Syria, Prepare Yourself for Rape!

Syria is next! She is already marked, cornered, psychologically ravished, and now petrified. She is tied, exposed, and told to expect the worst. She is where we tried to get her for years, where our regime has wanted her to be.

Well, actually, not yet, she is not there yet, but almost. She is still not on her knees, and that is what irritates our rulers endlessly! They like us all to be on our knees, paying for invented ‘sins’, for ‘disobedience’, for our desire to be what we really are.

For years she has been harassed, and beaten. Now there are no doubts that soon, very soon, she will be violated, in brought daylight, in front of the entire world, in front of television cameras, with no mercy and with attackers gluing cold and righteous expressions on their faces.

Her rape will be turned into entertainment, it will be orchestrated as a warning to all those who are still determined to follow their own and at least partially independent path.

Apaydin Camp (1)

Apaydin Camp.

It will be a punitive rape, like those used in the darkest moments of the history of human-kind.

It will be done, and nobody will be able to stop it. Because that gangster nature of global Western dictatorship is now so complete, and it is so frightening, that no country on earth would dare to intervene and then have its legs broken, face smashed, or eyes poked out. It is all down to a mafia approach, or inquisition, or the Crusades.

Many people recently asked me to write a commentary ‘on Syria’. I agreed to do it, but now when I sit in front of my computer, I suddenly don’t know what to say. I only feel fatigue and disgust. And I try to push away all those defeatist words that keep creeping into my brain: ‘there is nothing that can be done, anymore… Humanism lost… Once again, awful and extreme dogmatists are in control of the world…’

I don’t want to fall, to succumb to this way of thinking. I am a fighter, not some weepy café intellectual. But these days, one has to work very hard to remain an optimist, and to believe in a positive outcome for our planet.


If you are an absolute gangster, global or local, how do you make a woman marry you when everything else fails? You pay some thugs; they kidnap her, tie her to a post in some abandoned garage, and you rape her, to ‘soften her up’. And after few weeks of agony and humiliation, you come to her with a huge bunch of flowers and propose marriage, so that once again she can become respectful, ‘free’ and ‘liberated’. Sick? Yes, I agree it is sick, but isn’t it, honestly, how the world is being governed these days?

How do you educate a child, if you want him or her to be an obedient servant, cleaning your crap forever, and respecting you, even if your only claim to fame is having been exploiting some buggers, miserable coolies, in your horrible pre-industrial age factory, in some awful country? The answer is simple: You hammer religion into your child’s head, you spice it up with a monstrous fear of hell, archaic concepts of righteousness, and then you confuse servility with love, and rebellion with mortal sin. You brainwash the kid, and make your vision of the world the only one that is ‘correct’, and permissible.

This is the kind of education and ‘culture’ we are supporting in our colonies. And this is the kind of love and marriage we are offering to the nations that have fallen into our orbit.

In the West, on the surface, we oppose such scenarios. We even despise them; we consider them appalling, brutal, and incompatible with our ‘values’ and ‘sophistication’. We fight for the rights of poor women living in ‘underdeveloped countries’, in those backward, grotesque, even retarded societies! We are so proud of ourselves, because we gradually became so undeniably noble, so refined, so sensitive, and so politically correct.

There are lengthy prison sentences for rape and sexual harassment, in both Europe and the United States. Our schools are mostly secular, and in some countries like France, they are secular even to the fanatical and religious extreme. Our family values are lax and it is easy for any child, any young man or woman to escape parental terror.

But the real issue is: what do we do to the world? How do we treat billions of people in the countries that we enslaved, both the poor and not so poor ones?

Remember Chile – country that I love with all my heart, which for many years had been my home. She did not want to love us, or to marry us. She was so independent, so creative, spreading new concepts of education, of the arts, of humanism all over the world. We tried to buy her, but she refused. She refused to be corrupted. She was beautiful, pure, proud and serene.

So what was done to my Chile? We paid those proverbial thugs; we kidnapped her, tortured her and finally raped her, on 9-11-1973. For years we ravished her, tied her to that post in some filthy garage, used dogs, used soldiers trained to rape, and used capitalist whips produced at the Chicago School of Economics. And we were broadcasting that rape all over the world. “This is the way to love”, we wrote in our mass media outlets. “Look, she is still bleeding, but we will now cover some parts of her body with Prada and Gucci scarves, and make her eat sushi with her broken, bleeding mouth!”

