Stovepipe of Corporatism Cooking

Cry “Havoc!” and let slip the dogs of war


Emboldened through the recent ‘decision’ concerning no unilateral attacking of Syria by the ‘Democracy’ which the ‘United Kingdom’ represents, this small article a delineation as would be of what amounts to no more than a ‘stovepipe of bullshit’ steamed up as to be so hot and concentrated, so ubiquitous, as to baffle brains and burn bodies; and thus to compel ‘humanitarian response’ under a convenient abbreviation acronymic as ‘R2P’ which alternatively construed – given the Syrian situation in Geopolitical context – could mean ‘Return to Protozoa’ as opposed to ‘Responsibility to Protect’ in face of the greatest obscenities as ‘Man’ can be degenerated, or degraded indeed, so as to ‘liberate’?

For what exactly is ‘humanitarian’ about children blown limb from limb to an evil which can deny same – and spout forth about ‘collateral damage’?

It matters not where the child be from, such the Égalité?

Ėgalité’ – such the ‘lamp lifted up beside the golden door’?

Cui Bono?’ remains the great question, if not the greatest, when it comes down to ‘apperception’ being as a manipulated interaction of need and perception, and as tragedy of ‘Realpolitik’ manifest there are (alas!) many sad whores of Humanity as variety of dogs of war whom should seek to control and manipulate perception as to mere ‘propaganda’ to point of illusion accepted by way of apperception – and as consequences must follow such the ‘Havoc!’ as so ‘created’ by mere degenerates; with the necessary precedent of steaming pile of shit expelled from the ‘underworld’ Luciferian – presented as ‘Casus Belli’ for more war; more death and destruction to cause of profit by way of the service of illusion; such the stovepipe, such the ‘Corporatism’?

Cui Bono?’ is a question which must remain outside said stovepipe on pragmatic grounds (see below) – as it demands answering form of the recognition of others – and consciousness beyond the psychopathic; form of outrageous arrows of injustice and nobility constituting desirable illusion: this alongside the question as to whether a ‘Tomahawk’ Cruise missile can contain within it ‘Humanitarianism’ regardless of ‘collateral damage’?

(-It is to be remembered that the cliché of Totalitarianism is always: ‘Never Question Me!’)

Is not mainstream media as tool of Corporatism become but a mere ‘stovepipe of shit’ under the need to create illusion which covers up naked truth; such the prison as has been made of the ‘daily crust’ when it boils down to it?

Remember that image served up of the missile going down a chimney as communicating ‘surgical precision’?

Such control.

Such manipulation.

Such ‘Yellow Journalism’?

There can be little if any ‘Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness’ when such control and manipulation entails (as it must) madness as articulated within:

And inside the heart of that bomb, mysteriously but truly present, is a fat, little old lady on her way to the world’s fair. And that lady is as innocent as she is fat and motherly

In such ‘distance’ : the stovepipe of Corporatist degeneracy is visible as risible – sense of all the tea in China could not lead you to lie; could not lead you to take ‘survival’ from the wilful infliction of sufferance on others; could not lead you towards the conviction that you do it for their own, and your own, good, such the convenient ‘conjunction ‘ of illusion; could not lead you to ‘enlist’ as a willing executioner; let alone that there be children and pregnant women such the sufferance which denial of ‘Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness’ demands, as in the ‘fat and motherly innocence’ of which Robert Stone wrote?

Could not lead you to enjoin, as a ‘booster’ of the lie; to be an engineer of the stovepipe of shit, such the ‘pragmatism’?

The word has gone out such that even the privileged buffoon as Old Etonian and Bullingdon Club member and current UK Prime Minister David Cameron ‘gets it’ – and for America as mere Colony much as Wall Street is subservient to ‘The Square Mile’ such the ‘Masters of the Universe’ it remains for ‘O’Bummer’ as President of the United States such the ‘Lo!’ as Thoreau intimated; sense of become the tool of tools, to go for it ‘Unilateral’ in defiance of the United Nations, and of the American Constitution, in failing to ‘get it’?

The American equivalent of ‘The Bullingdon Club’ being ‘Skull and Bones’ – such the aspect of the stovepipe seen as stereotype – and that old Skull and Bones man John Kerry truly ‘made his bones’ as Gangsters say in the lies he recently delivered with conviction concerning Syria; lies which no less than Vladimir Putin denounced as same?

And to such playful thuggery, such fierce fun, in such ‘game’ is added, as a mere afterthought of course, the fine print of ‘illumination’ courtesy of the Kabbalah as something acknowledging ‘blessed state’ which demands looking down on what would otherwise be viewed as ‘peer’?

To point of looming block on high; such the detail of the execution?

When the first Tomahawk missile launches against Syria, such the defiance against Russia and China as against the ‘United Nations’ as of Gaddafi spoke, then there is a significant possibility we can bend over and kiss our asses goodbye in the almost inevitable escalation as will arise ‘Realpolitikal’ – such as demands the acknowledgement of the Satanic?

Undoubtedly evil contains within it the seeds of its own destruction – but should such allow for Ecocide – is the philanthropy of the good as a Majority to be trodden underfoot by the arrogation of the bad as a minority?

Does ‘collateral damage’ contain within it such as we struggle to make an honest crust, and as such any ‘Vox Populis’ of reason must silenced by the stovepipe, such the delivery of shit with such force as would deny any ‘sticking in the craw’?

-Force fed shit in the darkness – and loving it as a happy meal™?

The history of the stovepipe of degeneracy is not something you should know about, same sense as the knowing child at the performance of a magician who reveals the illusion behind every trick is unwelcome to the deceiver:

it’s hidden up his sleeve, there’s a fine wire controlling the movement, the cards are marked thus, there’s a trapdoor worked by the lever there, those mirrors are angled so as to…, those legs are false and the subject is a contortionist…’.

But the ‘magic’ of which we talk concerning the ‘casus belli’ of war conjured is not the ‘innocent’ fun of entertainment, sense of ‘harmless illusion’ in the theatricality such as of bodies being ‘cut’ in half; it is rather of the death of many thousands cause of profit, and the blood would not be seen – much as the sufferance of millions presented as ‘Liberation’?

Whom the more evil, the bastard that carries out the obscene act to point of the blood visible on red hands or the bastard that issues the orders for such obscenity from a distance, such that the blood will not be visible on his or her hands?

Into such speculation, as a senepod, must be acknowledged the place of the engineers of the stovepipe; those who propagate illusion to cause pragmatic; those who willingly bear false witness from a distance?

We are present at a particularly apocryphal moment in the history of the World as an epiphenomenon reiterating the limitations of psychophysical parallelism as human consciousness?

Perchance the corpus callosum is a bridge too far when it comes to limitation imposed upon psychopathology?

Other people’s money has been expended over the course of so many years concerning the desired ‘regime change in Syria’, considerably so given the cost of the ‘Free Syrian Army’ as took over from the ‘Free Libyan Army’ – such the trope of the stovepipe?

We are supposed not to remember the lies, we are supposed to be reborn again sense of an ‘epiphany’ arising from the stovepipe of corporatist degeneracy; we are supposed to embrace a ‘humanitarianism’ in which we ‘protect’ people by destroying women, children and the unborn as yet. We are supposed to be ‘spawny eyed’ suckers in a Theater of War in which our disbelief is suspended; such the shock and awe enabling the arrogation of deception.

The shit from the stovepipe is supposed to be so hot that it burns incredulity in a compunction to embrace illusion; we are supposed to exist in the ‘Panopticon’ without realising the fact of the walls – as they are not to be seen thru action of ‘self censorship’ as one expression of fear.

We are not supposed to remember the lies about the hiding place of Osama Bin Laden as another evil bogeyman, or the weapons of mass destruction of Iraq, or the babies being torn from incubators, the yellow cake, the drones as could be launched in forty five minutes, the Viagra fuelled troops and the ‘Genocide’ of an evil regime led by another Hitler with ‘Holocaust’ in mind as a trademark which is not to be questioned, let alone denied.

The stovepipe of Corporatism has chosen to portray the deployment of chemical weapons as a new threat, a new ‘red line’.

It is a stovepipe which Goering delineated succinctly and presciently in:

Why, of course, the people don’t want war. Why would some poor slob on a farm want to risk his life in a war when the best that he can get out of it is to come back to his farm in one piece? Naturally, the common people don’t want war; neither in Russia nor in England nor in America, nor for that matter in Germany. That is understood. But, after all, it is the leaders of the country who determine the policy and it is always a simple matter to drag the people along, whether it is a democracy or a fascist dictatorship or a Parliament or a Communist dictatorship.

-And then the ‘mechanics’ of the stovepipe as the ‘drag’:

 the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same way in any country.

So the situation is thus as seen thru the fog, constituted of steaming shit, of the war ongoing:

after over two years of war in Syria, the money spent by Saudi Arabia and Qatar, and the Zionists of Israel on munitions and mercenaries characterised as ‘freedom fighters’, the result of regime change has not been attained. The answer to this was to be a ‘Libyan stovepipe’ redux; a ‘No Fly Zone’ meaning the bombardment by ‘NATO’ as under a ‘R2P’ of a humanitarian coalition which should permit the ‘freedom fighters’ to attain military superiority; effectively a regime change which should bring things more in to line with the aspirations of Empire.

Only a couple of problems changed the meaning of ‘No Fly Zone’.

Russia and China had memories of Libya, and this not form of the bumbling idiocy of a moral degenerate such as ‘Dubya’ as a POTUS – in other words they could articulate the ‘fool me once’ proverb correctly as opposed to a symptom of how far Democracy has been degenerated in the United States as delineated in this.

The abiding question of Syria as a humanitarian intervention remains why should a regime ‘winning’ a war elect to deploy the very weapons which have been made a ‘red line issue’ agree to inspection surrounding same by the UN, and why should an article in mainstream media some time beforehand be disappeared down the ‘memory hole’; said article outlining the mechanics of the stovepipe of corporatist degeneracy elected to be pursued in this case?

To paraphrase ‘Dubya’:

there’s an old saying in Wall Street, or is it the Square Mile, in any case it is Zionist, and it is that by ‘way of Deception, war shall be done’.

In this case the deception is that of chemical weapons false flag, and that cruise missiles launched to point of destroying the infrastructure of Sovereign State and supporting cannibals as freedom fighters, such the irony of ‘order from chaos’ and use of the term ‘degrading’, is the demand of ‘humanitarianism’, form of ‘R2P’ as bullshit concentrated to the point of euphemism by TLA (Three Letter Acronym)?

As this small article is written, there is a ‘full press’ on the stovepipe, which for some entails being under no illusions as to what the consequences will be should the correct ‘vote’ not be delivered when it boils down to the swallowing of shit and the ‘willing’ embrace of waste. Those ‘some’ are, tragically, the proxy Democratic Representatives of ‘The People’ of the United States of America. They are to suspend any disbelief concerning ‘modus operandi’; they are to forget the ‘on the ground’ reality of Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya,; they are to ‘go with the flow’ from the stovepipe – and in such process themselves become true waste. ‘The Heat’ is on – and such tragedies as Fukishima are on the backburner when it comes to questions such as ‘Tell me, can you feel it?’ context of psychopathology?

To paraphrase Orwell, if there is any hope, it lies with the People.

-Suppose they ordered a War and nobody came?

Stephen Martin can be reached at:

Stephen Martin can be reached at: