The Entire World Is Under Siege

With each new atrocity committed by Israel against the Palestinians & Occupied Territories of Palestine, propagandists and dictators everywhere grow bolder, ever more confidant in their own ability to show brazen, arrogant contempt for the basic welfare of the common man and woman. To quote an old cry against South African apartheid: “An Injury To One Is an Injury To All!” This unresolved crisis represents The Black Hole of the human spirit on our planet!

As Israel continues to violate every principle of international law, democratic rule or code of human decency – denying the inherent, God-given rights of the Palestinian’s to create for themselves their own sovereign state and unfettered system of government – the same principles and rights of all people of the world are called into question. As long as these atrocities continue unchallenged, no principle or right in the world can be considered to be sacrosanct or inviolate.

Every Canadian and American, especially, should be embarrassed and ashamed, if not horrified, that Prime Minister Stephan Harper, President Barack Obama, and their governments, consistently show – through obscene amounts of monies, military aid and moral support- their unflinching, unabashed support for Israel’s “right of self-defence” and whatever unconscionable violence continues to be committed against innocent, defenceless men, women and children. But, in truth, Israel’s so-called “right of self-defence” is no different than what many conquerors have used throughout other dark moments in history.begging slogans2

Every thinking person in the world, as a member of the human race, should feel some twinge of personal moral responsibility to stand up and be counted in the face of the world’s spineless political leaders who, for years, have refused to challenge Israel’s outrageous construction of its Apartheid Wall – a Berlin Wall on steroids – in the Occupied Territories and its subjugation and oppression of so many innocent people. It’s the same spineless support the world, collectively, once gave to white colonial racism in Canada & the U.S. while so many of their coloured people were murdered and brutalized through a plethora of ghettoized slave plantations, native Indian reservations and First Nation reserves; or when South Africa created its own brutal bandustan apartheid state against its own coloured people.

Now the world must decide if it’s going to allow Israel’s racist policies to continue to vanquish those, who could be characterized as the Middle East’s wild Indians or hostile renegades, who’ve been conquered and removed to remote ‘reservations’. The new ‘Indians’ want off the Rez, but the Israeli cavalry want to keep them on! These racist policies have continued unabated ever since the United Nations of the world, in 1947, spawned the creation of a colonial Israeli state within the midst of a nation of unsuspecting indigenous Arabs & Palestinians, whose ancestry preceded this modern Zionist occupation by some 3,000 years, all the back to the time when the region was called Canaan.

But with Israel’s latest invasion and siege of Gaza, when will countries like Canada and the United States recall the similar lessons they learned the hard way – through their own violent colonial past – and act like the responsible leaders of the world that they could be? When will a big enough ground swell of public opinion finally convince the United Nations that they created the space and place for the forced birth of the Israeli nation, and so it is only right and just that the world find a way to put an end to the out-of-control Frankenstein nature of what Israel has become; unequivocally declaring that no matter how powerful the Israeli state has become, neither God nor Man has given it the right or authority to institutionalize the domination and control of the economic-cultural-social systems and racial-ethnic-religious separation of the Palestinian people. There is no way to mask the guise. The world either supports racial oppression and apartheid or it doesn’t! Silence is complicity!

Israel will never willingly change its policies anymore than any other oppressive, racist apartheid state in history ever has been prepared to do until they were militarily, economically and politically forced to do so. But what last straw will it take before the ugly state of affairs in Israel will be dumped into the same garbage bin of history? In the meantime, until some new inspirational figure – like another Martin Luther King Jr, Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Ghandi, or female version thereof – comes along, the civilian people of Gaza and the Occupied Territories, without any major help from the outside world, have no other choice but to either lay down like dogs or rely on themselves and one another to defiantly throw rocks, molotof cocktails, homemade rockets or whatever else they can lay their hands on to continue their resistance movement against Israel’s mighty war machine.

Until such time that the world can no longer stomach so much barbarism being committed, in its name, the inhumanity will continue. Combatants on both sides will continue to insanely gather together to cheer and clap, eating popcorn as if at some midnight horror movie while one side bombs into oblivion the hated other. Israeli hardliners will continue to believe that the raping of wives and sisters of Palestinian combatants is a good thing. Rabid proponents of a Zionist philosophy will continue to eliminate the basic rights, associations and movements of the indigenous Palestinian people, removing still more of them from their ancient homelands, while forcing them into ever more densely-packed segregated ghettos.

Israel’s apologists for the war crimes of their defence forces in Gaza will continue to believe that all the people in Gaza are just as guilty, and therefore just as legally and justifiably “killable”, as are the Palestinian combatants themselves, just because they happen to have elected Hamas to represent them. But the reverse of this kind of twisted logic would also suggest that all Israeli civilians are also legally and justifiably “killable” because they, too, officially elected the militaristic Zionist government that represents them. The same twisted logic might also then be applied to the civilian populations of others countries, like Canada and the U.S., who have duly elected their own governments who, in their name, also are directly or indirectly responsible for the murders of other innocent civilian populations. Where is the line to be drawn between those who are responsible and those who are not?

