December 2013

Saying No To War Crimes

Inside Guantanamo

The Strip Search of Devyani Khobragade

Cancer, Nuclear Weapons and Dirty Tricks

Obstructions in Halting NSA Surveillance

When Israel Was Apartheid’s Open Ally

The Incredible, Shrinking Presidency of Barack Obama

Gordon Brown and Economic Inequality

Angel Face and the Open Prison

This Film is Not About Dave Van Ronk

A Lost Atlantis in South Jersey

Amnesty in the Russian Federation

Screening Slavery

UNRWA’s Bitter Winter Solstice

Walking in an Anthropocene Wonderland

No Peace Through Military Strength

It’s Time for Stewart and Colbert to Retire

The Big Winner in the Budget Deal

The Kaleidoscopic Tones of Christmas

Globalization, Capitalist Democracy and End Times

The Myth of the Polygraph

Two Challengers – Both One of a Kind

Rich, Israeli Beauty Freak

What Really Happened in Ukraine


Pity JP Morgan/Chase

Invest in People, Not War

It’s been a ‘Catch-22’

Stopping Iran’s Human Rights Abuses

Down Where Apartheid Lives

The Worst Emergency in UN History

The Democrats and Clemency

Foundations and the South African Transition

The Great Lament of Palestine

The Real Deal on Obama’s Deportation Record

The Nuclear Waste Dilemma

Outlawing the Metadata Program

Why Israel Fears Roger Waters

The CIA and the Washington Post

The US/EU Egyptian Roadmap to Hell

US Drone Strike Targets Yemeni Wedding

A Victory for the Constitution

The Mystery of Tajikistan

Why Environmentalists Should Support Working Class Struggles

Does Obama Want a Deal With Iran or Not?

Slouching Toward Confrontation in the South China Sea

Cockburn’s America

O’Toole in the Palace of Wisdom

Thought Crimes, School Shootings and State Violence

10 Steps to Dictatorship in Haiti