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The Strange Saga of the Kissinger Papers

In the new CounterPunch magazine, historian Christopher Dietrich details the extraordinary lengths Henry Kissinger has taken to block public access to his papers; A SHORT HISTORY OF RIGHT-TO-WORK LAWS: labor journalist David Macaray charts the origins of the 60-year campaign to destroy organized labor; FRACKING AND THE GREAT GAME: Steve Horn on the globalization of fracking; HOW OBAMA DEFANGED THE EPA: Joshua Frank on the silencing of Lisa Jackson; SPYING ON ACTIVISTS: Adam Federman reveals the concerted international campaign by intelligence agencies and police to infiltrate the radical environmental and animal rights movements. NEW DIGITAL EDITION: THE RISE OF THE POOR: Eric Draitser reports on the new resistance movements against austerity in the Global South; THE NEW FACE OF FASCISM IN GREECE:¬†Yannis Tzaninis reports from Europe on the economic and social forces driving the sudden growth of Greece’s far-right Golden Dawn Party. (Available only to CounterPunch e-subscribers.)