2013: My Top Stories

Thanks to Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton who handed the airwaves over to the one percent, the corporate media both “progressive” and right continue to behave as Renfield to the one percent’s blood sucking Dracula. For their part, the diversity pundits are under opinion control by their bosses lest they get out of hand like Roland Martin, and Martin Bashir, who were fired and Melissa Harris-Perry, whose bosses at Comcast, an organization that supports Stand Your Ground and voter suppression, permit her to run a little feminist show, where the brothers are scolded, disproportionately, forced her to apologize when she made a crack about the Romney’s adopted grandchild. Now that MR has a black grandchild, he plans to discard his thousand dollar suits and turn his mansion into a soup kitchen and a shelter for homeless people? O, I forgot ,there are no homeless people in La Jolla. Only BMWs and Mercedes. The Renfield press have their top stories of the year. I have mine.

1 ) The Bell Curving of the poor continues. Taking dictation from the one percent, beltway journalists, who party with the people whom they cover, failed to make a connection between Paul Ryan’s praise [1] for Charles Murray’s, The Bell Curve, a race science book, and the Republican’s Genthanasia of the poor. This is the result of the media’s winnowing its ranks of diversity journalists, who might have noticed his praise. One Republican described ACA as reparations for black people, when, like FDR’s programs, The Great Society Programs, the War on Poverty, and Welfare, the typical recipient has been white. Following orders from Comcast, G.E. etc. the Renfield pundits bad mouthed ACA and then posted polls that showed the intellectually challenged “general public’s” disapproval of the law, without mentioning their role in creating a negative response.[2] Media Matters report that the Jim Crow media’s assessment of Obamacare emphasized the negative and reported few positive outcomes. This led to a sixty two percent disapproval informationally-challenged public that gets all of its information about the world from TV. The media then pointed to these low approval ratings without mentioning their role in creating the anti ACA mood, just as they won’t include racism as a reason for congressional male bitches from secessionist states opposing everything that the president does. Racism turns off the media’s target consumers, voters, the majority of whom voted for Romney.

2) Chris Matthews and Rachel Maddow have insisted that we not compare Republican policies to those of the Nazis. While one is permitted to cite other events in world history like slavery, for them, this phase of world history is off limits, yet Hitler said that some of his ideas like the elimination of inferior beings were based upon American practices, which continue. [3] One of his contributors, Ernst (Putzi )Hanfstaengl, was a Harvard man, the institution that gave us Richard J. Herrnstein co-author of The Bell Curve. Mr.Herrnstein was not aware, possibly, that a former generation of bigots had put the genes of Jewish immigrants under scrutiny.[4] By declaring such parallels between actions against minorities in Nazi Germany with those against minorities in the United States, Matthews and Maddow are shielding the Republican Party from its Neo-Nazi philosophy being exposed.

3) The enemies of blacks have also stepped up their criminalization of the black population,[5] using the philosophy of the late James Q. Wilson, who perpetrated the Super Predator hoax. He was also a fan of Eugenics, the notion that some “races” are superior to others, a theory that has been implemented by the Republican Party, and he was given an outlet for his views by CNN. CNN continues to defame the black population for the entertainment of their subscribers. Their images of blacks reach 200 plus countries. The Genthanasiers have extended their reach into the primary schools[6] and ensnaring children as young as six into the criminal injustice system. In one case a six year old was handcuffed by the police who are treating cases that have handled by school principals as crimes.( On Jan.24,2014, it was reported on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” that a black kid had been handcuffed and arrested for cutting in to the lunch line.)

4) Because of the criminality of Bank of America and Wells Fargo, which steered toxic loans to black neighborhoods, [7] blacks lost hundreds of millions of dollars in assets, something from which it will take a generation or so to recover, yet, the rich, who own the media and presidents like Ronald Reagan, have duped the white working class into believing that blacks are the takers, when the attitude of both the public and private sectors has been that of diminishing the assets of blacks since Reconstruction, when blacks were no longer the assets of some whites. Trotsky, W.E.B Du Bois and Booker T. Washington all commented on the racist attitudes of the white working class, who blend with the rich on the grounds of racial solidarity, when the one percent don’t give a rat’s ass about whether they live or die. Some progressives as well as the right have blamed this calamity on blacks and Hispanics taking out loans for which they were not eligible, but the Wall Street Journal has reported that over sixty percent of those who received these poisonous loans were eligible for conventional loans, here again, in the words of the Carl Rowan, blacks were out propagandized.


