July 2013

Hated in Egypt

The EU’s Anti-Hezbollah Move

Convicting Bradley Manning

Economic Recovery by Statistical Manipulation

A Nuclear Free World

The Egyptian Revolution’s Next Struggle

The Flight Home

Oscar Grant Was Not the "Exception"

Fidel Castro and the Power of Faith

Race Traitor


The Return of Martin Indyk

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EPA Censored Key Pennsylvania Fracking Water Contamination Study

Desperate House (and Senate) Wives

Why Did Washington Hate Hugo Chavez?

The Fed Deception

A Barbarism That Dares Not Speak Its Name

Banks as Public Utilities

The Moral Verdict on Bradley Manning

Why the US Has No Right to Lecture Latin America

A Hard Rain

Why No Revolution Exists in Syria

The Disastrous Consequences of Raiding Public Pensions

The Gentleman Whistleblower

Labor Takes a Stand

Jay Z & Belafonte

The Meaning of the Manning Verdict

A Shameful Day to Be a US Citizen

Love the Kids, Hate Gangs

The Assassination of Julian Assange

Women Amidst the Cordite

The Exterminators

The Logical (and Coming) End to the US Empire

Freedom of the Press is Real National Security

The Boycott of Israel, Eight Years In

Why the Justice Department Can (and Must) Criminally Prosecute George Zimmerman

Belafonte in Tallahassee

Hysteria, Madness and the Forgotten War

Walk Like an Egyptian

A Further Irish Engagement with the Greek Crisis and the Greek Left

The Manning Trial Rests

The Age of Regression

My Weekend With Bernie (Goetz)

Hemingway’s Legacy

Family Violence

The NSA is the Spearhead for American Fascism

RX for the Left

Obama’s Legacy, Before Snowden and Now