Israel’s Zionist hardliners, unless stopped, also will continue to advocate killing the mothers of Palestinian combatants, while destroying their homes, villages and towns, on the premise that they are just as guilty for having raised little snakes, and that such actions will effectively stop the further conception and raising of still more little snakes in the future. Such racist sentiments, not surprisingly, parallel the same kind of hateful utterances once made in 19th century America, when white colonists, invading the ancestral homelands of Indian people, condoned the killing of Indian women and children on the basis that nits breed lice.

Yet, no matter how self-righteous Hamas and Palestinian people may feel about their own right to return racism and barbarism, tit for tat, it only means that, in the end, an eye for an eye inevitably leaves both sides blind.

So, until the United Nations begins to take the necessary aggressive steps to end Israel’s oppressive policies towards the Palestinians, which perpetually fuels the madness on the other side, 90% of Israeli men and women will continue to agree that continuing the military aggression in Gaza is a good thing to do, even if it means finally razing Gaza to the ground the way the United States did to the Japanese at Hiroshima and Nagasaki. One wonders, though, if any real mother – whether Israeli, Palestinian or whomever – who truly understands what the life force of creation is in her own body, would ever want to see another mother’s children, and, by extension, her own children, brutally murdered in like fashion?

For centuries, the world has ignored its higher calling as a species and time and again reverted back to a primitive savage strategy of governance and that old shibboleth “might makes right”. One need only do the math of the evolution of the Israeli-Zionist state to at once recognize who has constantly been at the hammer’s end of this Might-Makes-Right shibboleth. Simply add up the total number of men, women and children who have been killed by either the Israel’s military forces or Arab-Palestinian combatants, since 1947, and then subtract the actual murdered combatants on both sides from the total dead to get the innocent civilian body count. Then add up who committed the greatest number of massacres, or who destroyed the most villages-towns-homes-hospitals-schools-churches-mosques-olive groves and essential infrastructure.

Invading armies always lie about the statistics of how many innocent civilians are killed in the process of their conquest. The American colonists lied about how many innocent Indian men, women and children they slaughtered as they marched across the North American continent. Nazi Germany lied about the total number of innocent civilians it exterminated during World War II. Israel now lies about the ratio of innocent civilians to combatants it currently is killing in Gaza. But one thing all these invaders have in common is that they always place a higher value on the death of one of their own, whether civilian or combatant, than that of the enemy and so always exact, in harsh retribution, a grossly higher body count ratio among their enemy. In the current invasion of Gaza, conservatively assuming that 75% of the Palestinian dead are innocent civilians, the ratio of Palestinian civilian deaths to Israeli civilian deaths is approximately 375 to 1. Such a skewed ratio, on the mere face of it, suggests that the International Criminal Court must immediately conduct a war crimes investigation to determine the real actual ratios and whether they indicate that war crimes have indeed been committed.

The final ratio no doubt will dramatically underscore outrageous admissions once made by the likes of Menachem Begin and Golda Meir, two of Israel’s future Prime Ministers. Menachem Begin, who in the early days of the invasion was the head of a Zionist terrorist group, once described the grizzly massacre of 100 men, women and children in a village called Deir Yassin, as “Splendid! As in Deir Yassin, so everywhere, we will attack and smite the enemy, God, God, thou has chosen us for conquest.” Years later, Golda Meir, haughtily declared, “There is no such thing as a Palestinian!” Begin and Meir’s candid remarks underscore the original intent of the 1947 invasion and those early Nakba days of catastrophe and horror that haven’t changed a wit. That same attitude reflected again by an on-going Jewish revisionist history movement that ever since has sought to erase from the collective memory any recollection of those early days; replacing with Hebrew names every ancient Palestinian place name for their one-time villages, towns, mountains, rivers and holy sites.

By the end of the Six Day War in 1967, the final 22% of Palestine was conquered, which includes the West Bank and Gaza Strip. Since, according to international law it is inadmissible to acquire territory through war, Gaza and the West Bank have since become virtual huge open air ghettos, reservations or concentration camps. Yet ever since, whenever those trying to survive, in places like the West Bank and Gaza Strip, have sought to revolt against their Israeli camp commandants, wardens and guards they are the ones blamed for the outcome. It’s the Palestinians and Hamas who aren’t willing to ever make peace. It’s Hamas who repeatedly rejects any generous cease fire offer by Israel. It’s Hamas who is responsible for the kidnap and murder of the three Israeli teenagers that precipitated the latest invasion and siege of Gaza.

