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Grayson and Orloski

Homo Earthus Interruptis

We are the future fossil fuel:
Tar baby tar sands for the 91tst century,
dinosaurs of the Internet Age.
Known as homo earthus interruptis,
we feed a mutated species –
homo planeterrorsaurus,
imagoes of The Void.

In the 21st century,
we, homo sapiens, called their forbearers amoebas
on this fossilized orb, formerly known as Earth.
These tubular, unicellular sand dwellers
burrow deep, through the pock-marked
planet’s scorched craters for pools of
crude homo earthus interruptis
to regenerate their nuclear hives.

Like T-Rex,
bloated body and pea brain,
they were too big to fail,
this fabled species
known as homo earthus interruptis;
programmed to extinction in the Internet Age.

Ocean of Change

Gasping in the financial undertow;
floundering. . .
Barely breathing pennies.
My nickel bag of dreams –
gutted for a dime.

Quartered by creditors.
Loan sharks
Reeling in
the Ocean of Change.

Gasping, grasping
swiftly shifting, sinking sand
Thrashing in the financial undertow.

Wave . . .

A penny cast to sea.


(Previously published in Poetry Now)


Arabella Grayson combines her passion for writing and the arts in the touring museum exhibition “Two Hundred Years of Black Paper Dolls.”  A freelance writer, artist and actor; her poetry and short stories have appeared in Konch, Poetry Now, The Walrus, Munyori Literary Journal, Mills Quarterly, 146 Poems of Love (pending publication) and on the Stories on Stage stage. To read more of her work, visit her at www.arabellagrayson.com and www.redroom.com/member/arabella-grayson.com.



Ode to Ducati Model Suede Shoes

            “this is a farewell kiss, you dog.”*

Until December ’08 stormed-in,
no journalist alive without sin
who ever targeted a presidential chin.
Instead of a question, prick-of-pin,
Al-Zaidi’s concerned about next-of-kin.
He became Ur’s al-Mighty Quinn,
& with arsenal smaller than Imelda’s bin,
he took aim, fired, made W. duck & spin.
Guards grabbed Al-Zaidi’s thick-skin,
claimed he’s a demon, kicked him in shin,
a size ten (10) revolution, heels breed vermin,
one Pulitzer prize, a cobbler should win?


*Words shouted by Iraqi broadcast journalist Muntadhar al-Zaidi during Baghdad press conference, and after throwing his shoes at President George W. Bush.


Charles Orloski terrorizes the streets of Taylor, Pennsylvania on Druciani’s 250cc Suzuki. He boggles the minds of many an editor from his lair atop Vic’s Café and can be reached at ccdjOrlov@aol.com.



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