March 2014

Raskolnikov in Kabul

Orpheus Ascending

What We’re Listening to This Week

Three Poems by Michael Earl Craig

Obama’s Big Lie

Neo-Feudalism in Sri Lanka

BP Doubles Initial Size Estimate of Lake Michigan Oil Spill

From Libya to Ukraine

The War Syllogism in American Presidential Rhetoric

Ukraine: Manna From Heaven for the Green Line and Beyond Crowd

Casting Sunlight on Secret Government and Its Contractors

How “Extreme Levels” of Roundup in Food Became the Industry Norm

Surveillance and the Erosion of Civil Liberties

Three Energy Export Congressional Hearings, No Climate Change Discussion

Mahmoud Abbas vs Mohammed Dahlan

The Iranian Threat That Never Was

When It Comes to Political Ideas, How Big Is ‘Big’?

The Economic Scam of the Century

Two Lawmen, Two Stories of a Boston Marathon Witness Killing

How Much War Does Washington Want?

Water Apartheid in Palestine

When Clearcuts Kill

NATO and Serbia, 15 Years On

The Fight for $15 Finally Comes to Portland

Where is Egypt’s Post-Coup Left?