Israeli spin doctors would have the world believe that Hamas is the only combatant guilty of barbarism, and that the violence in Gaza has nothing to do with the some 30 Palestinians, 4 of them children, who, before the three Israeli youth were ever abducted, were also killed by their Israel captors, yet went mostly unreported in the world press. Israeli spin doctors would also have the world believe the recent violence has nothing to do with the thousands of Palestinian men, women and children who are regularly held In Israeli prisons due to illegitimate or bogus trials. Or that Palestinian men, women and children are constantly strip-searched, humiliated and beaten, at Gestapo-like checkpoints, while women in labour or dying patients often are prevented from reaching hospitals in time. These spin doctors would also have the world believe that it has nothing to do with the fact that Israel prevents the people of Gaza from conducting free, unfettered international trade and commerce, or that they are denied the legal Right Of Return to their homeland to rightfully reclaim their properties. The United Nation’s must now resolutely address these and other essential questions because Israel’s government is loath to and never will.

So, as things now stand, what ultimately is to be done with all these recalcitrant, defiant, stateless ones in their densely-packed ghettos? If these captive dwellers hold valid deeds for still existing ancestral homes and properties within the state of Israel, is there no binding Israeli or international law that entitles the Palestinian’s to pursue their right to reclaim their rightful properties? If indeed Palestine and Palestinians no longer exist, as former Golda Meir once suggested, is there any point to continue pursuing a two-state solution? Besides, if Israel’s illegal kibbutzims continue to expand into Palestinian territory, does this not suggest that the Zionist apartheid state never has had any intention whatsoever of ever agreeing to a two-state solution? If so, what other solution can the United Nations come up with, save for allowing some eventual apocalyptic ending for one or both sides?

Some students of history draw certain parallels between the causes of the previous two world wars and what is now occurring between Israel & the Occupied Territories of Palestine, that bear the early signs of yet another insanely senseless world war in the making. They say what is occurring throughout the Middle East represents but the first of many more Guernica’s yet to come, and, like what the German war machine perpetrated in Spain prior to World War II, which the world fuelled from all sides for their own evil ends, Israel’s war machine and its allies are using places like Gaza to field test their own new military strategies, ordinances and weaponry of death in preparation for some even more apocalyptic world-wide scenario.

2014 happens to be the 100th anniversary of the commencement of World War I, the Great War that once was declared to be “The War To End All Wars”. World War II, however, proved this declaration to be perhaps the most naive, if not greatest delusional “Big Lie” of all time about what essentially makes the human species tick.

Israel’s modern war machine and its sophisticated, cunning Hasbara propaganda system – that cleverly conveys to the world a negative portrayal of Arab peoples, and especially of Palestinians – promotes perhaps yet the biggest “Big Lie” of all, which is that it simply is a peace-loving nation trying to survive while surrounded by dangerous, barbaric, terroristic peoples against whom they must constantly defend itself. Yet this has to rank right up there with Nazi Germany’s own propaganda in World War II that once portrayed the Jews in Europe as the main cause of the world’s problems. Some would say that what Nazi Germany perpetrated against the Jews is not unlike what the Zionists in Israel now are perpetrating against the Palestinians. The cosmic joke here is that the roles have been reversed: the victim now has become the victimizer; the new victimizer seemingly devoid of any empathy, unable or unwilling to see the same plight of the new victim, unable to recall the same horror of what it once was like to be the victims caught in a similar situation. Case in point: what transpired during the infamous Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, led by the heroic Jewish resistance movement against Nazi Germany in 1942 in Poland.

During German-occupied Poland in World War II, a brave, yet poorly-armed and supplied Jewish resistance movement was crushed by the Nazi SS, their labyrinth of secret supply line conduits and passages through the maze of sewers that ran under Warsaw ultimately discovered, cut off and their armouries destroyed; just as Israel’s military forces now are intent upon crushing the heroic, yet poorly-armed and supplied Hamas resistance movement in Gaza, while destroying their own intricate maze of homemade supply-line tunnels and armouries beneath Gaza and Southern Israel and assassinating those leaders who sustain their resistance movement. Like the Jews of Warsaw, the Palestinian people and their Hamas leaders have been concentrated into a number of extremely-dense ghettos throughout the Occupied Territories of Palestine. Like the Warsaw Jews of 70 years ago, the Palestinians have been dying by the thousands due to rampant disease, starvation, poor to non-existent medical care or supplies, suicide, depression and racial oppression. Just as Hamas leaders have had to resort to suicide-bombing, as a last resort against their Jewish oppressors, Warsaw’s Jewish resistance leader, Adam Czerniakow, eventually committed suicide in protest once he learned of the true goal of the Nazi’s so-called Treblinka “resettlement” plan.