I am compelled to say: ‘Fuck us for such love’! And I am not apologizing for my language. I am not your mainstream journo; for many years I have not been. Call me arrogant, novelist; fine with me, but fuck our culture of terror, nevertheless!


Now frankly: what are we going to do to Syria, dudes?

This time, what torture should be applied? What sadistic methods used? Let’s have it all in the open!

Is it going to be depleted uranium, like in Iraq? Are we going to starve hundreds of thousands of children? Or use drones like in Afghanistan and Pakistan, or maybe chemical warfare, for the sake of those good old Indochina days? Or perhaps we can use those precision bombs that are not at all so precise, and have a curious tendency to blast public television stations, private vehicles, wedding parties, and even entire villages?

Or maybe something new, just to justify our over 1 trillion dollars “defense budget”?

Is the Libyan scenario going to be applied, or something more ‘innovative’ and original? Is there some brand new “Syrian Concept” in pipeline, in development? And if yes, what will it consist of? How are we going to murder people this time; how many of them will lose their lives? Not that it really matters, as they are not white, nor Christian, and therefore “not people”. But I am just being curious!


And so, now Syria is waiting for her turn, to be raped, tortured and humiliated… To be thoroughly destroyed! Our gangster global regime will call plunder “humanitarian intervention”. Murder will be described as rescue.

We will also have plenty of those charity charades, later. We love charity; we love to give, don’t we? It is our Christian duty! We first rob, loot, steal and plunder 100, and then, benevolently, after country is starving, give back 2… or maybe, maybe 4… if we feel very generous that day. It is like what is done by some factory owner somewhere in Honduras, who exploits his workers day and night, then gives them old clothes and food, and even builds the school that helps to brainwash them!


I have been there, recently; I have been to Syria! I have been to the Golan Heights, which is still, according to international law, uncontested Syrian territory. It is also a place that has been occupied by Israel for decades, where there are more armored vehicles now, than tractors. And we are talking about a part of the world previously known only for its delicious cherries and apples!

Oh River Jordan! Around 90% of the population had been forced to leave the Golan Heights, and villages were leveled, thoroughly destroyed, by the Israeli armed forces. Kibbutz after kibbutz grew literally on ruins of the original dwellings, producing wine, and growing food, right behind the barbed wire, high voltage fences and security towers!

I drove to the top of one hill, parked my car, and climbed onto the roof of one of the recently abandoned Israeli bunkers. In front of me – a huge Syrian flag and high voltage Israeli fences cut across this ancient and beautiful land. To make the scenery more diverse, there were some rotting tanks, and a huge United Nations camp, as there were remains of destroyed towns and villages all around, as well as Israeli commandos training inside abandoned Syrian structures…

Oh Syria! Now they are sewing your funeral gown, even as you are still breathing, still clinging to life!


I also went to the Syrian border, from the Turkish side… I went there twice in just one year, to the environs of the city of Hatay, historically one of the most tolerant places on earth, now terrorized by pro-Western jihadi cadres imported from Saudi Arabia and Qatar, on their Western-sponsored mission to destabilize the Syrian State.

I wanted to check on those ‘refugee camps’, which Turkey, that staunch member of NATO, has been recently building along its borderline with Syria. For instance, the Apaydin Camp is no refugee facility, but a tough military training boot camp, designed to prepare and further harden the already brutal ‘Syrian opposition forces’…

I interviewed people at the border; it is common knowledge that Syrian opposition fighters infiltrate their country from Turkish territory, that they go back and forth, some return injured, get medical treatment, then go back again with fresh supplies of weapons and ammunition, to fight against the government forces.

I spoke to children just a few hundreds of meters from the borderline. It is a tough world at that border. They said that the Syrian opposition fighters steal at night, and that there is constant shooting all over the border area. The Turkish government does nothing to prevent it – the destabilization of Syria is the main and only goal.

Last time I went there in June 2013, to film with Crista, for the Venezuelan television network TeleSur, accompanied by my Turkish translator. We were intercepted on several occasions by undercover as well as uniformed Turkish security forces, and most of our footage was deleted. We were lucky not to get arrested, or disappear. Many were less fortunate: thousands of brave Turkish men and women are now rotting in prisons for much lesser ‘crimes’…


It seems that most of the countries of the world are now decisively against the pre-announced rape of Syria. Russia is standing firm, protecting Syria diplomatically, and in many other practical ways. China is also firm, and so is almost the entire Latin America.

Of course the global regime is regularly defining Russia, China and most of Latin America as evil, and ‘undemocratic’. That is, because in the West, democracy (‘rule of the people’ in Greek language) means only ‘rule of our people’, like cosa nostra (‘our thing’) is the main definition of the Sicilian mafia.

Outraged citizens of the world are suddenly uttering many candid words, and media outlets like RT, TeleSur and China’s CCTV, are now carrying them to all corners of the world. But that is not enough, not enough yet!

The outrage is boiling all over the world, as is the realization that our planet is being governed by sadistic maniacs, by mentally deranged beings who are sitting on nukes, warships and stealth bombers.

It is a horrifying reality, but at least some of us are now able to define it.

Western civilization and its followers all over the world, need urgent mental, psychiatric help, instead of respect!


There is something heavy and ‘crusade-style Christian’ about the present situation. The way Syria has been treated, how Latin America has been treated, as well as Africa, and the entire Middle East and Asia!

No matter how secular the rhetoric is; it is all overwhelmingly twisted in a religious manner…

All the arguments for attacks against Syria, as were those for attacks against Iraq, Afghanistan, Venezuela, Cuba, Vietnam and countless other countries, are clearly religious, with absolutely no proof and no logic; no proof is offered, we only have to believe. All those actions are also illegal, by international laws effectively! Again, we are made to believe, not to think, not to use objective moral judgment, just some fully subjective and dubiously defined dogma.


Right after the Second World War, the great Swiss psychiatrist and psychotherapist Gustav Jung, connected the essence of Christianity to all those horrific crimes of conquest, colonialism and wars, committed by the West, in his little known book called “Essays on Contemporary Events”:

The Christian Church should put ashes on her head and rend her garments on account of the guilt of her children. The shadow of their guilt has fallen on her as much as upon Europe, the mother of monsters. Europe must account for herself before the world…

And then again, summarizing what is clear and obvious to anyone who studies world history in detail, but very rarely publicly pronounced in this present era of absolute intellectual and moral submission:

It is after all only a tiny fraction of humanity, living mainly on that thickly populated peninsula of Asia, which juts out into the Atlantic Ocean, and calling themselves “cultured”…Viewed from a safe distance, say from central Africa or Tibet, it would certainly look as if this fraction had projected its own unconscious mental derangements upon nations still possessed of healthy instincts.

And it is clear that the present crimes and horrors committed by the United States, have roots in that European colonial “culture” (‘mother of monsters’ according to Jung), and in the brutal Christian dogmatism of earlier days, or in the lunacy of fanatical sects and streams, found predominately in the United States and all over the poor world where fundamentalism (mostly exported by the United States), always manages to find extremely fertile ground.


If one looks really close, the foreign policy of the West is really full of clear psychological and moral derangements.

The world is run with a brutality that has the clear sexual overtones of those medieval Catholic and Protestant theological cadres obsessed with the ‘sin’ and ‘guilt’ of the flesh, but inside, bursting with oppressed sexuality. Many ‘elites’ in the United States and their local servants in colonized world are puritanical on the surface, full of ‘moral rhetoric’, but in constant need of the most violent, oppressive actions.

There is a total obsession with ‘punishment’, and with combating ‘sin’. The result is the overflowing of prisons in the United States, as well as constant mass murderous actions abroad, which took directly more than 55 million human lives between Hiroshima and the present day.

But what is ‘sin’? It is all that we disapprove of. There is no objectivity in defining it.

It is all very primitive, too. Like those “Shall I?” in the old English public schools, ruler in hand of some sadistic teacher, lifted over a pupil’s shaking hand. And fear, fear, fear; and humiliation…

They have to rule: those puritans and Christian ascetics: they simply cannot live without ruling -over their children, over the countries, over the world! They cannot exist without constantly repeating to themselves and to others, even to their victims, that all that is done is for righteous reasons, for some greater good of the others. And that applies to torture, exploitation and killing!

“We destroyed the village in order to save it”, was the old saying from the Vietnam War.

Go to Kampala or Manila, to see how such dogmas, brought to the extreme, function inside families, in politically and culturally oppressive societies. Or go to the Southern States of the United States. Then take that despotic family structure and imagine what would happen if it were allowed to govern the world.

Yes, you guessed it correctly. The result would be exactly what you see all around – the present global state of things consisting of intolerance, racism, bigotry, and extreme violence!


The conclusion, based on experience, is clear and shocking: The present global regime cannot ‘love’, it can only rape.

