December 2012

The Rape of Fukushima Dai-Ichi

Damascus Street Notes

What Michigan Can Learn from Wisconsin

Grappling with Phantoms

Canadian Aid in Palestine

The Crisis for American Labor

The ACHIEVE Act Sham

Why Remember Iraq?

Cambodian Horror Show

How Torture Works

Facebook Cock Up

Prejbisz and Orloski

Egypt’s Constitution, the Opposition, and the Dialogue of the Deaf

Defending Public Healthcare in Madrid

A New Obama?

Unmasking the Muslim Brotherhood

Franco’s Dictatorship and the Holocaust

The Beginning of the End for Mindless America Support for Israel?

Paid to Whine About the Deficit

Abolish the Monarchy

Conservatism’s Yellow Brick Road

Losing Michigan

Haiti’s Worsening Water Crisis

Knee Deep in the Egyptian Counter-Revolution

The World Bank Brings Nazarbayev University to Kazakhstan

Defeating “Right-to-Work”

Massacres Under the Looking Glass

Rockets and Pyongyang

Does Islam Need Reform?

Obdurate Washington

How Private Prisons Profit From the Criminalization of Immigrants

The Hidden Costs of Nuclear Power

An Interview With Noam Chomsky on Obama’s Human Rights Record

“Progressive” Prison Profiteer

A Life Sentence for a Qatari Poet

Who’s to Blame for Michigan’s Right-to-Work Debacle?

Crashing the Bond Market

Looking at Anti-Iran Propaganda

Architecture as Invention

The Not-So-Bright Bulbs at the White House and Pentagon

Chronicle of a Mexico Without a President

The Downside of Energy Independence

Why Did Death Penalty Repeal Fail in California?

The Vertical Farming Scam

Anti-Science: Left and Right Together?

Gazan Farmers at Work in Kuzaa

A Brief History of Superpowers

Krugman Discovers Marx…and Misses the Point

Taxation Fixation

The Circus Wagons Roll into Bangladesh