December 2012

Accelerating the Occupation

Toilet Apartheid

The Fiscal Cliff and Baby-Killing Doctors

Israel’s Doomsday Settlement

How American History Magazine Censored Palestine

Extraordinary Confinement

Iran, Israel and International Law

Doctors and Medics Operate Under Fire and Siege in Gaza

Security Obsession Drives 100 Scientists from NASA

Compass for the Ship of State

The Syrian Chemical Weapons “Menace”

Government and Industry Still Denying Science at Fukushima

The New Business Model

A New Movement for Fighting Eviction

ALEC, CSG, ExxonMobil Fracking Fluid “Disclosure” Model Bill Failing By Design

Double Your Trouble With Nuclear Power

USAID in Afghanistan

The Demographic Success of Israel’s Settlement Project

The Man Who Helped Liberate Baseball

Xi’s China

The Enduring Nature of Budget Combat in Versailles on the Potomac

The Sounds of Cairo

The Bloody Footprints of Freeport-MacMoRan

An Interview With FARC Founder, Miguel Angel Pascuas

Beware the Anti-Anti-War Left

An Interview With Professor Francis Boyle

Manning Up

Whose Side is Warren Buffett on Anyway?

Justice, Peace and the Israeli State

The Great Game, Obama-Style

Israel and Gaza, Again

The War Crimes of a Sergeant, the War Crimes of a Nation

A Roadmap to the New Economy

Peña’s Promises

Why Israeli Settlements Are The Real Threat to Peace

L.A.’s Dirty Coal Addiction Is Killing The Navajo

Why Susan Rice?

Is 350’s Carbon Divestment Campaign Complete?

A Simple Way to Avoid the Fiscal Cliff

Fragmentary Notes from the United Nations

Egyptians Between Squares

America’s True Religion: Shopping

A Bad Day for ChickWich – and for Indie Cinema

Why Michael Moore is a Big Fat Hypocrite

We Want It to Stop

Midnight Thoughts in Gaza

The Coming Crash of America

Why UN Climate Agreements Fail

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