July 2013

AIPAC & OFAC Ratchet-Up US Sanctions Targeting Syria and Iran’s Populations

RT-TV Reports that Snowden has Accepted Russian Asylum Offer

The Coup in Egypt

Solitary Resistance

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The Struggle for Egypt

What’s Next For the Egyptian Revolution

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The Snowden Asylum Saga

How Egypt’s ‘Revolution’ Betrayed Itself

State Dept Contractor ERM Lied About TransCanada Ties

“Pipeline on Rails” Plans for the Railroads Explode in Quebec

A Testament of Human Resilience

Mandela’s Tarnished Legacy

A Question for Egypt

A Murder in Durban

Admitting the Communist Desire

Disillusioned and Disoriented on the Rock Island Trail

Cuba (New Mexico) Applies to USAID

The Crisis as a Problem of and For Mental Health

Toward a Living Legacy for Nelson Mandela

Three Cheers For Coup Democracy

Trans Pacific Partnership is a Threat To National Sovereignty

Frustrating Snowden’s Asylum Bid

Political Asylum Ain’t What It’s Cracked Up To Be

High Speed Rail, Infrastructure and Job Creation

The End of the "Leaderless" Revolution

Israel’s Ethnic Cleansing Zones

Jay Z’s App and Obama’s Criminal Enterprise

The British Labour / Israel Dinner Date

The Tragic New Normal in American Cities

Homophobia in Nigeria

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Over the Water of the Nile

Seeking Peace in Dadaab

Letter to a Wound


The Devil and Daniel Ellsberg

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Progressives and NSA Spying

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