5) While the policy of the banks is to depress black wealth, the task of outfits like the notorious NYPD is to place a ceiling on their spending habits. Those who behave as if the violation of one’s right to privacy is something new check this out: When a black person buys an item from stores like Barney’s over the allowance set for them by the NYPD, which has always been a crime syndicate, this person might be arrested. A famous black writer told me that he was stopped so much by the NYPD that he stopped driving his Mercedes in favor of the bus and subway. Miles Davis, who was beaten by a drunken policeman, was frequently stopped by the NYPD when driving his Ferrari.

6) Thom Hartmann, Michael Moore, and Katrina vanden Heuvel might trace the animosity toward the president to his race, but the corporate media bosses prohibit their media Renfields from doing so. Bad for marketing their products. They ask, why won’t the president reach out to Congress? On election night, speaker Boehner wouldn’t even answer his phone calls.[8] His refusal to bomb Syria, on the grounds that Syria might yield its stockpile of chemical weapons, was seen as a loss of the country’s manhood, which gives you a glimpse into the thinking of elderly white men ,who have sent thousands of our citizens, white, black yellow red and brown to death so that Senator McCain can strut about Washington with his chest out. Just as over 600,000 were killed to uphold white supremacy during The Southern Treason, the threat to avoid paying the country’s debts-jeopardizing the world economy- showed the extremes to which racists and the people whom they send to Congress are willing to go to show their hatred for a black president. Like the think tanks, the department stores, who often use buffer minorities to spy on black shoppers this effort was fielded by Ted Cruz, a white Hispanic. The country club Republicans probably call him and Rubio wetbacks after a few drinks. They probably call Bobby Jindal a nigger.

7) While middle class media progressives spent 2013 championing Gay marriage, or obsessing over Edward Snowden was eating well, being accommodated, enjoying the Russian novels that he was reading, 30,000 thousand or so prisoners in California set aside their racial and class differences and went on strike against the California prison system, a story that was ignored, virtually, by the corporate media but noted by the East Bay Express [9] and Pacifica network. The California prison system is presided over by Jerry Brown, another progressive, who received campaign donations from the powerful California’s Prison Guard Union. He proposes that California prisoners be sent to private prisoner slave camps where they can be murdered without these murders being reported. These prisoners might replace the decadent progressive elite, which acts out its progressivism on television and online magazines where they waste much of their time using Rush Limbaugh and Sarah Palin for target practice. Some progressives have joined a popular front with Rand Paul, who hangs out with people who judge John Wilkes to be a hero. While I am “pernicious” in the eyes of progressive TV personality Joan Walsh, she praises Paul’s “integrity” and “consistently.” Even though he hired somebody who called himself “The Southern Avenger.” Larry Klayman, even though he called the president a Muslim and requested that he come out of the white house with his hands up, says that he got most of his fan mail from “leftists” as a result of his stand on NSA spying. MSNBC’s most famous “progressive,” Chris Matthews, is attempting to redeem Ronald Reagan who was hired to step up the war against blacks and the poor. He would have been impeached for Iran Contra, but the beltway feeling was that the country couldn’t stand another impeachment. Ralph Nader, who isn’t on the payroll of Comcast like MSNBC pundits, said on one of their shows that MSNBC’s “progressives” are actually “liberals.” Melissa Harris-Perry, hosting the show on which he appeared, laughed off the remark.

8) Now that the privacy of the white middle class has been compromised, progressives are outraged by the practices of NSA, yet a number of progressive writers have praised Michael Bloomberg regardless of his support for Stop and Frisk, which was the Nazi policy in the streets of Europe in the 30s and 40s. The fourth amendment rights of blacks have been violated since the fourth amendment became law. The police violate the t rights of blacks every day and all day 24/7. Not only has their right to privacy been violated by federal state and local authorities but any white citizen, or buffer minority immigrant, can deputize themselves to monitor me or like Zimmerman decide that I am guilty of “nomadism” wandering from the places where racist banking policies have assigned me to live. Zimmerman became a hero to thousands of self appointed slave patrollers when he murdered a child in cold blood. His lawyer Mark O’Mara, with the cooperation of the Zimmerman friendly Media (CNN’s Ashleigh Banfield, a female Renfield, referred to Zimmerman’s lies as “itsy bitsy inconsistencies”) promoted lies about Trayvon Martin. Lies that influenced the majority white jury. O’Mara intimidated the white women on the jury by raising the spectre of the Black Boogeyman. I translated what he was saying to them after he offered up a blonde sacrifice, a woman whose home was invaded allegedly by Black Boogeymen. My translation of his charge to the jury? “How would you like one of these sex crazed black bucks to come into your home and deliver to you a fate worse than death.” One brave feminist, at least temporarily, Zillah Eisenstein [10] broke ranks from commentators like Melissa Harris Perry, who said that the white women on the jury shouldn’t be blamed for the verdict. This feminist dared to say that the white women chose race over gender. By the time I asked her to elaborate for my magazine, the Sister Police had gotten to her and she backed down. (As someone whose work has been censored by white middle and upper class feminists since the 1980s, most recently at a magazine called “The Tablet,” I have every right to call them the Sister Police. NSA? Hell, I can’t even get past these people!).

O’Mara was rewarded by CNN’s Jeff Zucker, who raises the Black Boogeyman daily for profits. O’Mara got a job at CNN. While racists paid the bills of Zimmerman as a prize for killing Martin, when he victimized a blonde he had to engage a public defender. Fourth Amendment Rights? There has always been a double standard. As Bernadine Dohrn reminds us, the aim of Cointelpro was to persecute white radicals (yet Mark Rudd told me that he had a cozy time in the underground) but the aim of Cointelpro, when it came to blacks, was assassination.


9) When the Republican Party is replaced by one that is even meaner and supported by the last standers, those who will fight to the death against “diversity,” their demon, historians might view their attempt to drive blacks from the voting booth as the dagger upon which they impaled themselves. Republican Michael Steele, who gets more air time then all of the other progressive diversity pundits combined, should advise his friends of the devotion to which blacks apply to the right to vote. They have risked lynchings and even massacres [11] to exercise the franchise. I don’t see the same attempt to disenfranchise the LGBT movement even though Melissa Harris Perry said on the weekend of of Dec. 27th that the interests of the white middle class LGBT movement and the black movement overlap. One can as I do respect Gay marriage without claiming that the black movement and the LGBT movement have joined hands in some march through the right side of history. Moreover, the powerful friends of Gays: Giuliani, Jerry Brown, Ted Olson, tend to give blacks a hard time. Justice Roberts, who once contributed his time to a Gay cause, pro bono, [12] eliminated DOMA (The Defense of Marriage Act) while modifying the Voting Rights Act in a manner that disenfranchises blacks. While the leading issue for middle class progressives is Gay marriage, underclass LGBTs, appearing on Pacifica’s KPFA, argued that the issues of poverty among their group has been ignored as a result of an emphasis on Gay marriage. I wrote an article for Playboy [13] that credited underclass black transvestites for their role in key battles that led to Gay victories. Their battles against the Vice Squads and police in San Francisco and at Stonewall. The white middle and upper class Gays who are the media face of LGBT have ignored the role of these freedom fighters. The movement was co opted by the latter just as, according to Harriet Fraad, [14] the feminist movement was co opted by black male hater Gloria Steinem. Ms. Fraad says that Ms. Steinem’s link to the C.I.A. has never been clarified.

10) The majority of white women still prefer the pedestal to liberation. According to one study[15] 90 % of those interviewed have been battered by white men or seen their mothers sisters or daughters battered, yet Nicholas Kristof of the Times and Eve Ensler won’t interrupt their worldwide tour during which they blame world misogyny on brown and black skinned men, to address the problem here at home. Kristof said that it’s easier to change the situation for women abroad than it is here. Which, to me, means that the misogyny of white men is intractable. Maybe that’s why middle class white feminists use black men to vent their wrath, like Margalit Fox, who wrote a vicious obituary about Amiri Baraka and an academic feminist who launched an attack in the same newspaper, the New York Times, on his play “Dutchman.” Times feminist Michiko Kakutani, did a critical lap dance for professional misogynists like Saul Bellow, or Salon’s favorite, Philip (“Fuck the Feminists”) Roth or Janet Maslin, [16] who did a smoochy, obsequious, kiss-up to Roger Ailes, the venomous hater-in-chief of black people. She defended him against the biography, Loudest Voice, written by Gabriel Sherman, who charged him with anti-Semitism( where is the JDL when we need them) and misogyny ( he once offered a woman employee $100 per week to have sex with him). She didn’t even mention his role in the Willie Horton campaign, where he took a leaf from the old Black Boogeyman campaigns of the 1870s. In the past, Ms. Maslin has been hard on the brothers and endorsed a book charting the problems of blacks to their personal behavior. Last I heard the author, a black conservative, a woman, is now homeless even though Ms. Maslin tried to make her a star. Proof of the majority of white women’s Stockholm Syndrome attitude toward their oppressors was their majority vote for Romney, [17] who promised to eliminate their reproductive choices.

11) The Jim Crow media still places blacks one false news bulletin away from a Kristallnacht. CNN reported that a black man had bombed the Boston marathon, and even that he had been arrested which created a angry mob in front of the Boston court house. They were awaiting the arrival of the phantom Black Boogeyman, the image of the Black Boogeyman, the Black Boogeyman having been a “gold mine of opportunity,” according to the marketers who gave a green light to the film, “Precious,” for white male producers, directors, publishers and script writers. Oprah Winfrey, a welfare recipient hater, signed on to “Precious” as fake producer because its view of black welfare recipients lines up with hers: lazy, chicken-eating, welfare cheats who spend their time watching TV and having sex with their children. In the Nov./Dec. issue of my magazine Konch, I reprinted an article by John A. Williams, published in 1965,in which he reminds us that the first reports about the Kennedy assassination blamed it on a Black Boogeyman. Donna Brazile requested that CNN Jeff Zucker apologize for the false report. He didn’t. Typical of Jim Crow media arrogance. After 70,000 signatures [18] were collected demanding an apology from Chuck Todd for saying that it wasn’t his job to point out the Republican’s false reports about the Affordable Care Act, he laughed off the petition.

12) White pathology is still ignored because the media can’t make money from it. While a few media reports point out Heroin epidemics in the white suburbs[19] and a doubling of unmarried white motherhood, [20] the typical photo of a loser is that of a black person. I use my smartphone camera to record such labeling. Photos of blacks and latinos were used to by MSNBC explain the low test scores of U.S.students in comparison to those scored by students in other “advanced” countries. Film maker M. Night Shyamalan, the latest Indian American to jump on the profitable ‘black dysfunction,” [21] bandwagon following Sudhir Venkalesh, who made some dough reporting to whites about how black gangs behave, blames the grade gap between whites and blacks on the personal behavior of blacks, which doesn’t explain why the majority of white boys can’t read at their expected grade levels.[22] We can’t get Venkalesh and Shyamalan or Dinesh to comment on the two million child prostitutes on the streets of Mumbai or the fact that India ranks as the number one slave holding state. Or how about addressing the problem of extreme misogyny among some Indian men, reported by novelists, Bharati Mukherjee and Chitra Divakaruni. Now that Pratibha Parmar and Shaheen Haq have successfully completed their PBS   American Masters portrait of Alice Walker, maybe these Indian filmmakers will be doing a documentary about child prostitution in India next. Twenty percent of India’s prostitutes are 9-13 yr olds? Or how about a documentary about India’s being the world’s leader for modern slavery, or they even might obtain a grant to make a documentary about the misogyny of Indian men. On Feb.4, an Alice Walker groupie posing as a journalist named Meredith May, writing about the “American Master’s” show quoted Sapphire, one of those responsible for raising the lynch mob hysteria against the Central Park Five, as saying that I tried to prevent people from viewing the film, The Color Purple, aired on PBS tonight. Of course, I did no such thing. The lie has been syndicated. I asked for a retraction. None forthcoming. I asked that they print a letter by the great novelist J.J. Phillips (Mojo Hand), a true American Master. They’ve refused. Here it is.

Date: Wed, 5 Feb 2014 10:46:19 -0800

Dear Meredith May,

Sad to see you so casually quote Sapphire’s shallow, self-serving indictment of Ishmael Reed vis-à-vis The Color Purple. Anyone with any sense knows that to criticize a work of literature or the tenets a writer holds isn’t the same as trying to stop people from reading a book, and it’s irresponsible of you to use another writer to get in such a dig, without any but prejudicial context. Are you one of the Alice Walker feminist/womanist fundamentalist jihadis for whom the slightest criticism of Alice Walker or her work is tantamount to blasphemy? I’m sure you’d agree that criticism is healthy and necessary; consequently, however one appraises Alice Walker’s writing and thought, it cannot be above scrutiny. She’s not a deity (except to the fundamentalists), and it’s not just black men who have serious problems with her. Many African American women find her writing unpalatable and deeply problematic as well (she certainly does not speak for me); but many (not I, though) have been intimidated into silence by the very kind of feminists and womanists who yak on ad nauseam about how the patriarchy “silences women.” They do a superb job of silencing their own sisters. Most recently, Alice Walker has professed her enthusiasm for some exceedingly dangerous and mentally disturbed people: namely, David Icke, Arizona Wilder, and Credo Mutwa, yet she seems to be above scrutiny for her espousal of their sick, sick beliefs.Whatever else Alice Walker has written or stated that can be considered controversial, anyone interviewing or writing about her after her profession of faith in these people and their doctrines, cannot ignore this dangerous liaison and call himself or herself an honest critic or journalist (and that applies to PBS as well). If you write about Ms. Walker, it is incumbent on you to familiarize yourself with this business and take a stand one way or the other. And you should also investigate the substance of what her critics have to say, and not just join the peanut gallery to deride them uncritically out of blind loyalty.

Yours truly,

Jane (J.J.) Phillips


13) White Collar Crime and Black Collar Crime. The Times continue to place stupid and desperate low level street crimes on page one, while white collar criminals make section D.A 77 year old black man got three years in prison for food stamp fraud. Here’s what passes as food stamp fraud.

“The little country store that Elbert Eugene Shinholster, 77, opened in the 1980s did not start out as a criminal enterprise. But slowly, as poverty in Wilkinson County worsened, Mr. Shinholster began swiping customers’ electronic benefits cards and handing over a mix of groceries and cash to help people get by. Soon people were coming by just for the cash.

For the service, he kept 30 cents on the dollar for himself. “I know what I was doing was against the law, but I didn’t think I was doing anything wrong,” he said in an interview this month, days before he began serving a three-year sentence in a federal prison.

A typical story about white-collar crime was placed in the Business section. While those guilty of desperate and silly street crimes are shown to be unrepentant, those guilty of white-collar crimes are shown to be contrite. “A federal judge in Manhattan on Friday sentenced Matthew Taylor, a former Goldman Sachs trader, to nine months in prison for covering up an $8.3 billion unauthorized trade at the firm. In 2012, the Commodity Futures Trading Commission accused Mr. Taylor of hiding the trade to protect his year-end bonus of $1.5 million. Prosecutors said Mr. Taylor acted out of ‘greed and pride’ and had sought a sentence of 33 to 41 months. Mr. Taylor’s trade cost Goldman $118 million, a figure he has been ordered to repay.

“Mr. Taylor, who once earned seven figures on Wall Street, now cleans pools six days a week in Florida. Mr. Taylor, who was dressed in a dark suit and blue tie, apologized to the court, his wife, his two children and even Goldman for his conduct, adding that it was “painful beyond words” to be the source of distress to his loved ones. One of those who commented on the story said that the sentence was “ a slap on the wrist.”

My advice to the guys who risk death and longterm prison sentences in Oakland to steal a $50 television set is to obtain a Harvard MBA and you’ll just pay a fine for your crimes or receive a short sentence. In the majority of cases you’d receive no sentence.

14) Hollywood and TV continue their Faces of the Enemy mode. “Olympus Falling “demonized North Koreans; “Homeland,” Muslims. The best movie of the year, in my opinion, was “The Wolf of Wall Street” which showed the difference between the way law enforcement treats black sex workers and drug users and white ones. Armond White a black film critic was booted out of the New York Film Critics Circle for allegedly heckling Steve McQueen, director of “12 Years of Slave,” which White called “ torture porn.” Now, of the 34 critics of the Circle, only one black critic remains.

15) When I coined the term, “Neo Slave Narrrative,” in connection with my 1996 novel Flight to Canada, I didn’t realize that it would become a big academic hustle. You can’t attend a MLA conference without someone reading a paper about the Neo Slave Narrative. By now it’s become an exhausted genre and distracts from a future that might be worse than slavery as climate conditions worsen and those countries in Africa and the Pacific , who have generated less carbon emissions then the hoggish west, will bare the brunt of the west’s callus disregard for the planet. You can forget about the global south, which is being abandoned by insects and animals, the creatures less intelligent than humans, Nature’s wonderful gift to the planet, even the smartest of whom are capable of inventing dumb things like the H-Bomb. Force will be used to deter immigrants from the south from moving north.

16) Science reports that there might be a billion “earthlike” planets in the universe and so if the profit maximizers want to fuck them up like they have this one, they’d better get to work because in 500 million years the sun will go cold.

17) While continuing the destruction of Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s reputation, MSNBC’s Chris Jansing was absolutely giddy over the possibility of Cardinal Dolan’s becoming pope. He was accused by those who had been molested by priests of covering up their complaints and paying the accused priests $20,000 to go away [23]. No word from Pope Francis about whether the cardinal will be suspended, or whether the former Pope Benedict will be excommunicated for his role in the cover-up.

18) I’ll be the first to admit that I am a squatter living on stolen land. My house is part of the Santa Fe tract, so when Hispanics claim that the Southwest and California were stolen by American invaders, they have a good case. But there is a dark side to the Immigration question. The attempt on the part of Hispanic gangs to drive black residents from cities in the south,[24] a story ignored by both corporate and progressive media, which doesn’t report the ethnic cleansing from southern California perpetrated by Hispanic gangs. I’ve also noticed that though the progressive media deny it, jobs that were once held by blacks are being managed by immigrants.[25] Our teachers told us that if we learned English, we’d get over. In New York, English is becoming a third language. Immigration for feminists like Erica Jong might mean more nannies to watch their children while they attend feminist meetings. For blacks it might mean millions of racist reinforcements for the ones who are already here. Novelist Yasmin Mogul, a dark skinned Indian herself, told me that the Indian community is racist and conservative. Some of the intellectuals among them are being used to attack blacks. One of them is Avik Roy, a Manhattan Institute puppet, who hand puppets their attack on Medicaid and the Minimum Wage.

In New York, African immigrants have been designated as the new racial profilers of black Americans by white merchants. Since whites still control the African economy, many of these African immigrants are colonial minded. They’ve been known to wait on white customers first, no matter their position in shopping lines. Media bosses choose African and Caribbean born intellectuals to diss black Americans, and both groups are chosen by white men to head Black Studies because, as one white professor, after a few drinks, told me that they’re easier to get along with than confrontational traditional black Americans. The thousands of Mexicans who are arriving, have their view of blacks framed by a racist Mexican media. The Mexican government just got around to acknowledging its African presence in the 1990s: The Third Root.[26] White progressives who champion immigration have nothing to lose. Black left has accused them of leaving black issues behind since 1922,when poet Claude McKay complained to a Kremlin audience about the “white chauvinism” of the American left.( With this in mind, I wasn’t surprised that The Revolutionary Communist Party, a cult, and accused of white chauvinism by Amiri Baraka, endorsed “Precious.” A communist writer at The Daily Worker endorsed “Gone With The Wind” whose script was written by a progressive, Sidney Howard) The issue of immigration is complex. I would be the last to oppose the arrival of those who live in dire circumstances because of the actions of the typical idiots who are in charge of governments around the world, many of them armed and financed by the United States. One would hope that the powerful bonds between black, Hispanic, and Asian American intellectuals and artists would be reflected on the streets, and maybe the millennials will transfer these bonds to the streets. We’ll see.

18) In order to achieve mainstream acceptance black writers have had to serve as proxies for white special interest groups. My play,” The Final Version” is about a black writer, Lee Ransom, who gets published as a result of sponsorship from the communist party. Today, it’s the white feminist movement, which black Latino Asian American and Native American women accuse of marginalizing them. Bell hooks, a black feminist writer who criticizes white feminists claims that they told her that in order to achieve prominence she had to write for them. Because white feminists have power in Women Studies, in book reviewing, and are the lead consumers of novels by women, they have supported a glut of Black Boogeyman books. They can’t get enough of this stuff.

The sisters who have made a fortune typing out black Boogeyman books, play scripts, etc. are complaining about Kathryn Stockett’s swiping their formula and making more money. Didn’t they foresee that an Elvis in the form of Stockett would swipe their formula and make more money at it than they? Ms. Stockett’s Boogeyman is named Leroy. He doesn’t even appear on screen. This film takes place during the time that Medgar Evers was murdered. Yet none of the white men in the film belong to the Klan or the White Citizens Council. They are shown helping a black woman with her groceries and being awkward on dates. The one brutal incident is committed by a member of the underclass white police. This like one of Jefferson’s female relatives blaming the Irish overseers for all of the bi racial children romping about the plantation, when it was the old man who was helping himself to the merchandise. Which brings me to the best novel of the year: Jamaica Kincaid’s See Now Then. She shows as did the late Amiri Baraka, that it is not enough for a black writer to produce a novel that is “beautifully written.” It has to be acceptable to the men who monopolize the cultural ruling class and their feminist surrogates. Instead of blaming the Black Boogeyman for the country’s social problems, she tackles the racist attitudes and misogyny of New York’s liberal elite and the elite, some of whom invest in lucrative Black Boogeyman products, retaliated. The Times reviewer spoke for this elite by saying that the book should have not been published. It didn’t make the list of Time’s notable books, even though the review is edited by a woman. Unlike the black Boogeyman books, the National (White) Book Awards, controlled by white men over 50, will be pass on this one.


19) In culture, though black media, a mixed race audience, turned out for my play, “The Final Version” about the on again off again relationship between New York’s white and black, it was ignored by the main New York media. In order for them to give a green light to an African American play or film, or tv program, it has to have an overseer like Dan Wolf, Richard Price, Brad Pitt, Steven Speilberg, or David Simon involved, or portray Nancy Reagan as a liberal, or black men as rapists or violators of the incest taboo. During the play’s run, the Times reviewed two plays written by white men about the black experience. One a new play. The other a revival. Nevertheless, the recipients were quite healthy as white black Asian Americans through its being featured weekly in The Daily News along side Broadway shows, and robust support from the black media. We were up against the “vortex” no reviews from the Times and other mainstream publications, which drool over plays about black dysfunction, and the ones that blame the victim, like the one I saw while in New York, one of those guilt free numbers in which blacks were portrayed as bigots and into black on black violence. Amiri Baraka was a superior playwright to my late friend August Wilson, but they loved August because he put racism in the background and blamed the problems of blacks on their personal behavior. His career was launched by Frank Rich who was a Don Imus supporter till the end. Said that during the controversy about the Rutger’s women’s basketball team, Imus was the only one with integrity.

20) In Jazz you have to go by racial chauvinists like Francis Davis. He has become the official Jazz critic of the U.S. while the views of superior Jazz critics like Dr. Ollie Wilson and composer director Carman Moore, who know what they’re talking about, never reach the media mainstream. Davis said that “white is the new black,” a racist chauvinist statement that elevates white musicians over those of blacks. I printed in my zine Konch an article by drummer Gene Krupa, who predicted that whites like Davis de-black Jazz. How have black musicians responded to an assertion? I caught Jimmy Heath’s big band at the Blue Note on Nov. 4. He included white musicians, so did Wynton Marsalis, in a show that he performed for senior citizens in Brooklyn. I was lucky to be a member of the audience. One of Heath’s band members was a young white girl who played tenor. She tore up the place.

Those are my neglected stories of 2013, what are those of Nicholas Kristof, whom the Time’s has assigned to take black and brown men to task for their moral shortcomings? All over the world! I’ve been challenging him like a boxer who calls another boxer “chicken” for refusing to fight. When I sent him an email, he had a black messenger from his camp, his column at the Time’s, to vouch for his good character. My challenge. When is Kristof going to respond to a SUNY study that holds that 90% of the white women from “middle class households” say that they have been battered or see their mothers, sisters and daughters battered. He says that he asked his readers a topic that has been neglected.
“When I asked readers for “neglected topics” that journalists should cover more in 2014, one of the suggestions was a delicate but vital topic: family breakdown and the rise of single-parent households.
“This is an issue that, frustratingly, the right has hijacked and the left has been reluctant to confront in our country.” Reluctant to confront?

What? That’s all that you hear about. Black women giving birth to out of wedlock children from the left and the right. Progressives like Hendrik Hertzberg at the New Yorker and David Corn of Mother Jones have critiqued the black family. President Obama made it into a mantra until recently when he must have gotten word from Charles Murray, the Rasputin to the “Economic Royalists,” that Murray has extended his net of people messing up to whites. I guess that Kristof has been in the air too much to get the latest word coming down from the Big House through its currier, Murray.

So in the most recent column from one of the Time’s columnist about how black people are taking the country to hell, Kristol failed to mention Hispanics, yet the poverty rate among Hispanics and blacks is about the same and the birth rate among black and Hispanics is about the same. It’s like an astronomer discussing the planets of the solar system and neglecting to mention Jupiter and provides ammunition for those who believe that the Humanities are useless because they include soft minded types like Kristof, who allow their prejudices to exclude evidence that is right before their eyes. Now why do you suppose someone like Kristof, who went to good schools would neglect to mention Hispanics and concentrate on blacks? Why would he neglect to mention that births to unmarried black teens have plummeted since the 1990s?Kristof got the desired and predictable results from throwing some red meat ( and since it’s the Times) and red wine to the prurient whose big recreation in life is shaming blacks. The comments that followed his copy were a hypocritical orgy of finger pointing at blacks. Hemmed in by their producers, the black academic pundits, who must have read every sociological treatise ever written, aim their fire at Paula Deen and Duck Dynasty when Kristof has the power to influence public policy.

Ishmael Reed is the editor of Konch.  His website is IshmaelReed.org


1) Ryan then said that in Congress, “people like me have a role to play, which is to reduce the dependence state,” in order to get “from becoming a society of takers to becoming a society of makers.” Ryan also name-checked “a great speech” by The Bell Curve co-author Charles Murray.

