Patrick Smith places the Ukrainian crisis in historical and political context; Yvette Carnell profiles the strange career of Obama’s Pitbull, Rev. Al Sharpton; David Macaray explores the job-killing history of US trade pacts; Ron Jacobs assays the political resumé of that Prophet of False Hope Bernie Sanders; Kim Nicolini surveys the rock documentaries of DA Pennebaker; JoAnn Wypijewski investigates fatal encounters between police and motorists; Mike Whitney details how Obama made a bad economy worse; Kristin Kolb offers a meditation on water, the Northwest and cancer; Chris Floyd on why some girls are more precious than others; and Jeffrey St. Clair on the Death Penalty and the American Mind.

Ron Jacobs is the author of Daydream Sunset: Sixties Counterculture in the Seventies published by CounterPunch Books. He has a new book, titled Nowhere Land: Journeys Through a Broken Nation coming out in Spring 2024.   He lives in Vermont. He can be reached at: