The Etiology of American Psycho

 I have all the characteristics of a human being: blood, flesh, skin, hair; but not a single, clear, identifiable emotion, except for greed and disgust. Something horrible is happening inside of me and I don’t know why. My nightly bloodlust has overflown into my days. I feel lethal, on the verge of frenzy. I think my mask of sanity is about to slip.

American Psycho’, Brett Easton Ellis

The mask of Democracy as ‘sanity’ in Geopolitical context of the United States of America is self evidently slipping despite the ‘spin’ as would represent the prevalence of illusion as  necessary ‘hegemony’ thru denial  of tragic pathology to the point   of  ‘frenzied lethality’?

As in hellfire missile bearing drone and ‘follow up’ targeting demonstrates ‘externalisation’?

Or as in a Country with nigh on fifty million reliant upon food stamp to subsist, numbers of People difficult to ascertain unemployed or underemployed, with rapidly diminishing middle classes mirroring the Orwellian proposition of Inner Party/Outer Party/Prole to pragmatic divide and conquer form of re-distribution of wealth as a prototype of ‘Globalization’, such the polymorphous nature of sufferance – there is yet contemplation of War on further front of austerity imposed as mere racket of ‘Military Industrial Complex’?

‘No Country for Old Men’, as horror, the horror; so the ‘Heart of Darkness’ goes?

Say nought of the newborn, such the infant mortality rate as when pips no longer squeak such the squeeze?

Mistah Kurtz, he dead’, my ass?

There are ‘memos’ – of course there are memos- but no one seriously believes Iran in the crosshairs?

No one that is, save the ‘flea as rides the elephant’; sense of madness for money demanding more racketeering to an agenda ‘hidden’ courtesy of permit granted of  over representation within a ‘Democracy’ tolerable within neo liberal parameters; such interpreted for ‘US’ as being founded upon a ‘free market’ – which as much a crock of shit as the denial of shreds of the Constitution of America blowing in the wind; or of the  ‘ossification’ as exists concerning what become of social mobility in the ‘Land of the free and the home of the brave’?

Say nought of the ‘wetting of the beak’ facilitated by high frequency trade way of algorithm?

For the majority of American Citizens ‘The American Dream’ is now, as per the hubris of any mere hegemony of Empire,  no more than cruel illusion, such the ‘peonage’ of necessary austerity as a ‘SAP’ or ‘structural adjustment program’ imposed, such the acronymic euphemism, by Stateless Bastards who have no loyalty to any real Nation?

As Frank Zappa stated, to prescience furthered:

The illusion of freedom (in America) will continue as long as it’s profitable to continue the illusion. At the point where the illusion becomes too expensive to maintain, they will just take down the scenery, they will pull back the curtains, they will move the tables and chairs out of the way and you will see the brick wall at the back of the theater.

We are so close to that point where illusion in America becomes too expensive to maintain as synonymous with the slip of the mask of a ‘Psycho’- and the brick wall at the back of the theater seen in part as so many thugs in uniform, as must, such the pathology, include  at least one little badge?

Taking down the scenery, pulling back the curtains – and Truth be told from ‘standing observation’ despite illusion as to the presence of tables and chairs – America is despised in many parts of the World, and in so far as ‘something horrible is happening inside’ there are few in the Western World who would raise the subject of such ‘unpleasant truth’ as Orwell used the term?

This boot as would smash down on the face of Man, such the psychopathology as can and must gleefully destroy National Dreams most certainly incorporates the ‘American Dream’ – and said boot stomps in the ‘here and now’; such the deliberatively shifted Geopolitical sands  having origins, as per apperception/self evidence of these small quarters, within the ‘Bank for International Settlements’ as would be ‘Capo di Tutti Capo’ – and this but one aspect of some grand, megalomaniacal scheme for Panopticon – by way of covenant entered into with Satan to  hidden agenda of International Finance?

‘Long time in the scheming’, so ‘Globalization’ goes?

Say ‘Satan’ – and one should read Bulgakov as concerns the greatest lie as to ‘non existence’?

For what is ‘Politics’ but ‘moral economics’ demanding consideration of morality as entailing duality of good and evil- in addition to metaphysics recognising to demand an expanded concept of ‘functional/’dysfunctional’ in a polarity or ‘full spectrum’?

In context of said ‘Politics’: evil has the upper hand when there is; poverty in the midst of plenty, a selfishness prevalent which denies self evident truth as enshrined in the Declaration Of Independence (see below), and thereby a conquering by way of division to the point of   manipulation and control which has ‘Panopticon’ stamped all over it in bloody testimony to the many really cruel denouements of the pathology of greed in which ‘enough is never enough!’, as so admirably delineated in the work concerning the pathological pursuit of profit  realizable as  the scourge of the 21st Century: ‘The Corporation, by Joel Bakan – to say nought of the superb journalism of Matt Taibbi evident in ‘Griftopia’ which details to point of painstaking exactitude the mechanics of evil at work in the ‘Homeland’, and which , courtesy of ‘International Finance exported by way primarily of ‘Vampire Squid’ – and the ‘ram of blood sucking funnel to wherever there the smell of money’ – such the nightly bloodlust?

For ‘ram’ read ‘racket’, and for ‘racket’ read ‘war’. And for ‘nightly’ – read ‘Darkness at Noon’?

Consider the Greeks and the re-structuring of debt as ‘war’ as Smedley Butler defined?

‘Evil’ is but the hegemony of illusion, is it not, as Orwell was so prescient not only to recognise but detail; his ‘1984’ a warning rather than blueprint?

Concerning such blueprint as can interpreted by degenerate Stateless Bastard  or Capitalist Gangster as identified by Michael Woodiwiss, the NDAA was passed quietly in the night, to reminiscence caused of the Federal Reserve Act of 1913, and as Panopticonic pre-cursor of some further abandonment of humanity serving as ‘marker’ in answer to the question :

Just how low can Stateless Bastards go?’

‘We’ live in dangerous times of scum rising, sense of great work by Zamyatin, and in as much as friend today would so readily as to pragmatic expediency become enemy tomorrow as categorised, not to say assassinated, by the ‘free press’ as aspect epitomic of the mask of illusion; or in as much as money can be made by the Prison Industry, such the complex as Corporatism can ‘attain’ – and as entails expansion of the meaning of crime on grounds of pathological  pursuit of profit?

Those who are ‘Terrorists’ are now so categorized to the utilitarian expediency of label in a Panopticon, such the irony as entailed by ‘false flag’; and anyone who questions, let alone asserts the ‘self evident’ is well advised to read some of the works of William Blum- ‘Rogue State’ in particular an eye opening experience?

The NDAA codifies  such expediency by way of the recognition of authority American – the tragedy being that it ain’t ‘American’ at all – and represents the ‘ascent’ of those who are least worthy of position of authority?

Hence the quotations in title this small article above.

Forget the ‘pat down’ experience by the TSA, put aside  ‘alert status’ and the fuel of phobia – a few ‘wrong words’ in the ‘Homeland’ can now see you arrested and detained in some variant of  ‘Gulag’; all laws of decency concerning ‘Justice’ suspended such the threat as demands militarisation of ‘care not’ given permit to control and issue extrapolated painful –  such the ‘extraordinary rendition’ of Democracy consequential of the audacity of hope given the prevalence of fear as per spinmeister  propagation delivered way of mere stooges as servants of the ‘flea’ rather than Politicians as servants of the Free?

Be prepared for more betrayal such the dominance of illusion beckoned as the mask slips further – as it must?

Be prepared for more ‘frenzied lethality’ of the Psychopath which would be seen as ‘American’?

Say ‘stooge supreme’ – and think of Obama or Romney as ‘Leaders’ with a sadness which recognises further mask slip in context of the madness of Stateless Bastard?

Looking around America now; and anticipating forthcoming ‘Election’ is to see the curtains being pulled back as further to the slip of the mask – it is to experience the brick wall as behind illusion?

For, despite the Theater, when a flea rides an elephant it does so with fear in ‘mind’, primarily as to the concept of ‘fragility’  – should the elephant come to realise that its own best interests are not being served?

The merest flick of an ear or reach of a trunk, let alone that there be the fall of a foot so ungentle as to merit the phrase ‘stamp’; all it takes?

The last thing to go through the ‘mind’ of such a flea as it experiences crushing finality is its asshole, as the paraphrase of well known joke goes.

As under Amendment, these small quarters wish to propose an unpleasant truth.

Moneyed interests have attained a disproportionate representation in America – there is no money  ‘now’ in political representation of The People – and in consequence The United States of America no longer a Democracy – such the real meaning of ‘austerity’ as a skew of distribution as ‘interest represented’ being as the slip of a mask?

The United States of America is consequently a clear contender for label of ‘Corporatocracy’; or mere Fascist State as no less than Benito Mussolini defined – and as Orwell saw as entailing the dominance of Oligarchic Collective, such the ossification when it gets down to the bare bones of the matter?

The practical origins of such subversion of the Constitution and degeneration of Democracy within the control and issue of currency as means of exacting hidden taxation expanded to further control of the Economy and the formation of ‘Corporate Complex’ effectively rationalise the Orwellian Proposition that: ‘War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength’? 

