July 2013

Detroit’s Pensions

Cuba’s Economic Performance in 2012

The Coup That Destroyed Revolutionary Iraq

Obama’s Fanaticism Over Secrecy, Surveillance and Repression

Role Reversal

A Poem for the Royal Baby

Blood and Oil

A Better Alternative to Extreme Sentencing in Michigan

Progressive Taxation is an Alternative to Austerity

The Scourging of Detroit

Helen Thomas, Palestine and the Anti-Semitism Card

NSA Surveillance Through the Prism of Political Repression

Natal Drama

QE3 and the Shadow Banking System

The Betrayal of Helen Thomas

Livni Squeals, Kerry Deals and the EU Picks Up the Tab

The Condition of Communism

A Boy Was Born in Britain

Insomniac Capitalism

The Terrible Plutocratic Plan

The Long War in Syria

White Guy Profiles

Stand Your Ground

Making Corporate Fantasies Come True

Fun and Games With the Peace Talks

Gen. Hayden’s Snow Job on Snowden

Socialists and the Animal Question

Helen Thomas and Zionist Bigotry

Harshness Before Sense

Capito to Citizens: Drop Dead

Obama, Trayvon Martin and the Zimmerman Verdict

US Spying and Resistance in Latin America

Attacking the Refugee Convention

We Can’t Get Along

EU Moves Against Illegal Settlements in Palestine

The Face of Terror

Diary from North Philly

Black Humanity on Trial in America, Again

What the New York Times Talks About When It Talks About Drones

What an Honest Conversation About Race Might Sound Like

Why Rio Has Turned Against the Olympics and the World Cup

Hitler vs. Bernanke

Elephant in the Room? No, the Whole Trumpeting Herd!

Whose Ground Is It, Anyway?

The Supreme Court’s War on Indian Children

Worldwide Social Activism

The Real Purpose of the Drug War

Building a Critical Left Solidarity Movement

The French Hitchcock

Snowden in Moscow: a Postcript