June 2013

Apathy and Our Totalitarian Future

US and Israeli Intelligence

The Spectre of Populism

The Elections in Pakistan

Gangsta Government

Brand Greece

American Narcissism

Morning Propaganda Edition

Responsibility to Inflict

The Virus and the Virus

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The Frankendata Monster

Americans on Long-Term Hunger Strike to Close Gitmo Prison

Sonnets for Struggle and Solidarity

Time to Buy a House? Not on Your Life!

Elizabeth Warren’s QE for Students

The NSA Apologists

Triumph and Tragedy

This Revolution Cannot Be Televised

Iraq: 10 Years Later, the Debate Still Rages

Is the Snowden Case Headed for a Plea Deal?

The Horrors of Tough Love

Mining Companies Sue El Salvador

NSA Spying: From the UN to PRISM

Keystone XL Activists Labeled Possible Eco-Terrorists

Surveillance and the Corporate State

San Onofre and Davis Besse Back in the Crosshairs

The Cinema of Limitless Excess and Bottomless Bad Taste

Why Obama is Declaring War on Syria

Syria: Pros and Cons

Fighting Secrecy and the National Security State

Chinese Warships Off Long Island

Globalization Run Amuck

Three Poems by Silva Zanoyan Merjanian

Why Arabs Must Worry

Obama: Sweat the Small Stuff for Big Justice

Who Killed the Syrian Peace Talks?

The NSA and the Infrastructure of the Surveillance State

The ACLU, Privacy and Obama

The NFL’s Racism

Edward Snowden and the Real Issues

Snowden, Hong Kong Extradition, and a Good Old Fashioned Ratfucking

The Battle for the Turkish Commons

America at the Precipice

The Path to Wage-Led Growth

Extracting Wealth, Endangering Health

Criminalizing Lawyers in Turkey

Frackademia Hits Tennessee

Miss Nixon Yet?

Bradley Manning and Adolf Eichmann