissance of Marxist Crime Stories

The Plague of Sexual Assault in the Military

The Casual Vacancy

The Giant Gaps in Obama’s ISIS Strategy

Obama’s War Address

Our Most Autobiographical Playwright

The Hannibal Procedure

The Lost Lessons of 9/11

Imprisoned for Fighting Terrorism

32 Years after the Sabra-Shatila Massacre

The Havoc of the Unrestrained Drug Industry

We Fought the Law and the Strike Won!

Ferguson – Fukushima – Financial Crisis

Energy Geopolitics and the U.S. ‘Mission’ in Iraq and Syria

In MSNBC’s Green Room

Latin America and the US Techno-Empire

Flirting With Armageddon

Something About Mitch

Going To War With a Vengeance

Let’s Bury King C.O.N.G. at People’s Climate March

The Pistorius Trial

DISRUPTION – A Film About the People’s Climate March

PR Mind Control

A Discourse on Freedom, With Sax

Get Off of My iCloud

The Real Climate March is Next Door, Not In NYC

Making the News Fit the Politics

Perpetual War is Fine With the New York Times After All

The Scotland Drive for Independence

Technological Fetishism, Path to Conquest

What is the True Poverty Rate in America?

An Unlearned Lesson from 9/11

Peace Ecology

Why US Middle East Policy is Fraught with Danger

Uncle Sam Does Ukraine