Join Libertarians & Leftists for Panel at Left Forum

The sharpest minds and most dedicated activists in the progressive mold will gather under a single roof for the annual Left Forum this coming weekend (June 7-9) at Pace University in NYC. But even amongst this select assemblage, one panel will stand out. For it features a stout band of Libertarians and Leftists determined to trespass beyond the bounds set by partisan gatekeepers on both sides. Their aim is to continue discussion of an antiwar movement “with American characteristics.”

If you can be in NYC on Saturday morning, be sure to clear your schedule so that you can get to Pace University at 10 am when the discussion begins. All the details are here.

The discussion will be in the proud tradition of the Anti-imperialist League which opposed the war in the Philippines over 100 years ago and which counted among its members Mark Twain, a man deeply sympathetic with revolutionary change, and Andrew Carnegie, the richest man in America at the time.

The discussion will take account of the end of the Cold War and the emergence of the Ron Paul libertarian movement, which has been steely in opposing Empire and war. It will take into account the enthusiasm of youth for the Ron Paul endeavor. And it will be a step to prevent Right and Left from being divided on questions of war, Empire and civil liberties, then conquered, by the imperial elite in Washington and on Wall Street.

Join us.

Again all the details are here.

John V. Walsh can be reached at

John V. Walsh can be reached at