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Three Poems by Howie Good

The Odd Finger Is It



I was born that way, with just enough daylight left

for the grownups to see what the shattered windshield

might mean, each of them carrying something,

not a gift for me, but a small empty flowerpot,

an erection lasting longer than four hours,

used DVDs, Vienna during the Nazi period,

those kinds of things, because unable to unhang

the men (and one woman) they had hanged

with such efficiency, or attend techno-rehab,

or even go to sleep for overwhelming fear of waking up.



At the Sculpture Garden



And what’s this supposed to be?

A gazebo for two anarchists?

An aluminum replica of a beehive?

Mozart’s birthday?


It eludes me, but we stand there

on the side of the hill, holding hands

and looking expectantly around,

like any other older couple waiting for a UFO.



The Secret to the Perfect Something



I go on various social media

and search for suggestions

about how to still be productive

while extremely depressed.


It’s not just the feral cats,

but they aren’t helping.

Earthquakes keep happening.


We should have fucked

when we had the chance.

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