Desperate Hamas leaders and their resistance movement today fully realize that whatever eventual “resettlement” plans Zionist Israel have in store for them and the Palestinian people, the outcome does not bode in their favour. They know that just as the Nazi SS finally liquidated the entire Jewish Ghetto in May 1942, and carried out the Final Solution by transporting the Jewish Ghetto population to the Treblinka Extermination Camp, the Zionists in Israel have their own secret Final Solution plan for the Palestinian’s. Some characterize Israel’s Operation Protective Edge as being rather more that of an Operation Cutting Edge, and but the latest of many more sharply planned, evermore deadlier, cutting-edged blitzkriegs, designed to one day accomplish the ultimate mass dissolution and Diaspora of the Palestinian people.

Israel’s hasbara system, time and again, has cunningly used this Big Lie technique, first coined by Adolf Hitler in his 1925 book, Mein Kampf, to obscure the truth and bamboozle the world about what is truly going on inside Israel and the Occupied Territories.

For over 70 years, the Zionist’s have continued to shape and hone world-wide opinion, with the conspiratorial help of the West’s mainstream press, to believe that It is those like Hamas, not the Israeli’s, who are the ones who must be demilitarized and disarmed. It is those like Hamas, not Israel, who are the biggest terrorists and arms merchants of terror in the world. It is only besieged Israel who has the right and duty to strike back at “international terrorism”, and annihilate whomever in support of its own self-defence and that of the free world.

But if one analyzes this phony guise, it closely follows Adolf Hitler’s psychological profile who masterfully understood some critically basic things about human nature. Namely, that: People will believe a big lie sooner than a little one; Never allow public consciousness of an issue and problem to cool off; If a big lie is repeated enough, people will sooner or later believe it as truth; Never concede that there may be some good in your enemy; Never leave room for alternative solutions; Never accept blame for what is happening; Focus on one enemy at a time, and blame that enemy for everything that goes wrong; Continually claim that black is white and white is black, and; Always use double-think and tell deliberate lies while genuinely believing in them, and forget or ignore any fact or truth that has become inconvenient.

To see these deceitful ploys for what they are, one could again use the analogy of the Warsaw Jews in a Treblinka concentration camp of seven decades ago; placing the onus not on the Nazi SS but on those rioting, angry Jewish ghetto-inmates, awaiting their ultimate ethnic cleansing destiny, who defiantly refuse to cooperate with their murderous, cold-blooded captors who they know, only too well, have but one outcome in mind for their captives.

So, two simple questions need two simple answers: Who, in truth, are the political and military leaders in the world who attempt to forever frustrate a permanent ceasefire and lasting peace process in the Middle East? Who are the leaders who otherwise dare to resolutely demand, on behalf of the people of Gaza, the realization of the same basic human rights as every other free people expect to enjoy, such as: the right to travel freely, worship at one’s Holy Places, or prosper and live a normal happy life with loved ones?

Other over-arching questions that loom large further ask: What is the source of so much cold, hard rage and hatred in the human heart that refuses to extend such basic human rights to those different from one’s own self, group or nation? Does this source represent some kind of ultimate seed of self-destruction or death wish within the human species that every people on earth must eventually confront and work through or cease to exist?

The long and the short of it is that every human being and every nation unwilling to give its 100% support for such basic rights is now complicit with Israel in all the war crimes that have or ever will occur. There are no innocent spectators in this ever-unfolding debacle. WE ALL are either part of the problem or part of the real final solution!

Canada could immediately set a new tone in this direction, and immediately increase its credibility as a world-class peacemaker, by reversing its previous negative vote and instead vote to elevate Palestine’s status at the United Nations to that of a Non-member Observer. The United States could likewise take the lead and increase its own credibility in the peace process, by immediately cutting off the billions of dollars in annual military aid and ordinances supplied to Israel’s war machine. Canada & the United States corporations and universities could do the same through boycotts, divestments and sanctions. Both the U.S. and Canada could take an immediate principled stand by pushing for statehood for Palestine, without making it contingent upon any peace plan with Israel. Israel, too, could become an inspiration to the world if it were willing to offer that peace plan some bona-fide rights to the Palestinians; like: lifting the Blockade of Gaza, and; honouring the Palestinian peoples Right Of Return to their ancient homelands. Such actions would finally launch Israel onto the same long and arduous road that so many other countries tread, in their struggle to become truly-integrated, mature societies with a one state solution to whatever their problems.

This fundamental challenge will ultimately either lead the human race ever-deeper into The Black Hole or ever-upward towards the golden light of a more glorious destiny. At the moment, the world continues to stare gauntly into the terrifying abyss of yet another, even more unthinkably-murderous, senselessly-suicidal world situation. The tinder – economically, politically, militarily, environmentally – now at flashpoint, Gaia’s psychic screams everywhere mirrored by those of humankind.

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