2) The Media’s Year In Health Care Coverage
Blog ››› December 28, 2013 9:38 AM EST ››› JUSTIN BERRIER
. Yet often lost in all the noise was factual reporting on the new law. Much right-wing and even mainstream media coverage pushed misleading, hyperbolic, and outright false attacks about the ACA.

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5) Report: 75 Percent of Juvenile Arrests in Oakland Are Black Males
By Spencer Whitney Posted October 11, 2013 8:17 am
Nearly three quarters of juvenile arrests in Oakland are African American boys, who are often picked up for relatively minor offenses, according to a study recently released by the local nonprofit Black Organizing Project, Public […]

6) “There is no evidence that placing officers in the schools improves safety,” said Denise C. Gottfredson, a criminologist at the University of Maryland who is an expert in school violence. “And it increases the number of minor behavior problems that are referred to the police, pushing kids into the criminal system.”
Nationwide, hundreds of thousands of students are arrested or given criminal citations at schools each year. A large share are sent to court for relatively minor offenses, with black and Hispanic students and those with disabilities disproportionately affected, according to recent reports from civil rights groups, including the Advancement Project, in Washington, and the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund, in New York.

7] Big Banks Face Suits in Mortgage Pact Abuses BY JESSICA SILVER-GREENBERG
Nathaniel Brooks for The New York Times Eric Schneiderman, New York’s attorney general, cited 339 violations by the two big banks.

The bank[Wells Fargo] had been accused of targeting black and Latino customers for higher fees and riskier mortgages. By 2012, Wells Fargo was facing bias suits from the NAACP, the Civil Rights Division of the Department The testimony of whistleblowers left little doubt about the bank’ of Justice, and the cities of Memphis and Baltimore. guilt.Defecting subprime loan officers testified that the bank targeted black churches and community centers, provided financial incentives for loan officers to steer blacks and Latinos towards subprime loans, and charged minority borrowers extraneous fees. Referencing the bank’s logo, whistleblower Beth Jacobson described working in Wells Fargo’s subprime division as “riding the stagecoach to hell.”

8] THU NOV 08, 2012 AT 08:08 PM PST
Boehner, McConnell refuse to take President’s election-night call: The first lesson of the 2nd Back to Work, Obama Is Greeted by Looming Crisis
Published: November 7, 2012
After his speech, Mr. Obama tried to call both Mr. Boehner and the Senate Republican leader, Mitch McConnell, but was told they were asleep. The efforts from both sides, after a long and exhausting campaign, suggested the urgency of acting in the few weeks before roughly $700 billion in automatic tax increases and across-the-board spending cuts take effect at year’s end — the “fiscal cliff.” A failure term

9) At least 30,000 inmates in California prisons refused meals yesterday as a statewide hunger strike got underway to protest the practice of locking up prisoners in long-term solitary confinement, the LA Times’s reports. The number of prisoners who refused to eat was much higher than during hunger strikes in 2011 over the same issue. In addition, 2,300 inmates refused to work yesterday or attend prison classes. Prisoners and human rights activists contend that long-term solitary confinement is inhumane.

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24) Compton, with a population of about 97,000, was predominantly black for many years. It is now 65% Latino and 33% black, according to the 2010 U.S. census. But it’s not only historically black areas that have been targeted. Federal authorities have alleged in several indictments in the last decade that the Mexican Mafia prison gang has ordered street gangs under its control to attack African Americans. Leaders of the Azusa 13 gang were sentenced to lengthy prison terms earlier this month for leading a policy of attacking African American residents and expelling them from the town.
Similar attacks have taken place in Harbor Gateway, Highland Park, Pacoima, San Bernardino, Canoga Park and Wilmington, among other places. In the Compton case, sheriff’s officials say the gang appears to have been acting on its own initiative.


George J. Borjas, Harvard University
Jeffrey Grogger, University of Chicago
Gordon H. Hanson, University of California, San Diego
The employment rate of black men, and particularly of low-skill black men, fell precipitously from 1960 to 2000. At the same time, the incarceration rate of black men rose markedly. This paper examines the relation between immigration and these trends in black employment and incarceration. Using data drawn from the 1960-2000 U.S. Censuses, we find a strong correlation between immigration, black wages, black employment rates, and black incarceration rates. As immigrants disproportionately increased the supply of workers in a particular skill group, the wage of black workers in that group fell, the employment rate declined, and the incarceration rate rose. Our analysis suggests that a 10-percent immigrant-induced increase in the supply of a particular skill group reduced the black wage by 3.6 percent, lowered the employment rate of black men by 2.4 percentage points, and increased the incarceration rate of blacks by almost a full percentage point.