Abel Pose, the great Argentinean writer and diplomat, and my dear friend from earlier days, described the colonizing process of what is now Latin America in his brilliant novel, “Dogs of Paradise”.

When Western conquerors came, they carried heavy armor, even in the tropical heat. They were obsessed with the Christian dogmas of ‘guilt’ and ‘sin’. And they were sexually repressed, to the extreme, to insanity.

Local women were very kind and refined. They looked at those pathetic and barbaric creatures, at those religious fanatics and brutal primitives, and they willingly opened their arms, to embrace them, out of pity, to give them at some pleasure and relief at least.

But the conquerors had strict ‘values’, and ‘family and marriage’ dogmas. Their flesh was boiling, but their religious insanity prevented them from simple human joy. So what did they do?

They kidnapped those beautiful and gentle women. They dragged them to the bushes and tortured them for hours, for days. And then, when those poor women were destroyed, bleeding, hardly surviving – they raped them! Because that was the only love they knew, the only satisfaction they understood.

And it is the same now. The entire world, much more advanced than the West and than its open and subconscious religious dogmas, much more beautiful and kinder, on so many occasions, has opened its arms and whispered: ‘we forgave you for all those Crusades, for colonialism, for bestiality… Let us finally live in harmony. Just leave us alone, let us be what we are and what we want to be.”

But the West took it, in its pathologic mental state, as weakness. It continued its orgy of plunder and rape! And it is continuing it until now!


And so, Syria is next!

And I am sick of watching, as so many others are! I don’t want to see blood running down her legs. I don’t want to see her beautiful body ravished. I don’t want to hear her screams, and witness her agony.

I don’t want to pretend that this is a normal arrangement of the world. That rape is normal, that ruining millions of human lives is normal, that for one group of countries, for one race, for one religion, it is normal to commit endless crimes against humanity, with no mechanism that can put the end to this horror!

The great Sultan Saladin fought and stopped the Christian hordes of Crusaders at both Aleppo and Damascus. These days to fight Western invasions, is called terrorism, by the twisted logic of the Empire and its servile local elites.

What I suggest is maybe modest, but I believe it effective: let us not accept the linguistics and ‘logic’ of clearly disturbed, mad people, even if they are now ruling over the world. This is not the first time in human history: we had Caligula and Hitler, Calvin and Leopold II, to mention just a few. Let us go back to basics:

Rape is not love, and brainwashing is not education. Murder is not liberation and torture is not an act of mercy. Charity after theft cannot be called ‘giving’. And denying one’s identity can never have any righteous justification. And “war is not peace”, as Arundhati Roy correctly pointed out on several occasions. And black is not white. And a cat is not a dog!

I don’t give a damn whether Syria and its government are ‘perfect’, or even good. Not now, definitely not now. We have much more pressing issues, as human race, to deal with:

We have maniacs, control freaks, market, ‘cultural’, and religious fundamentalists, real Crusaders, running around our beautiful planet, armed with nukes, entire battleship fleets and air force squadrons

We have to help them and we have to help the world, urgently, immediately. They need some serious medical treatment, some prolonged rest in a mental clinic, some professional care!

And the world finally needs some space to breathe, some vacation from fear, real peace!

Andre Vltchek is a novelist, filmmaker and investigative journalist. He covered wars and conflicts in dozens of countries. His discussion with Noam Chomsky On Western Terrorism is now going to print. His critically acclaimed political novel Point of No Return is now re-edited and available. Oceania is his book on Western imperialism in South Pacific. His provocative book about post-Suharto Indonesia and market-fundamentalist model is called “Indonesia – The Archipelago of Fear”. He just completed feature documentary “Rwanda Gambit” about Rwandan history and the plunder of DR Congo. After living for many years in Latin America and Oceania, Vltchek presently resides and works in East Asia and Africa. He can be reached through his website or his Twitter.

Andre Vltchek is a philosopher, novelist, filmmaker and investigative journalist. He has covered wars and conflicts in dozens of countries. Three of his latest books are his tribute to “The Great October Socialist Revolution” a revolutionary novel “Aurora” and a bestselling work of political non-fiction: “Exposing Lies Of The Empire. View his other books here. Watch Rwanda Gambit, his groundbreaking documentary about Rwanda and DRCongo and his film/dialogue with Noam Chomsky “On Western Terrorism”. Vltchek presently resides in East Asia and the Middle East, and continues to work around the world. He can be reached through his website and his Twitter.