Three Poems by Chellis Glendinning




wisps of that Paris, you know which one

frescoes are cracked by shrapnel

manuscripts scrawled in ink, clacked out on Remington’s

raspy renderings of Parlez-Moi d’Amour


coarse-hewn wool, passion threads essence


Griffin chases truth in a café on the rue

I, in this caracól in Cochabamba

vino tinto lapping at glass buoys

and the cathedral is plastered white

we run neck-and-neck in pursuit


what, still?


muses afflict us with desire






it all happens so quixotically    I mean


you can zero in    on the molecules of a mosquito wing


you can ruminate    on the tilt of the tango    or the daily progression of fascists


you can contemplate the cancer    that’s consuming your lover


or the voyage of Venus across the firmament


you can zero in    or zero out



and never really know    which windmill or    if, Dulcinea




by Chellis Glendinning

            for Avi


O Israel, with your steel sand and olive detonations

you sent me your son

your cyclone of edges, armpits, cackling wool

he sunk his teeth into me, right to left

his 4000 years

in his presence I became a soldier, and then

a gardenia


Chellis Glendinning lives in Bolivia. She is the author of five books, including Off the Map: An Expedition Deep into Empire and the Global Economy, which won the U.S. National Federation of Press Women Book Award. She can be reached via


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Chellis Glendinning is a psychologist and the author of numerous books, a folk opera and a poetry book, as well as hundreds of articles and essays in newspapers, journals, and magazines. Her latest book is In the Company of Rebels: A Generational Memoir of Bohemians, Deep Heads, and History Makers. She lives in Bolivia.