Which roughly translated such the clear contender contemporaneous in Geopolitical context becomes: ‘War is humanitarian. Freedom is debt. Ignorance is necessary embrace of illusion as propagated by mainstream ‘presstitute’?

The over arching concept is of the transfer of resources as expropriation expressive of the racket of class – brought to Citizenry as a ‘gift’ by a minority of Oligarchs who exact particularly sadistic pleasure to a collective form of ‘schadenfreude’ while their ‘very own’ collective orifice stuffed thru the infliction of immiseration upon a Democratic majority euphemised as ‘consumers’, but who really to such war, such Theater, represent no more than ‘Untermensch’?

The real irony, given what made of history, is to use the term ‘Goyim’ as synonym for ‘Untermensch’, and describe such degeneration of Democracy as an ‘Industrialised Holocaust’?  – acknowledgement to Norman Finkelstein – and to  Orwell in the ‘Crime thought’ evidenced?

Thus stripped, the death of Democracy in America as  to ‘Sometimes a Great Notion’  was  primarily by way of usurious expropriation by Stateless Bastards as an assassination; and those Americans notable for their refusal to ‘give a inch’ to the corruption precipitated by nefarious activities defining real organised crime, as per Woodiwiss reference above, met with early death,  to cause of further interest exacted form of the creation of ‘Debt’ as a burden imposed on the as yet unborn; and as such innocent sons and daughters of what once a great Nation, now no more save but for the mask of illusion, which inevitably slipping under nightly bloodlust towards further lethality of frenzy, albe such psychopathology rationalized as ‘humanitarian intervention’- to limbs torn from limbs courtesy of hellfire missile launched by humanitarian drone, or the yet more familiar slow death by a thousand cuts of ‘austerity’ imposed by money changer in the ‘Homeland’ which  must be secured against the necessary ‘bogeymen’; such phrase being example of ‘crimethink’ or the denial of illusion as hegemony?

Subversives see synonyms such as when thought can be deemed criminal by mere snakes?

Why isn’t the fucking sufferance of the American People on the Political Agenda?

Is it because the  reptilian stomp of Corporate boot on the face of Humanity as incorporates American Citizen has so succeeded in disfiguring Democracy to the point where it is beyond recognition let alone reconstruction; or that the ‘something horrible’ undoubtedly as self evidently happening inside America has not yet reached the point of ‘enantodromiatic’ transition as per Jung; whence ‘externalisation’ must still be the norm and we, sense of Zamyatin, must see more and more of war until the brick walls are evident to all – such the Panopticon realized?

Or is it because a mere flea has come to ride an elephant, such the ‘happenstance’ as lie euphemised, such the crime?

The point is always to seek the truth; to state the self evident as would aspire to realize some of the greatest words as incorporated in the Declaration of Independence as a struggle towards Democracy?

And so to ‘Crimethink’; where there the refutation of hegemony, as somewhere ‘over the rainbow’ contains memory; form of ‘I know you!’ concerning mere ‘smelly little orthodoxy’ as a transcendence; politically contextualised as a ‘CounterPunch’, such the digital pamphleteering; such the unpleasant nature of a frenzied lethality  as would be rendered pragmatic resisted form of ‘Samizdat’  –  and which really means no more than unrestrained statement of what is self evident permitted under exercise of Amendment –  as still has meaning in America?

Say nought of the denial by mainstream media as a war upon truth form of Corporatism?

The ‘greed and disgust’ as identified within such permit contextualised is not American, as much as America in tragic state of denial brought about by intellectual whore contends itself  a real Democracy as political actuality rather than mere mask hiding a degeneracy of betrayal, such the contention that there is meaningful distinction between ‘Republican’ or ‘Democrat’; or that American ‘Politics’ has room for morality in the equation, as opposed to the immoral betrayal of Citizenry through serving the hidden agenda of a ‘hydra’ – or indeed that it is no longer the case that such truths as sublimely articulated below have any role to play other than providing cruel sense of irony to American Citizenry – as opposed to glee to Stateless Bastards constituting the ‘Oligarchic Collective/Hydra’ who now own the theater – and it become explicitly a theater of war, as always was, such the frenzied lethality evident as expressive of ‘something horrible happening inside’ as would yet be masked?

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. 

Look around ‘self’ such as can yet bear evidence, you ‘crime thinker’ as are denied ‘Citizenry’ to an extraordinary rendition?

You as are American, and endowed by Creator accordant, indeed, Brother.

Stephen Martin can be reached at:

Stephen Martin can be reached at: